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Jul 2022

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4th Performance in Education: Research & Practice Conference/Student Showcase/Film Festival (4th PIE)  [Nagoya] [29-Jul-2022 - 31-Jul-2022]
LVI Congreso Internacional AEPE: El Español más allá de las palabras  [Ubeda] [25-Jul-2022 - 29-Jul-2022]
Okinawa JALT Summer Symposium 2022 (OkiJALT Summer Symposium 2022)  [Online (Zoom)] [17-Jul-2022 - 17-Jul-2022]

Sep 2022

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11th International Conference on Language and Literary Studies - Language, Literature, and Industry  [Alfa BK University, Belgrade/ Online] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
3rd International English for Academic Purposes Conference: Options, Instructional Practices and Trajectories of EAP and ESP Practitioners as Researchers (EAPCRETE)  [Heraklion Crete] [15-Sep-2022 - 18-Sep-2022]
7th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Structure, Use, and Meaning (SUM 2022)  [Brasov] [15-Sep-2022 - 17-Sep-2022]
Colloquium in Honour of Maya Hickmann  [Université Paris 8 -Sant-Denis] [29-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022]
II International Postgraduate Seminar in English Literature and Linguistics (IPSELL 2022)  [Granada] [30-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022]
International ELT Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching, Learning and Education  [Procida (Naples, Italy)] [26-Sep-2022 - 27-Sep-2022]
Italian Prose between Communication and Literary Innovation  [Craiova] [29-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022]
Knowledge Management For Law 2022 (KM4LAW)  [Bozen - Bolzano] [26-Sep-2022 - 29-Sep-2022]
Language, Ideology and Social Differentiation (LISD)  [Ljubljana] [26-Sep-2022 - 28-Sep-2022]
Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts (MELDC 3)  [University of Tirana, Tirana] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
Segregation and overlap between action and language: Neurobiological and theoretical perspectives (Session of Joint Conference on Language Evolution)
The Synergy of Languages and Cultures: Interdisciplinary Studies - 2022: The 4th International Conference (SLC)  [Saint Petersburg] [29-Sep-2022 - 01-Oct-2022]
Workshop on Empirical Translation Process Research (WeTPR) hosted by AMTA 2022 (WeTPR-2022)  [Orlando, Florida] [12-Sep-2022 - 12-Sep-2022]
Workshop on empirical translation process research (WeTPR) hosted by AMTA 2022 (WeTPR-2022)  [Orlando, Florida] [12-Sep-2022 - 12-Sep-2022]

Oct 2022

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1st International Language for All Conference (LFAC)  [Adana] [21-Oct-2022 - 22-Oct-2022]
22nd International Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association (J-SLA 2022)  [Korakuen Campus, Chuo University and Online (subject to change)] [22-Oct-2022 - 23-Oct-2022]
36th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 36)  [Chicago] [14-Oct-2022 - 15-Oct-2022]
3rd International Conference “Language. Text. Society.” (LTS 2022-Con)  [Samara] [20-Oct-2022 - 21-Oct-2022]
3rd Language Diversity in Educational Settings Workshop 2022 (LDESW 2022)  [Virtual (Microsoft Teams)] [03-Oct-2022 - 04-Oct-2022]
3rd Workshop on Threat, Aggression and Cyberbullying & Shared Tasks on Bias, Threat and Aggression Identification in Context (TRAC - 2022)  [Gyeongju] [12-Oct-2022 - 17-Oct-2022]
4th International Conference on Language Education and Research (LERC2022)  [Thessaloniki, Greece & Online] [01-Oct-2022 - 02-Oct-2022]
      Session: Empowering Educators: Benefits, Best Practices and Acceleration of Language and Literacy RSVP
9th Argument Mining Workshop  [Gyeongju (hybrid)] [12-Oct-2022 - 17-Oct-2022]
Arizona Linguistics Circle, University of Arizona (ALC16)  [Tucson] [21-Oct-2022 - 22-Oct-2022]
Automatic Summarization for Creative Writing at The 29th Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2022)  [Gyeongju] [16-Oct-2022 - 16-Oct-2022]
Beyond Borders. German-speaking Minorities in Italy and around the World | Oltre i confini. Minoranze germanofone in Italia e nel mondo | Jenseits der Grenzen. Deutschsprachige Minderheiten in Italien und in der Welt. (beyond-borders2022)  [Trento] [06-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]
Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2022 (BMRS22)  [Edinburgh / online] [25-Oct-2022 - 26-Oct-2022]
Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum 5 (2022) (BEALF-5)  [Columbus, OH] [28-Oct-2022 - 28-Oct-2022]
Calambur: 9th Annual Graduate Student Conference (Calambur)  [Online & Minneapolis, Minnesota] [07-Oct-2022 - 08-Oct-2022]
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Embodiment and Relativity 2022 (CoNSoLER 2022)  [Grunwaldzka 6, Poznan] [07-Oct-2022 - 09-Oct-2022]
Complexity in Language Variation and Change (COMPILA2022)  [Palma de Mallorca] [20-Oct-2022 - 20-Oct-2022]
Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Aplicada (CILAP)  [Heredia] [25-Oct-2022 - 28-Oct-2022]
Empowering Educators: Benefits, Best Practices and Acceleration of Language and Literacy RSVP (Session of 4th International Conference on Language Education and Research)
Heritage Language Syntax 3 (HLS3)  [Paris] [20-Oct-2022 - 21-Oct-2022]
II Congreso Internacional de profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera (CIELE)  [Castellón de la Plana] [28-Oct-2022 - 29-Oct-2022]
II International Conference on Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series (TV Series 2022)  [Valencia] [19-Oct-2022 - 21-Oct-2022]
International Academic Week: Return Migration and its Consequences in Southeastern Europe  [Tutzing] [03-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]
International Conference on Discourse Studies Across Disciplines (ICDSAD)  [Sheikhbahaee University, Isfahan] [23-Oct-2022 - 27-Oct-2022]
International Conference on Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices (MAMP3)  [Joensuu] [06-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]
Language MOOCs and OERs: New Trends and Challenges (LMOOC4Slav)  [Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto] [07-Oct-2022 - 08-Oct-2022]
Language and Culture in the Era of Scientific Knowledge and Professional Education Integration  [Pyatigorsk] [27-Oct-2022 - 28-Oct-2022]
Linguistics Beyond And Within 2022 – International Linguistics Conference in Lublin (LingBaW 2022)  [John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin] [13-Oct-2022 - 14-Oct-2022]
Rhythm: Actual and Virtual, Within and Without  [Sfax] [12-Oct-2022 - 14-Oct-2022]
Second International Symposium on Educational Research (ERL2022)  [Riyadh (Online)] [08-Oct-2022 - 09-Oct-2022]
The 8th Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text ([email protected] 2022) (WNUT @COLING 2022)  [Gyeongju] [17-Oct-2022 - 17-Oct-2022]
Weather and Language-conference (WLC)  [Dijon] [19-Oct-2022 - 20-Oct-2022]
XVI Tagung der Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer an der Universidad del Norte 2022  [Barranquilla] [20-Oct-2022 - 21-Oct-2022]

Nov 2022

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11th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL 11)  [Vienna] [11-Nov-2022 - 12-Nov-2022]
13th Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA13)  [Madison, Wisconsin] [10-Nov-2022 - 12-Nov-2022]
16th Annual Conference on Asian Studies: Bodies, Gender, Identities (ACAS)  [Olomouc & Online (via Whova)] [25-Nov-2022 - 26-Nov-2022]
17th Conference on Legal Translation and Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics (#LegTICL22) (#LegTICL22)  [Zoom] [14-Nov-2022 - 15-Nov-2022]
1st International Conference on Linguistic Landscape: Hispanic Urban and Rural Environments (ICIPL)  [Seville] [09-Nov-2022 - 11-Nov-2022]
2nd International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities (NLP4DH)  [Taipei] [24-Nov-2022 - 24-Nov-2022]
43rd Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal (43rdLSN)  [Kathmandu] [26-Nov-2022 - 27-Nov-2022]
44th International Conference of the Linguistic Society of India (ICoLSI44)  [Bhubaneswar, Odisha] [24-Nov-2022 - 26-Nov-2022]
Annual Conference of The Australian Linguistic Society 2022 (ALS 2022)  [Melbourne] [30-Nov-2022 - 02-Dec-2022]
Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: Sociolinguistic Approaches (BIUNED 2022)  [Madrid] [10-Nov-2022 - 11-Nov-2022]
Flexible and Multiple Plural Marking in Language Contact and Creolization: Social and Situational Correlates  [Berlin] [28-Nov-2022 - 29-Nov-2022]
Formal Diachronic Semantics 7 (FoDS 7)  [Budapest, Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics] [10-Nov-2022 - 11-Nov-2022]
Going Romance 2022 (GR2022)  [Bellaterra] [30-Nov-2022 - 02-Dec-2022]
      Session: Going Romance Workshop on Superlatives and Definiteness
Going Romance Workshop on Superlatives and Definiteness (Session of Going Romance 2022)
High Desert Linguistics Society 15 (HDLS15)  [University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM] [11-Nov-2022 - 13-Nov-2022]
II Simposio Internacional Aspectos Lingüísticos del Noroeste Ibérico (SIALNI2)  [Oviedo] [18-Nov-2022 - 18-Nov-2022]
Influence, Manipulation, and Seduction 2 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Persuasive Language  [virtual] [18-Nov-2022 - 19-Nov-2022]
International Conference on Tense and Aspect in Conditionals (ICTAC)  [INALCO, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, Paris, France] [02-Nov-2022 - 04-Nov-2022]
International Semantics Conference (InSemantiC 2022)  [Porto] [21-Nov-2022 - 23-Nov-2022]
Languages and Linguistics (Session of 119th Annual PAMLA Conference)
Linguistic Forum 2022: Traditional speech forms and practices  [Moscow] [17-Nov-2022 - 19-Nov-2022]
Modality in Historical Stages: Methods and Resources for Investigating Modality  [University of Neuchâtel] [14-Nov-2022 - 15-Nov-2022]
The 7th International Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon (CogALEX-VII)  [Taipei] [20-Nov-2022 - 20-Nov-2022]
Third workshop on Resources for African Indigenous Language (RAIL2022)  [Potchefstroom] [30-Nov-2022 - 30-Nov-2022]
Translation and Interpreting Forum Olomouc 2022 "Room for (Ex)Change in T&I Training" (TIFO)  [Olomouc] [10-Nov-2022 - 12-Nov-2022]

Dec 2022

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10th International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics (ICAAL10)  [Virtual (hosted by Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages)] [01-Dec-2022 - 02-Dec-2022]
15th International Conference on Native and Non-native Accents of English (Accents 2022)  [Łódź] [08-Dec-2022 - 10-Dec-2022]
1st International Humanities – Society – Identity Congress (HSIC)  [Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw, Dobra street 55] [07-Dec-2022 - 09-Dec-2022]
3rd AMC Symposium - Change in syntax and phonology: the same or different?  [Edinburgh] [05-Dec-2022 - 07-Dec-2022]
3rd Australian Association of Teachers of Korean International Conference and Teacher Workshop (AUATK 2022)  [The University of Western Australia (Perth)] [15-Dec-2022 - 17-Dec-2022]
A True and Fair View: Communicative, Linguistic and Ethical Aspects of Expressing Point of View in Journalism (Fairview2022)  [University Foundation, Egmontstraat / Rue d'Egmont 11 - 1000 Brussel / Bruxelles] [08-Dec-2022 - 09-Dec-2022]
CLaSIC2022-The 9th CLS International Conference (CLaSIC2022)  [Online] [01-Dec-2022 - 03-Dec-2022]
Call for Papers and Shared Task Participation (CASE @ EMNLP 2022): Challenges and Applications of Automated Extraction of Socio-political Events from Text (CASE @ EMNLP 2022)  [Abu Dhabi] [07-Dec-2022 - 08-Dec-2022]
Consonant and Vowel Symbolism in Native North American Languages (Workshop)  [Paris (and online)] [08-Dec-2022 - 09-Dec-2022]
The First Unimodal and Multimodal Induction of Linguistic Structures Workshop (UM-IoS)  [Abu Dhabi] [07-Dec-2022 - 08-Dec-2022]
“Connecting Research and Practice in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language”  [Universty of Oslo] [15-Dec-2022 - 16-Dec-2022]

Jan 2023

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20th Old World Conference of Phonology (OCP20)  [Tours] [25-Jan-2023 - 27-Jan-2023]
American Name Society Annual Meeting (ANS 2023)  [Online] [20-Jan-2023 - 22-Jan-2023]
ETLTC-ICETM2023: Track on Technology Assisted Language Learning and Educational Technologies (ETLTC-ICETM2023)  [University of Aizu, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima, Japan] [24-Jan-2023 - 27-Jan-2023]
New Historical and Diachronic Perspectives on Grammaticalization  [Paris] [12-Jan-2023 - 13-Jan-2023]
OUR ID - Colloquium in Honour of Inês Duarte  [Lisbon] [19-Jan-2023 - 20-Jan-2023]

Feb 2023

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1st International Conference on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility (TRADIT23)  [Madrid] [22-Feb-2023 - 24-Mar-2023]
7th Conference on the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language (Colloque FLE 2023)  [University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico] [23-Feb-2023 - 25-Feb-2023]
Cracks in the Bottleneck: Verb-third and the Polyoccupation of the Initial Slot in Verb-second Languages - Insights from Germanic and Beyond (V2V3)  [Sorbonne Université, Paris] [16-Feb-2023 - 17-Feb-2023]
Questions under Discussion: Annotation Challenge and Workshop (QUDAnno22)  [Berlin] [23-Feb-2023 - 24-Feb-2023]
XXIII. Congreso de la Asociación Alemana de Hispanistas (Hispanistentag)  [Graz] [22-Feb-2023 - 25-Feb-2023]

Mar 2023

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30th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference (JK30)  [Vancouver, British Columbia] [11-Mar-2023 - 13-Mar-2023]
45th DGfS 2023 AG14: Exploring Novel and Routine Patterns in Heritage Language Narratives (45th DGfS 2023 AG14)  [University of Cologne] [08-Mar-2023 - 10-Mar-2023]
Colloque de la SIDF (Société Internationale de Diachronie du Français)  [Munich] [22-Mar-2023 - 24-Mar-2023]
Dakar International Colloquium on Linguistics (CILDak)  [Dakar] [16-Mar-2023 - 18-Mar-2023]
Discourse, Authority and Manipulation in Multimodal Perspective (DAMMP 2023)  [Nancy] [16-Mar-2023 - 17-Mar-2023]
Forging Linguistic Identities (FLI 23)  [Towson, MD] [16-Mar-2023 - 18-Mar-2023]
Futures of the Past: The diachrony of Future Constructions across Languages  [HHU Düsseldorf, Haus der Universität] [06-Mar-2023 - 07-Mar-2023]
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HYBRID SOCIETIES 2023  [Chemnitz] [15-Mar-2023 - 17-Mar-2023]
Resultatives: New Approaches and Renewed Perspectives  [National University of Singapore] [20-Mar-2023 - 22-Mar-2023]
Tod und Trauer: digital – analog. Sprachwissenschaftliche und theologische Zugänge  [Zurich] [09-Mar-2023 - 10-Mar-2023]

Apr 2023

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28th Conference on Spanish in the United States and 13th Conference on Spanish in Contact with Other Languages (SIUS 2023)  [Dallas TX] [06-Apr-2023 - 08-Apr-2023]
International Workshop on Maximalization Strategies in the Event Domain (IWMSED)  [Debrecen] [17-Apr-2023 - 19-Apr-2023]
Variation in language as a resource in language teaching / Sprachliche Variation als Ressource für den Sprachunterricht (Short title: LiDi 2023)  [Zurich] [04-Apr-2023 - 05-Apr-2023]

May 2023

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Languages for Specific Purposes: Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching and Research (SDUTSJ)  [Rimske Terme Thermal Resort] [18-May-2023 - 20-May-2023]
The Pragmatics of Cringe Humor on the Screen & on Digital Media  [Montpellier] [04-May-2023 - 05-May-2023]

Jun 2023

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12th International Quantitative Linguistics Conference (QUALICO 2023)  [University of Lausanne] [28-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023]
IX Congreso Internacional de Fonética Experimental/9th International Conference on Experimental Phonetics (CIFE 2023)  [Faculty of Philology and Translation, University of Vigo] [21-Jun-2023 - 23-Jun-2023]
International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA2023)  [University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia] [26-Jun-2023 - 02-Jul-2023]
      Session: Searching historical recordings: Towards a diachronic analysis of social interaction
International Symposium on Bilingualism 14 (ISB14)  [Sydney] [26-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023]
Searching historical recordings: Towards a diachronic analysis of social interaction (Session of International Conference on Conversation Analysis)
Variation in Language Acquisition 5 (ViLA5)  [Brussels] [01-Jun-2023 - 02-Jun-2023]

Jul 2023

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10th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-10)  [Mannheim] [18-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023]
AILA 2023 - Diversity and Social Cohesion in a Globalised World: Towards More Committed Language Sciences (AILA 2023)  [Lyon] [17-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023]
      Session: By the way or in your face? Political positioning by linguistic means
      Session: Linguistic Outcomes and Language Dominance Assessments in Early bi-/trilingualism with Special Reference to Romance Languages as (non-)mainstream Languages
      Session: Social Cohesion at Work: Shared Languages as Mortar in Professional Settings
      Session: Symposium at AILA 2023: Teaching (for) Diversity: Multilingualism in Teacher Education
      Session: Researching Helping Professions for (Applied) Linguistic and Practical Purposes
      Session: Applied Linguistics perspectives on human-robot interaction in language education: possibilities and challenges
      Session: Do no harm? – Researchers, their practices, and their role(s) - Symposium at AILA World Congress
Dismantling Language Ideologies and Promoting Social Justice in Higher Education Second Language Teaching  [Lyon] [17-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023]
Do no harm? – Researchers, their practices, and their role(s) - Symposium at AILA World Congress (Session of AILA 2023 - Diversity and Social Cohesion in a Globalised World: Towards More Committed Language Sciences)
Language Ideologies in Times of Change - Symposium at AILA World Congress (AILA)  [Lyon] [17-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023]
Symposium: Original Version Television and Language Learning: Latest Research and Future Challenges (AILA 2023) (AILA 2023 (SYMP60))  [Lyon] [17-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023]

Aug 2023

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16th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium (NISA16)  [Nairobi] [29-Aug-2023 - 01-Sep-2023]
56th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2023 Athens)  [Athens] [29-Aug-2023 - 01-Sep-2023]
International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS2023)  [Prague] [07-Aug-2023 - 11-Aug-2023]

Sep 2023

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XIVen Congrès de l'Associacion Internacionala d'Estudis Occitans (AIEO2023)  [München] [11-Sep-2023 - 15-Sep-2023]

Aug 2024

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Sixteenth International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS-16)  [Tbilisi] [26-Aug-2024 - 30-Aug-2024]