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Wed 23 Mar 1994

Sum: Turkish

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  • Pierre Pica, Sum: Turkish

    Message 1: Sum: Turkish

    Date: Tue, 22 Mar 94 23:27:29 ESSum: Turkish
    From: Pierre Pica <>
    Subject: Sum: Turkish

    Some months ago, I send a query to Linguist concerning a research on the Turkish language in the US and abroad. Many people answered by e-mail of snail mail.

    Thanks to (among others) :

    V. Akman (Ankara), P. Avery & H. Vukseker (Toronto), K. Belnap (Brigham Young University), W. Browne (Cornell), M. Enc (Wisconsin), M. Everson (Dublin), J. Hankamer (UCSC), R. Hoberman (Stony Brook), B. Hoffman (UPenn), K. Joly ( Cuny), M. Kac (Cuny), J. Kayes (London), J. Kornfilt (Syracuse), M. Kural (UCLA), V. Lindblad (Washington), K. Oflazer (Ankara), S. Ozel (Indiana), M. Pinto (Utrecht), B. Schwartz (Durham), E. Sezer (UPenn), B. Spooner (UPenn), W. Van der Donk (Leiden)

    This led me to compile a bibliography of 110 entries (still to be completed) that I have send to the Linguist list to be put in the Linguist archive.

    Other useful information could be :

    -- there are summer school held every year in the US (this year in Michigan University) and in Turkey (although I do not know where) at this point : a contact point might be ozsoystrboun.bitnet

    -- there is a congress on Turkish linguistics held every year in a different place (I do not know where it is going to take place this year) : proceedings are published as mentionned in the bibliography send to the Linguist archive

    -- there is a linguistic discussion on Turkish : which can also be useful.

    -- there is a Newsletter which give relevant information called TULIP, published on a regular basis (contact for the US: J. Kornfilt)

    -- I just happen to receive a general article by J. Kornfilt which appeared in Turkish Linguistics Today (H. Boeschoten & L. Verhoeven (eds), E. J. Brill, Leiden, New York & Copenhagen, 1991) which contains some references not yet included in my bibliography.

    -- Elgin Sezer is curently writing a comprehensive grammar of Turkish within the GB framework.

    Please do not hesitate to mention any omission in the bibliography I compiled for the list, or to send me any further information that you might think could be relevant.


    Pierre Pica

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