LINGUIST List 4.406

Sat 29 May 1993

Qs: Winograd/Greenbaum, Author search, Software, Modifiers

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  • Henry Kucera, E-mail inquiry
  • SEMPER, Author Search
  • Deborah Milam Berkley, Re: Wanted: software for educational/recreational text manipulation
  • Price Caldwell, Query: ordering modifiers

    Message 1: E-mail inquiry

    Date: Thu, 27 May 93 16:58:32 EDE-mail inquiry
    From: Henry Kucera <>
    Subject: E-mail inquiry

    I am looking, rather urgently, for the e-mail addresses of Terry Winograd and Sidney Greenbaum (London). Any help would be appreciated. Please send e-mail to or to HENRYBROWNVM.bitnet

    Many thanks in advance. Henry Kucera

    Message 2: Author Search

    Date: Wed, 26 May 1993 09:55:48 Author Search
    From: SEMPER <semperUMUC.bitnet>
    Subject: Author Search

    I am a silent subscriber to this list. I work at the University of Maryland University COllege as an Instructional designer. We are preparing to develop a course (200 level) on language and society. It will encompass some basic linguistics as well as some sociolinguistics. If anyone is interested in being the author or knows of someone who specializes in this area, please respond to me privately.

    Lauren Semper University of Maryland University College

    Thanks in advance.

    Message 3: Re: Wanted: software for educational/recreational text manipulation

    Date: Tue, 25 May 1993 14:57:34 Re: Wanted: software for educational/recreational text manipulation
    From: Deborah Milam Berkley <>
    Subject: Re: Wanted: software for educational/recreational text manipulation

    I'm looking for computer software for analysis and synthesis of text on Mac OS or MS DOS (or recompilable source). It should be affordable and simple enough for a student or teacher (K-12 or college) to use. Ideally it will produce an amusing or interesting result that will increase the user's appreciation of language, communication, and/or the connection of language to thought.

    With me, this is a hobby pursuit (As a Linguist, I make a good industrial Organic Chemist.) but it seems that such software would be useful in K-12 or later in teaching language principles and appreciation of language. While English is the only language in which I have significant skill, software specific to other languages is also welcome.

    I already have several shareware and freeware 'tools' of this sort and will be glad to share them with others. A few examples are:

    BABBLE (Korenthal, NYC, Shareware, MS DOS) Analyzes input text for word pairs and generates output text having about the same concentrations of the same pairs. A sentence inventor.

    TRAVESTY (freeware, MS DOS) analyzes input text for character string combinations (of length 2-9 specified at input) and generates output having about the same string frequencies. A 'word' inventor.

    NAMEGRAM (Rubenking, shareware, MS DOS) Accepts input character string, analyzes for 'contained' words (in it's 65,000 word dictionary), finds word combinations which are anagrams of the input string.

    DADAPOEM (freeware, Chachanashvili, MS DOS) Accepts parts of speech and phrase/sentence templates and 'randomly' generates new phrases and sentences

    Karma Manager (shareware, Mac OS) An anagram generator.

    I will collect and re-post informative replies.

    Forrest Richey

    Message 4: Query: ordering modifiers

    Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 01:54:42 Query: ordering modifiers
    From: Price Caldwell <tpc1Ra.MsState.Edu>
    Subject: Query: ordering modifiers

    I'm trying to remember who used the phrase, "our last large authorized class party" some 20 or 30 years ago to illustrate the problem of the order of modifiers in an NP. And can anyone tell me the status of that problem now? Has anyone provided a plausible explanation for the rules governing the order in which such modifiers may come? Is anybody that you know of still interested in it?

    Please post to me off-list and I will summarize later if there are responses. Thanks, Price Caldwell