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Tue Mar 27 2007

Software: The R Project New Release

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Message 1: The R Project New Release
Date: 22-Mar-2007
From: Stefan Th. Gries <>
Subject: The R Project New Release

This is to alert you to the R Project for Statistical Computing. R Version2.4.1 has been released:

It has the following characteristics that make it the ideal tool for anycorpus linguist:

- It is a full-fledged programming language, i.e. it has hardly anyrestrictions on what corpus linguists can do with it and can therefore beused to generate all essential corpus-linguistic output formats (frequencylists, concordances, and collocation displays) as well as many other thingsno ready-made tool can provide;

-As a programming language, it leaves the user in charge of retrievalsettings rather than sometimes difficult-to-identify program settings - butat the same time R is much easier to handle than languages such as Perl orPython, which many find too daunting to learn;

-R's capabilities for statistical and graphical analyses of corpus dataexcel over manual or spreadsheet-based evaluation;

-It is open source software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Unix;

-There is a lively research community out there, constantly developing newstuff and providing the ideal basis for scientific exchange.

R has also become increasingly popular in the general linguisticscommunity, as is evidenced by a variety of textbooks that are about to bepublished both in corpus linguistics and statistics for linguistics.

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