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Mon Nov 21 2011

Software: i2Speak: Smart IPA Keyboard

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        1.     Sciweavers Admin , i2Speak: Smart IPA Keyboard

Message 1: i2Speak: Smart IPA Keyboard
Date: 21-Nov-2011
From: Sciweavers Admin <>
Subject: i2Speak: Smart IPA Keyboard
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We would like to inform you that we have just released i2Speak, an onlineSmart IPA Keyboard that lets you quickly type IPA phonetics without theneed to memorize any symbol code.

For every Roman character you type, a popup menu displays a group ofphonetic symbols that share the same sound or shape beneath typed character.

Use arrow keys to select the proper symbol then hit the Enter button.

I2Speak also supports the following features:

1. The Sampa English Keyboard lets you type English phonetics using Romancharacters according to SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet)rules.

2. The IPA English Keyboard provides you with a full Englishphonetics keyboard. Press the symbol of interest using a suitable input device.

3. You can type directly on your physical keyboard or on the virtualon-screen keyboard using a suitable input device such as mouse or touchscreen device.

4. You can change the keyboard symbols by selecting another layout from thelist box located above the virtual keyboard.

5. For every keyboard layout, more symbols can be displayed bypressing the CAPS Lock.

6. When you hover the mouse over an English phonetic button, a slicktooltip will show some example English words.

7. You can save typed phonetics as an MS-Word file by clicking the Savebutton, copy them to clipboard using the Copy button, or post them toTwitter, Facebook, etc by clicking the desired button.

You can test the tool here:

i2Speak is a product by, an academic network for scientistand researchers.

Your feedback and/or feature requests are really appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Sciweavers Team

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