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Workshop 'Specificity in the Grammar: Form and Interpretation'

Conference URL: http://clic.cimec.unitn.it/specificity/

This workshop aims to address the following questions:

* Which types of specificity do actually exists, and to what extent the many
notions advanced in the literature can be derived one from the other?
* What are the observable morpho-syntactic phenomena related to the different
notions of specificity in different languages, and what do they tell us about
indefinites in general?
* How does specificity interact with non-specificity, referentiality,
definiteness, genericity?
* Which cues for specificity might lead to computationally viable tools for
marking it automatically?
* What can acquisition studies tell us about the notion of specificity?

Abstract Submission has been closed
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Meeting Location:
University of Trento (Italy)

Contact Information:
Michelangelo Falco
[email protected]

Meeting Dates:
Feb 12, 2014 to Feb 12, 2014

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 14-Oct-2013 until 15-Dec-2013.