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Thu Jun 4 1998

Confs: SCIL 10

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  • SCIL 10, Confs: SCIL 10 - Linguistics in Cognitive Science

    Message 1: Confs: SCIL 10 - Linguistics in Cognitive Science

    Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 14:36:59 -0500 (CDT)
    From: SCIL 10 <>
    Subject: Confs: SCIL 10 - Linguistics in Cognitive Science

    SCIL-10 June 6 & 7 Northwestern University Annenberg Hall

    10th ANNUAL STUDENT CONFERENCE IN LINGUISTICS "Linguistics in Cognitive Science"

    June 6 and 7, Annenberg Hall, Northwestern University.

    Registration Information at Send questions to


    Saturday, June 6

    SEMANTICS SESSION SAT 9:00 Jya-Lin Hwang University of Hawaii, Manoa On Chinese Resultative Verb Compounds: A Lexical Subordination Approach

    SAT 9:30 Anna Goy Universita' di Torino (Italy) Lexical Semantics of Emotional Adjectives

    SAT 10:00 Masaaki Fuji Rutgers University A Stage-Level E-type Pronoun in Japanese

    - ------Break

    SYNTAX SESSION A SAT 11.00 Keiko Murumatsu University of Maryland The Count/Mass Distinction and the Ordering of Adjectives

    SAT 11:30 Kleanthes K. Grohmann University of Maryland Syntactic Inquiries into Discourse Restrictions on Multiple Interrogatives

    SAT 12:00 Ralph C. Blight University of Texas at Austin VP Ellipsis, Predicate Fronting, and Verb Positions in English

    - ------Lunch Break

    PSYCHOLINGUISTICS SESSION SAT 2:00 Barbara J. Luka University of Chicago Judgment Fatigue: When Metacognition and Linguistic Data Crash and Burn

    SAT 2:30 Julie Hilliard University of Kansas The Perception of Lexical Stress in Auditory Word Recognition

    SAT 3:00 John Grinstead UCLA Jeffrey MacSwan UCLA Susan Curtis UCLA Rochel Gelman UCLA The Independence of Language and Number

    SAT 3:30 Aida Martinovic-Zic University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Jelena Jovanovic University of California at Berkeley Conceptualization of Motion and Language-Specific Constraints in First Language Acquisition

    - -----Break

    SAT 4:30-6:00 Keynote Address Lila Gleitman University of Pennsylvania More surprises about word learning: The Human Simulation Paradigm

    - ------Dinner Break

    SAT 8:00 SCIL Party Omni Orrington Hotel (until midnight)

    Sunday, June 7

    SYNTAX SESSION B SUN 9:00 Masao Ochi University of Connecticut Multiple Spell-Out, PF merger and adjunction

    SUN 9:30 Satoshi Oku University of Connecticut English Genitive "Pronouns" as Isomorphs of Anaphor and Pronominal

    SUN 10:00 Mika Kizu McGill University Resumptive A'-Dependencies in Cleft Constructions

    - ----break

    LANGUAGE ACQUISITION AND DISCOURSE ANALYSIS SESSION SUN 11:00 Vaijayanthi Sarma MIT Acquisition of Condition A and Agreement: The developmental syntax of Tamil

    SUN 11:30 Hikyoung Lee University of Pennsylvania The Production and Perception of Discourse Marker Use in Korean Americans

    SUN 12:00 Laurel Stvan Northwestern University How about it? The influence of Accent and Context in Determining Discourse Function

    - ---lunch break

    PHONOLOGY SESSION SUN 2:00 Caroline Jones University of Massachusetts, Amherst Licit vs. illicit responses in Meinhof's Rule phenomena

    SUN 2:30 Walcir Cardoso McGill University Resolving Hiatus in Picard: An Optimality Account

    SUN 3:00 Tao-yuan Li University of Minnesota Effects of Phonetic Duration and Phonological Complexity on Short-term Memory