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Wed 09 Mar 1994

FYI: Correction, Hansard corpus, OSU Working papers

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  • Jose Camacho, Correction in a previous submission ("New USC Linguistics
  • "Raf Salkie, University of Brighton, UK"RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK, More on French corpora
  • OSU Working Papers, Announcement

    Message 1: Correction in a previous submission ("New USC Linguistics

    Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 18:42:48 Correction in a previous submission ("New USC Linguistics
    From: Jose Camacho <>
    Subject: Correction in a previous submission ("New USC Linguistics

    GSIL Publications List Effective March 1, 1994

    Graduates Students in Linguistics (G.S.I.L.) Department of Linguistics University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-1693 U.S.A.

    Titles available: Dissertations:

    1 Authier, J-M. Syntax of unselective binding (1988) 2 Franco, J. On object agreement in Spanish (1993) 3 Heggie, L. Syntax of copular structures (1988) 4 Katada, F. The representation of anaphoric relations in logical form (1990) 5 Russell, K. A Constraint-based approach to phonology and morphology (1993)

    Available shortly:

    6. Roberts, I. The representation of implicit and dethematized subjects (1985) 7. Martinez-Gil, F. Topics in Spanish historical phonology: a non-linear approach (1990)

    For ordering information, please contact GSIL Publications (e-mail address:

    Message 2: More on French corpora

    Date: Tue, 8 Mar 94 13:20 GMT
    From: "Raf Salkie, University of Brighton, UK"RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK <RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
    Subject: More on French corpora

    Mark Liberman from the University of Pennsylvania has sent me the following request following the recent summary in the List:

    "Please do not encourage people to write to me about the Hansard corpus. We are planning to publish it on CD-ROM sometime this spring, and when we do so, it will be announced on the LINGUIST list as well as elsewhere. Meanwhile, every note I have to answer about this topic (about 20 in the past two weeks) just postpones the date of publication, by stealing time that I might otherwise spend on data preparation."

    Obviously the people working on the ACL initiative need HELP rather than endless requests for information. I'm happy to send them a tape of Dire Straits hits if that will cheer them up. Let's all be thoughtful here.

    Message 3: Announcement

    Date: Fri, 4 Mar 94 17:31:35 ESTAnnouncement
    From: OSU Working Papers <>
    Subject: Announcement

    A detailed catalog of the OSU Working Papers in Linguistics (OSUWPL) publication series is now available from the Listserv. The listing can be obtained from the Listserv by sending the message

    get osuwpl lst linguist

    to the address

    For more information send email to