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Mar 2022

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15th Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCON15)  [Online (all times in Toronto Time)] [05-Mar-2022 - 06-Mar-2022]
2022 Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto Phonology/Phonetics Workshop / Atelier de phonologie/phonétique Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto 2022 (MOT 2022)  [University of Ottawa, Ottawa] [25-Mar-2022 - 27-Mar-2022]
25th Annual Ohio State University Conference on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (Hybrid Event) (OSUCHiLL)  [Columbus, Ohio] [25-Mar-2022 - 26-Mar-2022]
3rd Graduate Conference in French  [Tucson, AZ (virtually)] [26-Mar-2022 - 26-Mar-2022]
9th Asian-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies (APFTIS-2022)  [Winston-Salem, NC (online)] [25-Mar-2022 - 26-Mar-2022]
Demo Session (Session of International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese)
Experimental Arabic Linguistics 2022 (EXAL 2022)  [Zayed University (online)] [14-Mar-2022 - 15-Mar-2022]
International Conference on Language Education, Literature and Linguistics (ICLELL2022)  [KUTAHYA] [25-Mar-2022 - 27-Mar-2022]
International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG) (SIDG)  [Bucharest] [24-Mar-2022 - 28-Mar-2022]
      Session: Xth Congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG)
Speech, Langauge and Learning Intervention Research Symposium (SLLIVRS)  [Virtual] [25-Mar-2022 - 26-Mar-2022]
Workshop on Computational Approaches to Human and Machine Creativity (HuCMaC)  [Uppsala] [15-Mar-2022 - 15-Mar-2022]

Apr 2022

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10th International Research Conference Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (TILTMBPC)  [Moscow] [22-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
1st International Conference on the Asturian language: Distinctiveness, Identity and Officiality (ICAL)  [Madrid] [27-Apr-2022 - 29-Apr-2022]
23rd Annual Céfiro Conference on Latin American and Iberian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (Céfiro)  [Lubbock, Texas] [09-Apr-2022 - 10-Apr-2022]
An International Conference On Accents & Innovations (The Association of Phoneticians and Phonologists in Nigeria) (APPNRUN 2022)  [Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria] [04-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2022]
California Spanish Conference (CASPCO 2022)  [University of California, Riverside] [28-Apr-2022 - 30-Apr-2022]
General and Specialist Translation / Interpreting: Theory, Methods, Practice (GSTI)  [Kyiv] [08-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022]
Language, Culture, and Globalization: Transdisciplinary Perspectives  [Madison, WI] [01-Apr-2022 - 02-Apr-2022]
Lingua come bene culturale (SIP III)  [Online] [06-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
LVC in the South of England 2  [University of Suffolk] [22-Apr-2022 - 22-Apr-2022]
Manchester Forum in Linguistics (mFiL)  [Manchester] [28-Apr-2022 - 29-Apr-2022]
Onomastic Conference “Anthroponyms and anthroponymic researches in the Beginning of 21th Century” (ConfZaimov2021)  [Sofia] [20-Apr-2022 - 21-Apr-2022]
PSUxLing8: Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics (PSUxLing8)  [Penn State University, University Park] [08-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022]
The 26th Symposium of Students in English  [Timisoara] [08-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
The 29th Annual Conference of CHLSJC  [Addis Ababa] [26-Apr-2022 - 28-Apr-2022]
Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (TILTMBPC)  [Moscow] [22-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
Zadar Linguistic Forum 2022 - Predicate: from polysemy to arguments (ZLF2022)  [Zadar] [06-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022]

May 2022

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12th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis (WASSA 2022)  [Dublin] [26-May-2022 - 26-May-2022]
13th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM13)  [Rhodes] [19-May-2022 - 22-May-2022]
18th Conference on British and American Studies  [Brasov] [20-May-2022 - 21-May-2022]
29th Manchester Phonology Meeting (29mfm)  [Online] [25-May-2022 - 27-May-2022]
33rd International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA 2022)  [Szczyrk] [19-May-2022 - 21-May-2022]
3rd International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2022 @ ACL (LChange’22)  [Dublin] [26-May-2022 - 28-May-2022]
6th CELC symposium – Teaching English Language and Communication in a Changing Landscape: Innovations and Possibilities (The 6th CELC symposium)  [Online] [30-May-2022 - 31-May-2022]
71st Student Conference of Linguistics (StuTS) and 31st Student Conference of Computational Linguistics (TaCoS) (StuTS & TaCoS)  [Leeuwarden] [26-May-2022 - 28-May-2022]
9th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (SLPAT)  [Dublin] [27-May-2022 - 27-May-2022]
Acquisition et contexte d’acquisition d’une seconde langue : Le séjour à l’étranger a-t-il un impact sur l’expression de la modalité chez l’apprenant.e ?  [Nantes] [09-May-2022 - 09-May-2022]
Adverbs and Adverbials at the Form-meaning Interface: Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives (AAFMI 2022)  [Göttingen] [18-May-2022 - 20-May-2022]
Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Netherlandic Studies (CAANS 2022)  [Online] [14-May-2022 - 15-May-2022]
Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics 42 (AMGL 42)  [Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki] [05-May-2022 - 08-May-2022]
Bi-SLI 2022 - Bi-/multilingualism and Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) (Bi-SLI 2022)  [Berlin] [09-May-2022 - 10-May-2022]
Bogazici Student Conference on Linguistics (SCOL 2022)  [Istanbul] [27-May-2022 - 28-May-2022]
Canadian Society for the Study of Names/Société canadienne d'onomastique (CSSN/SCO)  [Online] [14-May-2022 - 15-May-2022]
Education in the 21st century: Contemporary challenges and concerns  [Ioannina] [13-May-2022 - 15-May-2022]
Fifth Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages (ComputEL-5)  [Dublin] [26-May-2022 - 27-May-2022]
L2 Exposure Conditions : Study Abroad and its Possible Effects on the Expression of Modality  [Nantes] [09-May-2022 - 09-May-2022]
La mente léxica. I Jornada internacional sobre procesamiento léxico-semántico  [University of Salamanca] [06-May-2022 - 06-May-2022]
Language, Literature, Power Conference (LLP 2022)  [Online] [06-May-2022 - 07-May-2022]
Lavender Languages and Linguistics 28 (LalLang28)  [catania] [23-May-2022 - 25-May-2022]
Non-canonical Interrogatives across Languages: Prosody, Semantics, Pragmatics  [Tartu] [12-May-2022 - 13-May-2022]
Philosophy and Generative Grammar (P&GG 1)  [Online conference] [04-May-2022 - 06-May-2022]
Positive Impacts of Language Technology: TISLID 22 (TISLID 22)  [Madrid, Spain (Virtual venue)] [27-May-2022 - 28-May-2022]
Prospects of Linguistic Research in the Twenty-first Century  [Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Al al-Bayt University Mafraq] [11-May-2022 - 12-May-2022]
Second Conference on the Endangered Languages of East Asia (CELEA2)  [Venice] [03-May-2022 - 05-May-2022]
The Syntax of Causative, Perception and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin (SCUP22)  [Palermo] [26-May-2022 - 27-May-2022]
Venise et la France. Similitudes, spécificités, interrelations (1300-1800)  [Lausanne] [30-May-2022 - 31-May-2022]
VII Congreso Internacional Jóvenes Investigadores Mundo Hispánico  [Universidad de León] [04-May-2022 - 06-May-2022]

Jun 2022

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13th Annual Pronunciation in Language Learning and Teaching Conference 2022 (PSLLT 2022)  [Brock University, St. Catharines, Niagara Region, Ontario Canada] [16-Jun-2022 - 18-Jun-2022]
14th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL14)  [Berlin] [09-Jun-2022 - 11-Jun-2022]
16th International NooJ Conference 2022 (INC 2022)  [Rosario] [16-Jun-2022 - 18-Jun-2022]
17th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP17)  [online] [22-Jun-2022 - 25-Jun-2022]
18th Workshop on Multiword Expressions (MWE 2022)  [Marseille] [25-Jun-2022 - 25-Jun-2022]
26th International Conference of the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX 2022)  [Stellenbosch] [27-Jun-2022 - 29-Jun-2022]
27th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (27th IAICS)  [University of Toledo, Ohio (hosted online on Webex)] [27-Jun-2022 - 01-Jul-2022]
31st Colloquium on Generative Grammar (31st CGG)  [Mallorca] [01-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
3rd International Conference Prominence in Language 2022 (Prominence-Conference-3)  [Cologne] [02-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
9th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication (INPRA9)  [Brisbane] [21-Jun-2022 - 23-Jun-2022]
Advances in Second/foreign Language Acquisition (ASeFoLA)  [Nicosia (online)] [18-Jun-2022 - 19-Jun-2022]
African Immigrants in Europe: Multilingual (mis)communication  [Freiburg] [07-Jun-2022 - 10-Jun-2022]
AICED 23  [Bucharest, Romania, online] [02-Jun-2022 - 04-Jun-2022]
Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA) & TripleA Workshop for Semantic Fieldworkers (TripleAFLA 2022)  [Manchester] [28-Jun-2022 - 01-Jul-2022]
Audiovisual Translation and Minority Cultures (AVT and MINORITIES)  [Pescara] [03-Jun-2022 - 04-Jun-2022]
Canadian Linguistic Association Conference | Congrès de l'Association canadienne linguistique 2022 (ACL-CLA 2022)  [Online] [01-Jun-2022 - 04-Jun-2022]
Cisalpine Celtic Literacy  [Maynooth] [23-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022]
Crises, Challenges, Innovations: Languages for Specific Purposes, Specialised Translation, and LSP Didactics  [Nantes University] [22-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022]
Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (McMaster Meeting) 2022 (FASL 31)  [Hamilton, ON] [24-Jun-2022 - 26-Jun-2022]
Fourth Workshop on Formal Approaches to Russian Linguistics (FARL 4)  [Moscow] [03-Jun-2022 - 04-Jun-2022]
II Convegno Internazionale Italiano e lingue slave: confronto, contatto, insegnamento (Italiano & Lingue slave)  [Skopje] [23-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022]
International Conference: Language and Language Awareness in the History of Linguistics (LAHL)  [Flensburg] [08-Jun-2022 - 11-Jun-2022]
JALTCALL 2022: PLAYFUL CALL - Exploring the Intersection of Games and Technology in Language Education (JALTCALL 2022)  [Kyoto (hybrid online)] [17-Jun-2022 - 19-Jun-2022]
'Language, Function, and Usage' 2022 The International Conference for World Korean Linguists (ICWKL)  [Seoul] [29-Jun-2022 - 01-Jul-2022]
Minor Finnic Languages 1 – Historical and Current Perspectives (MFL1)  [Uppsala] [02-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
Onomatopoeia (Session of Word-Formation Theories IV / Typology and Universals in Word-Formation V)
PerForum: Forum on Performativity in Language and Beyond (PerForum)  [University of Oslo] [03-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
Regional Languages in Education: from Literature towards Literacy  [Rēzekne] [16-Jun-2022 - 17-Jun-2022]
Resources and ProcessIng of linguistic, para-linguistic and extra-linguistic Data from people with various forms of cognitive/psychiatric/developmental impairments ([email protected])  [Marseille] [25-Jun-2022 - 25-Jun-2022]
RFP 2022 – 19th annual meeting of the French Phonology Network (RFP 2022)  [Porto] [07-Jun-2022 - 09-Jun-2022]
Rules and Incentives in Language Policy and Planning: Economic, Legal, and Sociolinguistic Approaches  [Budapest] [16-Jun-2022 - 17-Jun-2022]
Seventh International Conference on Languages, Linguistics, Translation and Literature (virtual) (LLLD)  [Ahwaz] [11-Jun-2022 - 12-Jun-2022]
Small Languages, Big Ideas: the smaller Germanic languages from a theoretical, general and comparative perspective (SLBI)  [Oldenburg] [30-Jun-2022 - 01-Jul-2022]
Syntax of Uralic Languages 4 (SOUL-4)  [Institute for Linguistic Studies, St. Petersburg] [07-Jun-2022 - 08-Jun-2022]
TABU Dag 2022  [Groningen (and online)] [09-Jun-2022 - 10-Jun-2022]
Theoretical Linguistics and Languages of the Caucasus (TLLC)  [Istanbul] [18-Jun-2022 - 19-Jun-2022]
Towards a competition-based word-formation theory (Session of Word-Formation Theories IV / Typology and Universals in Word-Formation V)
VI Wedisyn Meeting / VI Encuentro Wedisyn (Westmost Europe Dialect Syntax)  [Zurich] [02-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
Workshop: Language Acquisition and Language Development in Typical and Atypical Populations  [Mallorca] [01-Jun-2022 - 01-Jun-2022]
Workshop on Aspect and Argument Structure of Adjectives/Adverbs and Participles/Prepositions (WAASAP 10)  [London] [16-Jun-2022 - 17-Jun-2022]

Jul 2022

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15th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference 2022 (TaLC2022)  [Limerick] [13-Jul-2022 - 16-Jul-2022]
27th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference (LFG22)  [University of Groningen] [12-Jul-2022 - 14-Jul-2022]
29th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG 2022)  [Online Event] [29-Jul-2022 - 31-Jul-2022]
9th Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) Conference (CADAAD2022)  [University of Bergamo] [06-Jul-2022 - 08-Jul-2022]
9th International Conference on Meaning and Knowledge Representation (MKR)  [Madrid] [06-Jul-2022 - 08-Jul-2022]
Complex Predicates in Niger-Congo. Workshop at the 11th Iberian Conference on African Studies held at the Universidade de Lisboa (CIEA 11)  [Lisbon] [06-Jul-2022 - 08-Jul-2022]
ICAME43  [Cambridge] [27-Jul-2022 - 30-Jul-2022]
International Congress on Syntax: In honour of Professor Ana Maria Brito (ICSyntax22)  [Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, Oporto] [13-Jul-2022 - 15-Jul-2022]
International Constructed Languages Conference (I-CON langs 2022)  [Turin] [14-Jul-2022 - 15-Jul-2022]
IX International Conference on Language, Culture and Mind (LCM 9)  [University of Almería (in-person or virtual participation)] [04-Jul-2022 - 07-Jul-2022]
‘Le français au contact des cultures’ (AFLS Conference 2022.)  [University of Exeter] [18-Jul-2022 - 20-Jul-2022]
SemEval-2022 Task 09: R2VQ - Competence-based Multimodal Question Answering (R2VQ)  [Seattle, WA] [10-Jul-2022 - 15-Jul-2022]
Workshop on Computational Linguistics on East Asian languages  [Online Event (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)] [31-Jul-2022 - 31-Jul-2022]

Aug 2022

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EuroSLA 31  [Fribourg/Freiburg] [24-Aug-2022 - 27-Aug-2022]
Forty-Eight Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States (LACUS2022)  [Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York] [02-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022]
Generative Linguistics in the Old World in Asia XIII 2022 Online Special (GLOW in Asia XIII 2022 OS)  [The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Online)] [04-Aug-2022 - 07-Aug-2022]
International Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference (LPP)  [Montreal] [25-Aug-2022 - 27-Aug-2022]
International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 Processing in Adults and Children (ISBPAC 2022)  [UiT The Arctic University of Norway] [04-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022]
Seminar ''Translating and Analysing Charles Darwin and Darwinism in(to) European languages (1859-2022) (ESSE Conference 2022 Mainz)  [Mainz] [29-Aug-2022 - 02-Sep-2022]

Sep 2022

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13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop (LL13)  [Hamburg] [07-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022]
15th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference: The Social Impact of Metaphor (RaAM15)  [Białystok] [21-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
1971-2021 : 50 ans de corpus montréalais  [Archives nationales du Québec à Montréal | 535, avenue Viger Est | Montréal] [15-Sep-2022 - 17-Sep-2022]
20th International Morphology Meeting (IMM20)  [Budapest] [01-Sep-2022 - 04-Sep-2022]
      Session: Dissecting Morphological Theory 3: Diminutivization, Allomorphy and the Architecture of Grammar
2nd Conference on Frisian Humanities  [Leeuwarden] [13-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022]
32nd International Conference of the Spanish Society for Medieval English Language and Literature (SELIM 32)  [Logroño (La Rioja)] [14-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022]
34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-34)  [Indiana University Bloomington, IN] [24-Sep-2022 - 25-Sep-2022]
4th International Symposium on Applied Phonetics (ISAPh 2022)  [Lund University] [14-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022]
4th Symposium on West African Languages (SyWAL2022)  [Naples] [21-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
51st Poznan Linguistic Meeting (PLM2022)  [Poznań] [08-Sep-2022 - 10-Sep-2022]
5th English for Healthcare Conference  [Belgrade, Serbia] [16-Sep-2022 - 17-Sep-2022]
6th Learner Corpus Research Conference (LCR2022)  [Padua, University of Padua] [22-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
American Association for Corpus Linguistics 2022 (AACL 2022)  [Flagstaff, Arizona] [08-Sep-2022 - 11-Sep-2022]
Backformation in a New Theoretical Universe (IMM20)  [Budapest] [01-Sep-2022 - 04-Sep-2022]
British Association for Applied Linguistics 2022 (BAAL2022)  [Belfast] [01-Sep-2022 - 03-Sep-2022]
Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria (CLIB 2022)  [Sofia] [08-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022]
Concept Systems and Frames in Terminology 2022 (CSFT 2022)  [Innsbruck] [28-Sep-2022 - 29-Sep-2022]
Das heutige gesprochene Deutsch zwischen Sprachkontakt und Sprachwandel  [Turin] [22-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition 15 (GALA)  [Frankfurt] [22-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
III International Conference on Revitalisation of Indigenous and Minority Languages / III Congrés Internacional de Revistalització de Llengües Indígenes i Minoritzades (III ICRIML)  [Girona - Perpinyà] [13-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022]
Joint Conference on Language Evolution  [Kanazawa] [05-Sep-2022 - 08-Sep-2022]
Language Contact as a 'Continuum' and Epistemological Continuities in Language Contact Research (ACBLPE Annual Meeting) (ACBLPE+)  [Augsburg] [08-Sep-2022 - 10-Sep-2022]
Morfosintaxis del español actual: La morfosintaxis y la deixis 2022  [Prague, Faculty of Arts, Charles University] [30-Sep-2022 - 01-Oct-2022]
Principles and Actions of Second Language Training for Migrants in Pandemic Context (MigrActionsL2_Metz 2022)  [Metz] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
Quinto Coloquio Internacional “Ideologías Lingüísticas en la Prensa Escrita y otros Medios de Comunicación” (ILPE 5)  [La Plata & Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires] [28-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022]
Sinn und Bedeutung 27 (SuB 27)  [Prague] [14-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022]
The Secondary Homelands of the Indo-European Languages – Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft (IG-AT2022)  [Universiteit Leiden] [05-Sep-2022 - 07-Sep-2022]
Third European Symposium in Celtic Studies (3ESCS)  [Pavia] [07-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022]
Translation in Transition 6 (TT6)  [Prague] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
V Congresso Internazionale di neologia in lingue romanze (CINEO 2022)  [Genova] [01-Sep-2022 - 03-Sep-2022]
Verbs of Thought and Speech: Pragmaticalization Paths across Languages  [Salamanca] [07-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022]

Oct 2022

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37th Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics (IATL 37)  [Jerusalem] [19-Oct-2022 - 20-Oct-2022]
3rd International Conference “Language. Text. Society.” (LTS 2022-Con)  [Samara] [20-Oct-2022 - 21-Oct-2022]
6th International Conference on Diachronic Corpora in Ibero-Romance Languages (CODILI6)  [Venice] [05-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]
International Conference on Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices (MAMP3)  [Joensuu] [06-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]

Nov 2022

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11th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL 11)  [Vienna] [11-Nov-2022 - 12-Nov-2022]
1st International Symposium on Grammatical Variation and the Construction of Meaning/I Simposio Internacional sobre variación gramatical y construcción del significado  [San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands] [22-Nov-2022 - 23-Nov-2022]
4th Biennial University of Michigan International Conference on Arabic Applied Linguistics (4th Biannual U-M Arabic App Lx)  [University of Michigan] [19-Nov-2022 - 20-Nov-2022]
DisCorX 2022  [Berne] [17-Nov-2022 - 18-Nov-2022]
Influence, Manipulation, and Seduction 2 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Persuasive Language  [virtual] [18-Nov-2022 - 19-Nov-2022]
LACIM 2022 (LACIM 2022)  [Paris] [16-Nov-2022 - 18-Nov-2022]

Dec 2022

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14th International Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT 15)  [Austin, Texas] [15-Dec-2022 - 17-Dec-2022]
Digital Research Data and Human Sciences – Diversity of Methods and Materials (DRDHum2022)  [Jyväskylä] [01-Dec-2022 - 03-Dec-2022]

Jan 2023

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2023 Modern Language Association Annual Convention (Romance Linguistics Forum) (2023 MLA)  [San Francisco, California] [05-Jan-2023 - 08-Jan-2023]