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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dorothy Kenny (Editor)
Machine translation for everyone: Empowering users in the age of artificial intelligence
Hilde Gunnink
A grammar of Fwe
Míša Hejná
A history of English
Steven Franks
Microvariation in the South Slavic Noun Phrase
Jongbong Lee (Editor)
International Students' Multilingual Literacy Practices : An Asset-based Approach to Understanding Academic Discourse Socialization
Leya Mathew
English Linguistic Imperialism from Below : Moral Aspiration and Social Mobility
Patricia Amaral
Noun-Based Constructions in the History of Portuguese and Spanish
Björn Wiemer (Editor)
Evidential Marking in European Languages : Toward a Unitary Comparative Account
Robert Johnson
Medical English as a Lingua Franca
Judith Purkarthofer (Editor)
Speaking Subjects in Multilingualism Research : Biographical and Speaker-centred Approaches
Anne Kjaer (Editor)
Language and Legal Interpretation in International Law
Jeff MacSwan (Editor)
Multilingual Perspectives on Translanguaging
Rashi Jain (Editor)
Transnational Research in English Language Teaching : Critical Practices and Identities
Marie Klopfenstein
The Phonetics of Dysarthria : Studies in Production and Perception
Andrew Moffat
Second Language Use Online and its Integration in Formal Language Learning : From Chatroom to Classroom
Ana Deumert (Editor)
Struggles for Multilingualism and Linguistic Citizenship
Shannon Hilliker (Editor)
Second Language Teaching and Learning through Virtual Exchange
Sandra Birzer (Editor)
Diachronic Slavonic Syntax : Traces of Latin, Greek and Church Slavonic in Slavonic Syntax
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (Editor)
Prosodic Theory and Practice
Paul M. Noorlander
Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq : A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 1
Geoffrey Khan
Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq : A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 2
Jennifer Martyn
Discourses, Identities and Investment in Foreign Language Learning
Shigeru Miyagawa
Syntax in the Treetops
Elaine Francis
Gradient Acceptability and Linguistic Theory
Ian Roberts
Diachronic Syntax, Second Edition
Alexandra Aikhenvald
Serial Verbs
Carmen Konzett-Firth (Editor)
Mündlichkeit im Französischunterricht: Multiperspektivische Zugänge/ L'oralité dans l'enseignement du français: Perspectives multiples
André Thibault
Le français au Québec et en Amérique du Nord : L'essentiel français
Sam Wolfe
Syntactic Change in French
Sinfree Makoni (Editor)
Decolonial Voices, Language and Race
Bianca Basciano
Chinese Linguistics : An Introduction
R.M.W. Dixon (Editor)
The Integration of Language and Society : A Cross-Linguistic Typology
Robert Poole
Corpus-Assisted Ecolinguistics
Hill Harriet
Traduire la Bible : Comment s’y prendre ?
Anna Krulatz (Editor)
Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Teaching Foreign Languages in Multilingual Settings : Pedagogical Implications
Kathleen Plötner (Editor)
Rekonstruktion und Erneuerung : Die neue Lehrwerkgeneration als Spiegel fremdsprachendidaktischer Entwicklungen
Ruth Trüb
An Empirical Study of EFL Writing at Primary School
Charles Fennig (Editor)
Ethnologue: Languages of the Americas and the Pacific
Ken Decker
Understanding Language Choices: A Guide to Sociolinguistic Assessment
Saraswathi Venugopal
Tamil Verbal and Nonverbal Folklore
Nick Evans
Words of Wonder : Endangered Languages and What They Tell Us, 2nd Edition
David Eberhard (Editor)
Ethnologue: Languages of Asia
Gary Simons (Editor)
Ethnologue: Languages of Africa and Europe
Le Ha Phan
International TESOL Teachers in a Multi-Englishes Community : Mobility, On-the-Ground Realities and the Limits of Negotiability
Lidia Rura
Introduction to Healthcare for Russian-speaking Interpreters and Translators
Doreen Bryant
Performative Zugänge zu Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DaZ) : Ein Lehr- und Praxisbuch
Shuang Gao
Aspiring to be Global : Language and Social Change in a Tourism Village in China
Liudmila Klimanova (Editor)
Identity, Multilingualism and CALL : Responding to New Global Realities
M. Paul Lewis
Sustaining Language Use: Perspectives on Community-Based Language Development
Ritva Laury (Editor)
Intersubjectivity in Action : Studies in language and social interaction
Adrian Blackledge
Ode to the City – An Ethnographic Drama
Hazel Price
The Language of Mental Illness : Corpus Linguistics and the Construction of Mental Illness in the Press
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Steen Bille Jørgensen (Editor)
Landscapes of Realism : Rethinking literary realism in comparative perspectives. Volume II: Pathways through realism
Thomas Hoffmann (Editor)
World Englishes and Creole Languages Today : Vol. II: The Bobdian Thinking and Beyond
Maryam Almohammad (Editor)
Creating Welcoming Learning Environments : Using Creative Arts Methods in Language Classrooms
Hans-Georg Wolf (Editor)
World Englishes and Creole Languages Today : Vol. I: The Schneiderian Thinking and Beyond
Katherine Barnwell
Teacher's Manual to accompany Bible Translation: An Introductory Course in Translation Principles, Fourth Edition
Julia Schlüter (Editor)
Data and Methods in Corpus Linguistics : Comparative Approaches
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
John T. Jensen
The Lexical and Metrical Phonology of English : The Legacy of the Sound Pattern of English
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Marina Militaru (Editor)
Synergies in Communication Conference Proceedings : Proceedings 2011-2021
Harriet Hill
Bible Translation Basics: Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way
Katherine Barnwell
Bible Translation: An Introductory Course in Translation Principles, Fourth Edition
Steven Schoonjans
Schwierige Wörtchen leicht übersetzt! : Modalpartikeln und sinnverwandte Ausdrücke im Deutschen, Englischen, Niederländischen und Französischen
Ora Matushansky (Editor)
Building on Babel's rubble
Lal Rapacha
Kiranti-Kõits Grammar, Texts and Lexicon
Margrit V. Zinggeler
GRIMMATIK : German Grammar through the Magic of the Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales
Lars Borin
Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Kanashi
Yasar Kirgiz
Mehrsprachigkeit im Kontext des Kurmancî-Kurdischen und des Deutschen : Eine Fallstudie aus einer kurdisch-deutschen Kindertagesstätte
Sonja Poulsen
Collocations as a Language Resource : A functional and cognitive study in English phraseology
Eline Visser
A grammar of Kalamang
Lisa Jansen
English Rock and Pop Performances : A sociolinguistic investigation of British and American language perceptions and attitudes
Erika Just
A functional approach to differential indexing : Combining perspectives from typology and corpus linguistics
Ives Goddard (Translator)
The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman : A New Edition and Translation
Guillermo Lorenzo (Editor)
Sound, Syntax and Contact in the Languages of Asturias
Bingjun Yang
Non-Finiteness : A Process-Relation Perspective
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Elisa Gironzetti
The Multimodal Performance of Conversational Humor
Marco Condorelli
Standardising English Spelling : The Role of Printing in Sixteenth and Seventeenth-century Graphemic Developments
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Ali Alzayid
Arabic Dislocation
Elizabeth Traugott
Discourse Structuring Markers in English : A historical constructionalist perspective on pragmatics