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Tue Jul 05 2011

Qs: Quantifier-floating Numerals

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        1.     Dustin Chacón , Quantifier-floating Numerals

Message 1: Quantifier-floating Numerals
Date: 02-Jul-2011
From: Dustin Chacón <>
Subject: Quantifier-floating Numerals
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Hi everyone,

I have seen in a handful of languages the ability to strand numerals in amanner reminiscent of quantifier float in English. For example, inBengali, the following is possible:

chele kalke dujon bangladeshe jabeboy tomorrow two.Cl to Bangladesh will go''tomorrow, two boys will go to Bangladesh''

However, the only languages im familiar with that do something like thisare head-final classifier languages. I'm curious to see how widespreadof a phenomenon this is, and whether it might be tied in somemeaningful way to numeral classifier marking, head finality, or both.

Is this possible in your pet language(s)? What does number markinglook like in that language, are there numeral classifiers, and what is the(predominant) word order like? Are you aware of any meaningfulsemantic distinctions between num-floating and not?

I'd be more than happy to write a summary of what you kind folks tellme. Thanks!

Dustin Chacón

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