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Fourth Annual Meeting of the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics (NARNiHS 2022)

Conference URL: http://narnihs.org

The North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics (NARNiHS) is accepting abstracts for its Fourth Annual Meeting, Friday, January 7 - Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Despite recent improvements in pandemic indicators in some parts of the world, travel restrictions and health concerns continue for many communities as of the summer of 2021. In light of these concerns, our NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting will be taking place as an *entirely online event*. This presents a great opportunity for scholars in historical sociolinguistics from all over the world to participate as presenters and/or attendees without the limitations imposed by international travel. We encourage our fellow historical sociolinguists and scholars from related fields from our global scholarly community (in addition to North America) to join us online for our Fourth Annual Meeting.

Since NARNiHS is a Sister Society of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), this meeting will partially overlap with the LSA 2022 Annual Meeting. The NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting, however, will be organized independently - please note that participation in the NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting does not grant attendance and/or participation rights to the LSA 2022 Annual Meeting.

NARNiHS welcomes abstracts in all areas of historical sociolinguistics, which is understood as the application/development of sociolinguistic theories, models, and methods for the study of historical language variation and change over time, or more broadly, the study of the interaction of language and society in historical periods and from historical perspectives. Thus, a wide range of linguistic areas, subdisciplines, and methodologies easily find their place within the field, and we encourage submission of abstracts that reflect this broad scope.

Abstracts will be accepted for 20-minute presentations to be delivered "live" through an online video-conferencing platform.

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Meeting Location:

Contact Information:
Mark Richard Lauersdorf
[email protected]

Meeting Dates:
Jan 7, 2022 to Jan 11, 2022

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 02-Jul-2021 until 27-Sep-2021.

Fourth Annual Meeting of the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics (NARNiHS 2022), [email protected]