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Thu Sep 21 2006

Software: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 09/06

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Directory         1.    Helene Mazo, ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 09/06

Message 1: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 09/06
Date: 21-Sep-2006
From: Helene Mazo <>
Subject: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 09/06

Our on-line catalogue has moved to the following address: Please update your bookmarks.

We are happy to announce that new Written Language Resources are now available in our catalogue.

*** ELRA-L0072 PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS PISA Italian Lexicon *** PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS is a four-level, general purpose lexicon that has been elaborated over three different projects. The PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS Pisa Italian Lexicon comprises a total of 387,267 phonetic units, 53,044 morphological units (53,044 lemmas), 37,406 syntactic units (28,111 lemmas) and 28,346 semantic units (19,216 lemmas). The PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS Pisa Italian Lexicon was encoded at the semantic level, in full accordance with the international standards set out in the PAROLE-SIMPLE model and based on EAGLES. Syntactic and semantic encoding were performed jointly with Thamus (Consortium for Multilingual Documentary Engineering), which is responsible for 25,000 extra entries (to be released soon). This lexicon is subdivided into five different subsets: L0072-01 Full lexicon L0072-02 Phonetic layer L0072-03 Morphological layer L0072-04 Syntactic layer L0072-05 Semantic layer For more information, see:

*** ELRA-W0043 PAROLE Italian Corpus *** The PAROLE Italian Corpus comprises 3,135,651 words collected from four different domains: newspapers (2,179,800 words), periodicals (143,810 words), books (564,964 words), miscellaneous (247,077 words). Data are morphosyntactically annotated and lemmatized. For more information, see:

*** ELRA-W0044 Italian Syntactic-Semantic Treebank (ISST) *** For more information, see:

For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli

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Subject Language(s): Italian (ita)