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Mon 07 Mar 1994

FYI: Information on University of Arizona linguists

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  • Mike Hammond, info on arizona linguists

    Message 1: info on arizona linguists

    Date: Fri, 04 Mar 1994 07:38:11 info on arizona linguists
    From: Mike Hammond <>
    Subject: info on arizona linguists


    A couple of us were sitting around one day and thought it would be a nice resource for the world if U. of Arizona faculty and graduate students posted their interests and email addresses.

    In this way, if you're interested in some topic that one of us is interested in or there is some one among us that you'd like to contact, you'd be able to. This is different from the linguist nameserver and the LSA list in that i) we give some indication of our interests here and ii) this is not exclusively members of the LSA.

    It's our hope that this will spur other groups to provide similar info and that somebody will take it upon themselves to make all such things available.

    have fun,

    Mike Hammond & Amy Fountain


    Department of Linguistics University of Arizona department info:

    (This list is not exhaustive and people's interests are as they reported them.)



    Diana Archangeli, PhD MIT 1984, phonology and morphology, esp: feature theory, underspecification, interaction between phonetics & phonology, prosodic morphology, optimality theory. Email:

    Andrew Barss, PhD MIT 1986, syntax and semantics, esp: anaphora, scope, and movement; syntactic, semantic processing. Email:

    Paul Bloom, PhD MIT 1990, language acquisition, conceptual representation and development, the relationship between language and cognition. Email:

    Merrill Garrett, PhD Illinois 1965, psycholinguistics, esp: language production; aphasia. Email:

    Michael Hammond, PhD UCLA 1984, phonology, morphology, psycholinguistics, esp: prosody, stress, meter, syllables. Email:

    Robert M. Harnish, PhD MIT 1972, Specialization in pragmatics: the studyof language use in relation to language structure and context of utterance. Email:

    Jane H. Hill, PhD UCLA 1966. Sociolinguistics of Native American languages, discourse analysis, language and political economy. Email: OR

    Eloise Jelinek, PhD Arizona 1981, retired. Syntax; language typology and universals; case and argument structure; quantification; Native American languages. Email:

    Simin Karimi, PhD University of Washington 1989, syntax and semantics; esp: argument structure and specificity, scope and definiteness, structure of Iranian languages and German. Email:

    D. Terence Langendoen, PhD MIT 1964, Syntactic and semantic analysis; mathematical and computational linguistics; encoding of machine-readable texts; history of linguistics. Email:

    Janet Nicol, PhD MIT 1988, language processing (including sentence comprehension and production, speech segmentation, lexical access),language acquisition, neurolinguistics (aphasia, brain responses to language). Email:

    Richard T. Oehrle, PhD MIT 1976, grammatical theory & grammatical architecture; linguistics, logic, and computation; syntax, semantics, prosody. Email:

    Willem J. de Reuse, Courtesy Faculty, PhD UT-Austin 1988, anthropological and descriptive linguistics, historical linguistics, language contact; Native languages of the Americas, esp.: Siouan, Eskimo-Aleut, Athabaskan. Email:

    Susan Steele, PhD University of California, San Diego 1973, Research interests include morphological theory, information-based linguistic theories, American Indian languages (primarily Uto-Aztecan). Email:


    Yong-Hyung Cho, 3rd year, Ph.D. program in linguistics. Interested in Tone Pattern of KyungNam dialect of Korean. Email:

    Anna Ciszewska-Wilkens, 4th year, theoretical linguistics, esp: GB syntax and Slavic lgs. Email:

    Tom Craig, 2nd year, semantics, syntax, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics. Email: or

    Dirk Elzinga, 1st year. Phonology. Email:

    Amy Fountain, 2nd year, joint degree with Anthropology and Linguistics, Native American Languages. Email:

    Colleen Fitzgerald, 3rd year, phonology, Native American linguistics, esp: meter, morphosyntax and prosody. Email:

    Andrea Heiberg, 3rd year, phonology. Email:

    Sunghoon Hong, dissertator, PhD program in linguistics, phonology. phonology. Email:

    Hisako Ikawa, 3rd year, syntax. Email:

    Peg Lewis, 3rd year, syntax-prosody interface, processing, production models. Email:

    Jen-i Jelina Li, 3rd year, PhD program in linguistics. Email:

    Sue Lorenson, 3rd year, major in phonological theory and minor in experimental linguistics, Email:

    Diane Meador, dissertator, specializing in psycholinguistics and phonology, Email:

    Young-Gie Min, 3rd year, computational linguistics, esp. anaphora resolution. Email:

    Jan Mohammad, 3rd year, Ph.D program in linguistics. Syntax. Email:

    Melissa Niswonger, 1st year. Email:

    Diane Ohala, dissertator, phonological acquisition, Email:,

    Sachiko Ohno, 1st year. Email:

    Patricia Perez, dissertator, phonology & psycholinguistics, prosody & meter. Email:

    Chang-Kook Suh, dissertator, phonology, esp: rule interaction and optimization. Email:

    Keiichiro Suzuki, 2nd year, Email:

    Shensheng Zhu, 3rd year, major interests: syntax and semantics, Email:

    there are more....