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Tue Nov 29 2005

Software: WordNet 2.1 Java API

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        1.    Philipp Cimiano, WordNet 2.1 Java API

Message 1: WordNet 2.1 Java API
Date: 23-Nov-2005
From: Philipp Cimiano <>
Subject: WordNet 2.1 Java API

Dear all, some time ago I posted a query asking for a decent WordNet Java API for WordNet 2.1. I got the two answers below. (Thanks to Gerard Peregrin and Umesh Patil) From Gerarde Peregrin: Brandeis university distributes a Java version of Wordnet for Wordnet 2.0. The Peregrin Foundation has adapted portions of it to use the recently distributed Wordnet 2.1 dataset. It has also modestly adjusted the UI. It is functional as a standalone JWordNet 2.1 or as an plugin package. It is not yet a complete emulation of the C version of Wordnet nor a complete re-development of the java source provided by Oliver Steele [ (Oliver Steele,]. From Umesh Patil: JWNL: This works for WN 2.0... I think it'll work with 2.1 as well but I am not sure. Hope this also helps other people. Best, Philipp.

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics