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Personal Directory Information

Name: Arif  Hakim (IPA: arif hakim)
Institution: University of Dhaka
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Bangladesh   
Linguistic Field(s): Neurolinguistics
Subject Language(s): Bengali
Language Family(ies): Indo-European
Selected Publications: Research books

Arif, H. 2010. Brain and reading process. Saarbrücken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Arif, H. 1998. śik ākrame bhā ā o sāhitya[Language and Literature in the Curriculum]. Dhaka: Sāhitya-khyāti Prakāshani
Arif, H. 1997. najrul śabdapa ji [Lexicon of Nazrul’s words].Dhaka: Nazrul Institute

Peer-reviewed journal

Arif, H. 2009. FOXP 2: A gene for language and speech. Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics, Vol 2, No 3, 173-184
Arif, H. & Ara, G. 2008. An Overview of the nature and history of Linguistics—the Science of Language. The Dhaka University Studies, vol. 64, no. 1, 45-62
Arif, H. & Bol, G. W. 2008.Counting MLU in morphemes and MLU in words in a normally developing child and child with a language disorder: A comparative study. The Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics, vol.1, no.1, 167-182
Arif, H. & Sultana, R.2007. Self-correction: a possible answer to misspellings in English. Journal of Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka
Arif, H. 2004. Woman’s body as a color measuring text: A signification of Bengali culture. Semiotica, Volume 2004, Issue150 (1/4): pages 579-595 Published online: 01/23/2006 (
Arif, H. 2001. Rhetorical simile of poet Jibonanonda Das. sāhitya patrika, 44 (1): 21-30
Arif, H. 2000. Counter-colonial thinking in Nazrul’s essays. Bengali Journal of the Asiatic Society, 18: 1-9
Arif, H. 1999. Word formation techniques of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. sāhitya patrika, 42(1): 287-302
Arif, H. 1998. Nazrul’s thought on education. Bengali Journal of Nazrul Institute, 19: 150-157
Arif, H. 1998. Nazrul’s thought on Hindu-Muslim communal amity of colonial India. Bengali Journal of Nazrul Institute, 20: 95-103
Arif, H. 1997. Introduction to Computational Linguistics. sāhitya patrika, 40 (3): 193-204
Arif, H. & Ara, Gulshan (In press).Gesture: A Psycholinguistic consideration Bengali Journal of Faculty of Arts, University of Dhaka

Invited book chapters

Arif, H. 2010. Religio-cultural perspective and left hand taboo: A description of controlled hand gestures produced by Bengali speaking people. In Fricke, Ellen & Voss, Maarten (eds.) 68 Signs Roland Posner A Semiotic Mosaic. Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag
Arif, H. 2004. Text and structure of Mahboob Hasan: Semiotic treatment of a poet’s work. pp. 111-122 In Abid Azad and Jafrul Ahasan, (eds)., Mahboob Hasan: jiban o kabitā. Dhaka: Ayan prakaśan


Arif, H. 2006. A discussion on the article ‘Generalised improvement in speech production for subject with reproduction conduction aphasia’ (literature review). Archive No.:V132491 . ISBN (E-book):978-3-640-38609-3. Pages: 9. Grade: A. Munich, Germany. (
Courses Taught: Clinical Linguistics, Semiotics, Pragmatics, Language and Culture
Dissertation Abstract: Bengali Everyday Emblematic (BEE) Hand Gestures as Communication Acts: A pragmatic approach

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