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Thu Apr 18 2019

Calls: Applied Linguistics, Translation, Lexicography, Language Acquisition / International Journal of Language, Translation and Intercultural Communication (Jrnl)

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Date: 18-Apr-2019
From: Theodoros Vyzas <>
Subject: Applied Linguistics, Translation, Lexicography, Language Acquisition / International Journal of Language, Translation and Intercultural Communication (Jrnl)
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Full Title: International Journal of Language, Translation and Intercultural Communication

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Lexicography; Translation

Call Deadline: 30-Sep-2019

Call for Papers:

Specialised lexicography in LSP teaching and learning:
from printed dictionaries to the digital era

Dictionaries, be they monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, general or specialised, are texts with a specific structure that serve a practical purpose: they support communication by covering the user's language needs either in the field of the general language or in scientific and technical fields.

Specialised dictionaries, either printed or digital, constitute undoubted attempts to standardise the specialised vocabulary of scientific or technical fields by providing information on the form, meaning and use of terms. Research has shown that such kind of standardisation is required in Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) teaching, as it is based on principles such as organised vocabulary presentation, selection criteria, emphasis on multi-word units, adequate definitions, use of examples without focusing restrictively on the specific vocabulary or blocking the vocabulary of related fields. The contribution of specialised dictionaries is obvious for the study of each field, but their creation must be based on selection and presentation criteria according to users' needs and their evaluation is imposed.

Hence, the thematic axes include but are not limited to the following:
- Typology of specialised dictionaries and their utilisation in LSP teaching
- Specialised lexicography and LSP teaching tertiary education curricula
- The role of the lexicographer in conjunction with the user's (teacher's or student's) profile
- Collection and processing of data for specialised dictionaries as a means of teaching languages for specific purposes
- The use of specialised dictionaries in self-learning LSP
- Management of cultural differences in bilingual and multilingual specialised dictionaries and its use in LSP teaching/learning
- Assessment criteria for specialised dictionaries in combination with their use in LSP teaching/learning
- Specialised lexicography and didactics of specialised translation
- LSP in teaching specialised interpreting

Important dates:
- Full paper submission deadline: 30 September 2019
- Decision and peer review: 15 November 2019
- Final publication decisions: 15 January 2020
- Expected publication date of the issue: 15 April 2020

Official languages of the journal: Greek, English

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