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Thu Oct 06 2011

Qs: Can you read lips (English)?

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        1.     Eleni Paparidou , Can you read lips (English)?

Message 1: Can you read lips (English)?
Date: 06-Oct-2011
From: Eleni Paparidou <>
Subject: Can you read lips (English)?
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I am a postgraduate student at Salford University. I would reallyappreciate your help if possible. If you know how to lip read, can youbecome a participant to my online test?

The link is

The test takes almost 20 minute to complete. This project focuses onlip reading and deafness. The question of the online test is: Can you lipread from a 3D animated character as well as from a real person?

I would be very grateful if you could participate or forward this test toanyone who knows how to lip read. It is very difficult to recruitparticipants and that is why I would be very glad if you could help me.This research is done in order to see if we can built a 3D softwareprogramme for deaf children in UK.

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