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Fri 25 Mar 1994

Books: Ling Theory, Formal and Computational Ling

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  • I, Ling Theory, Formal and Computational Ling

    Message 1: Ling Theory, Formal and Computational Ling

    Date: Fri 25 Mar 1994
    From: I <>
    Subject: Ling Theory, Formal and Computational Ling


    Banreti Zoltan, ed.: PAPERS IN THE THEORY OF GRAMMAR. Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Budapest 1994. x, 289 pp. US $ 5 (incl. postage). ISBN 963 8461 71 3. Distributed by the editor (

    This book is a collection of papers on syntax and modeltheoretic semantics. The list of authors includes M. Brody, K. E.Kiss, L. Kalman, among others. Several of the papers address the issue of modularity in the theory of grammar; other papers focus on problems concerning the syntax--semantics interface, e.g. thematic roles, or the contribution of NPs and topic--comment structure to sentence aspect. Argumentation is based extensively on data from Hungarian.


    Walter J. Savitch & Emmon Bach: THE FORMAL COMPLEXITY OF NATURAL LANGUAGE. This is a paperback reprint which comprises research papers on the formal (mathematical) structure of natural language. In addition to older classic papers, the collection includes papers on such current topics as GPSG and modern categorial grammar. Although it addresses a number of mathematical questions and even includes some formal mathematics, the book is accessible to all linguists, even if they have only limited formal training in mathematics. Most of the papers deal with questions about the fit between formal theories of syntax and the empirical data on natural language. 472 pp. 1-55608-047-6. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Email vander

    Edward L. Keenan & Leonard M. Faltz: BOOLEAN SEMANTICS FOR NATURAL LANGUAGE. This is a paperback reprint. 400 pp. 90-277-1842-3. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Email vander

    Taisuke Nishigauchi: QUANTIFICATION IN THE THEORY OF GRAMMAR. In this paperback reprint Taisuke Nishigauchi presents a theoretically-oriented discussion of various issues in the syntax and logical structure of natural language. The primary data on which theoretical claims are made are drawn from Japanese-type languages. It also contains a discussion of related phenomena in English. The first part of the book treats the nature of the locality principle and is written in a relatively non-technical format. The second part looks at the problem of the quantificational force of WH-phrases. 256 pp. 0-7923-0644-9. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Email vander


    MATHEMATICS OF LANGUAGE: Special Issue of "Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence". (Edited by W. Zadrozny et al.), Volume 8, 1993 is now available from the publisher. Table of content: (1) A. Manaster-Ramer, Introduction to Mathematics of Language; (2) W.J. Savitch, Why it might pay to assume that languages are infinite; (3) S. Zeitman, Somewhat finite approaches to infinite sentences; (4) M.P. Singh, A semantics for speech acts; (5) N. Correa, Attribute & unification grammar: A review and analysis; (6) J. Nerbonne, A feature based syntax/semantics interface; (7) D.E. Johnson and L.Moss, Some formal properties of stratified feature grammars; (8) M. A. Moshier, On completeness theorems for feature logics. Price: Sfr.148.25/US$ 106.00 To order: In the US: J.C. Baltzer AG, Science Publishers, P.O. Box 8577, Red Bank, NJ 07701-8577. (email: publish at All other countries: J.C. Baltzer AG, Science Publishers, Wettsteinplatz 10, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland. (email: publish at


    COMPUTATIONAL MORPHOLOGY : Morphological Analysis and Generation, Lemmatization : BIBLIOGRAPHY, by Conrad F. SABOURIN 1994, 492p, ISBN=2-921173-01-8 prepaid US$ 80 INFOLINGUA inc., P.O. Box 187 Snowdon, Montreal, Canada, H3X 3T4

    Number of references : Total = 2350, morphological analysis = 1300, morphological generation = 290, lemmatization = 260, etc.