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Thu Mar 21 2002

Software: Coding Linguistic Analysis

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  • Kay O'Halloran, Systemics1.0" Software for Coding Linguistic Analysis

    Message 1: Systemics1.0" Software for Coding Linguistic Analysis

    Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 11:57:46 +0800
    From: Kay O'Halloran <>
    Subject: Systemics1.0" Software for Coding Linguistic Analysis

    Systemics1.0, software for coding linguistic analysis of text, is now available from Singapore University Press. See below for details about the capabilities of the software and how to order a copy. Basically the software contains a pre-programmed systemic functional grammar, but this 'standard' grammar can be changed so that Systemics1.0 can be used for teaching and research projects which use other theoretical approaches. The text which is to be analysed is converted to a database file so that the analysis can be coded through pull down menus. There is a search facility which can be used to extract the results of the analysis. All pages may be printed, and tables and so forth inserted into word processing documents.

    Systemics1.0 is installed in the computer laboratory in The Department of English Language & Literature, National University of Singapore. I have found the software effective for teaching linguistic analysis at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Many of my postgrad students have also used the software for their research projects. We have endeavoured to price the software so that it can be purchased by students, and so it can be used as course material.

    See below for more details. Any enquiries, please email me.

    Best regards, Kay

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    Systemics 1.0, software for coding SFL analysis developed by Kay O'Halloran and Kevin Judd through a Research Grant at the National University of Singapore, is now available from Singapore University Press. Please see below for an overview of the software, the cost and information about ordering the CDROM. Further information about Systemics 1.0 may be obtained from Kay O'Halloran (see contact details below)


    Systemics 1.0 is independent and stand-alone software designed to allow efficient and comprehensive discourse analysis of text from the perspective of Michael Halliday's (1994) Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). Systemics 1.0 is designed to be used for both academic and postgraduate research and also for the teaching of SFL in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, as the pre-programmed grammar in Systemics 1.0 can be modified, the discourse analyses undertaken with this software can incorporate other theoretical perspectives.

    The physical constraints of using SFL for text analysis are overcome through the following features in Systemics 1.0:

    1. The options within the major systems for interpersonal, experiential, logical and textual meaning at the rank of word, word group/phrase, clause, clause complex, paragraph and text have been pre-programmed in Systemics 1.0 as the 'standard' functional grammar. This means that the analysis may be manually coded quickly and efficiently through pulldown menus. The generic structure of the text may also be manually coded.

    2. The search facility allows the user to extract the results of the analysis for each system at each rank. This includes extracting the functional elements from the text.

    3. The pages in Systemics 1.0 containing the analysis (the text divided into numbered clauses, the tables with the clause analysis, the logical relations, exchange structure, reference chains and lexical strings together with the search results) may be printed. There is also a print preview application called GhostView included with Systemics 1.0.

    4. The user may modify the existing 'standard' systemic functional grammar by entering new options and systems according to individual requirements. This new grammar may be included in Systemics 1.0 to analyse one text, or it may be saved as a separate grammar file to be used later for the analysis of other texts.

    5. There is an additional version, SystemicsBIG, in the Software folder on the CDROM. This version has double sized fonts for all the text and menus so that it will be useful for teaching and demonstrations in lecture theatres. When installing the software, SystemicsBIG can be installed using the custom installation.

    FUNCTIONALITY of Systemics 1.0

    1. Systemics 1.0 operates on Macintosh, PC and Linux computers, and the CD ROM contains complete documentation about how to use the software.

    2. Systemics 1.0 converts word processing documents saved as texts files into database files for storing the analysis.

    3. The analysis is entered using pulldown menus containing the options for the pre-programmed systems.

    4. Systemics 1.0 has the following Pages:

    * Text Page displays the text as a sequence of numbered clauses. In this page, the generic structure and the speaker may be entered. The clauses are edited in this page, and these changes are reflected all other pages. * Clause Page displays the analysis at the rank of word, word group and clause. Clause Page contains two tables: (i) the Clause Table to enter the functional label for each element in the clause, and (ii) the Analysis Table to code the nature of the selections made in the Clause Table. * Interclausal Page displays the analysis for logical relations and exchange structure at the rank of clause complex, paragraph and text. * Discourse Page displays the analysis for reference chains and lexical relations at the rank of paragraph and text. * Search Page is used to extract the results of the analysis and functional elements to which labels have been attached. * Grammar Page contains a glossary for the abbreviations used in the 'standard' grammar together with references for further reading. A condensed version of this glossary is reproduced in the "System Key Abbreviations and Glossary" in the documentation. The grammar may be modified by the user in the Grammar Page (see point 5 below)

    5. The Grammar Page contains the facility whereby the user can modify existing options and systems in the 'standard' grammar. The user may save these changes in the existing grammar to be used with the current database file, or alternatively the changes may be saved in a separate grammar file which may be used later with other database files.

    6. The grammar in Systemics 1.0 can be changed in multiple ways to suit the requirements of the user. These changes include:

    (a) Adding, deleting and editing the available options in the existing systems in the 'standard' functional grammar in the Clause, Interclausal and Discourse Pages. (b) Entering new systems in the Clause, Interclausal and Discourse Pages. (c) New systems appear as new rows in the existing tables in the Clause page, and as new interfaces accessed through menus in the Interclausal and Discourse Pages.

    7. The database may be searched according to any criteria through which the analysis has been entered. The user may select how the results are displayed through a menu of options.

    8. The pages in Systemics 1.0 can be printed to a file which may be previewed using Ghostview software. The appearance of the pages may be chosen using Print options. These include saving the files as ps or eps files. The files can be printed using a postscript printer.

    2. COST

    List price: SGD $60 (SGD $42 for registered students in Singapore) applicable within Singapore/ASEAN only.

    Elsewhere: US $45*/AUD $65** Add 10% postage and handling for orders outside Singapore. *Add US $15 bank charge for foreign cheque payment. **Applicable in Australia with credit card payment only. Credit cards accepted are VISA, American Express and MasterCard.

    Special Discounts for orders 20+ copies and/or site licenses are available for computer laboratories and libraries.

    Singapore: S$1,000 for 20 CDs/licenses, S$40 for every additional copy/license. International : US$700 for up to 20 CDs/licenses, US$50 for every additional copy/license.

    Other bulk purchases: discounts on normal list prices available on enquiry, depending on volume.

    3. ORDERS

    Singapore University Press Yusof Ishak House, National University of Singapore 31 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119078

    Fax: (65) 6774-0652 Ph: (65) 6776-1148

    E-mail address (for orders and enquiries):

    Internet website address:


    Dr Kay O'Halloran Department of English Language and Literature National University of Singapore Block AS5 7 Arts Link SINGAPORE 117570

    Tel: +65 6874 3999 Fax: +65 6773 2981


    NOTE: For information about software for SFL, see Mick O'Donnell's website:

    Dr Kay O'Halloran Department of English Language and Literature National University of Singapore Block AS5 7 Arts Link SINGAPORE 117570

    Tel: +65 874 3999 Fax: +65 773 2981 Email: WWW: