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On the Offensive

By Karen Stollznow

On the Offensive " This book sheds light on the derogatory phrases, insults, slurs, stereotypes, tropes and more that make up linguistic discrimination. Each chapter addresses a different area of prejudice: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexuality; religion; health and disability; physical appearance; and age."

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Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Editor)
Women in the History of Linguistics
Silvia Canto Gutiérrez
Integrating intercultural telecollaboration in foreign language learning programmes : The case of video communication and virtual worlds
Marloes Oomen
Iconicity as a mediator between verb semantics and morphosyntactic structure : A corpus-based study on verbs in German Sign Language
Magali Paquot (Editor)
Learner Corpus Research Meets Second Language Acquisition
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito (Editor)
Introducing Linguistics : Theoretical and Applied Approaches
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Ratree Wayland (Editor)
Second Language Speech Learning : Theoretical and Empirical Progress
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Stephen Pihlaja
Talk about Faith : How Debate and Conversation Shape Belief
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Bożena Rozwadowska (Editor)
Beyond Emotions in Language : Psychological verbs at the interfaces
Hernán Labbé Grunberg
Storage and processing of Dutch morphological information : Early electrophysiological responses to lexical, morphological and syntactic information
Evandro Landulfo Teixeira Paradela Cunha
Contributions to the Computational Processing of Diachronic Linguistic Corpora
Sandro Sessarego (Editor)
Aspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology : In honor of Terrell A. Morgan
Brechje van Osch
Vulnerability in heritage speakers of Spanish in the Netherlands : An interplay between language-internal and language-external factors
Allison Burkette (Editor)
Crossing Borders, Making Connections : Interdisciplinarity in Linguistics
Hansun Waring
Micro-Reflection on Classroom Communication : A FAB Framework
Anastasiia Ionova
The unbearable lightness of clitics
Elton Prifti (Editor)
Fachbewusstsein der Romanistik : Romanistisches Kolloquium XXXII
Naomi Kurata (Editor)
Social Networks in Language Learning and Language Teaching
Ute Bohnacker (Editor)
Developing Narrative Comprehension : Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives
Gabriele Dürbeck (Editor)
Deutschsprachiges Nature Writing von Goethe bis zur Gegenwart : Kontroversen, Positionen, Perspektiven
Malgorzata Paprota
Constructing the Welfare State in the British Press : Boundaries and Metaphors in Political Discourse
Jorge Vega Vilanova
Past Participle Agreement : A study on the grammaticalization of formal features
Ronny Boogaart (Editor)
The Language of Argumentation
Nélia Alexandre (Editor)
Multilingualism and third language acquisition : Learning and teaching trends
Véronique Verhagen
Illuminating variation : Individual differences in entrenchment of multi-word units 
B.A.S.S. Meier-Lorente-Muth-Duchêne (Editor)
Figures of Interpretation
Robert Mailhammer
English on Croker Island : The Synchronic and Diachronic Dynamics of Contact and Variation
Hiram Maxim (Editor)
Language Teaching in the Linguistic Landscape : Mobilizing Pedagogy in Public Space
Mario Bisiada (Editor)
Empirical studies in translation and discourse
Anne Storch (Editor)
Colonial and Decolonial Linguistics : Knowledges and Epistemes
Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Sound and Meaning in East Cushitic Languages : Dhaasanac, Burji, Rendille, Somali, and Afar
Rui Chaves
Unbounded Dependency Constructions : Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives
María del Pilar García Mayo (Editor)
Working Collaboratively in Second/Foreign Language Learning
Rieko Nishida (Editor)
The Psychological Experience of Integrating Content and Language
Alla Tovares (Editor)
Identity and Ideology in Digital Food Discourse : Social Media Interactions Across Cultural Contexts
Rosalinde Stadt
The Influence of Dutch (L1) and English (L2) on Third Language Learning: the Effects of Education, Development and Language Combinations
Zohreh R. Eslami (Editor)
Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise across Social Media : New contexts and new insights
Amy Thompson
The Role of Context in Language Teachers’ Self Development and Motivation : Perspectives from Multilingual Settings
Diana Roig-Sanz (Editor)
Literary Translation in Periodicals : Methodological challenges for a transnational approach
Barry Reynolds (Editor)
Innovative Approaches in Teaching English Writing to Chinese Speakers
Anke Lenzing
The Production-Comprehension Interface in Second Language Acquisition : An Integrated Encoding-Decoding Model
Kaori Hata (Editor)
Bonding through Context : Language and interactional alignment in Japanese situated discourse
Shobhana Chelliah
Why Language Documentation Matters
Martin Woesler (Editor)
Diverse Voices in Chinese Translation and Interpreting : Theory and Practice
Claudio Paolucci
Cognitive Semiotics : Integrating Signs, Minds, Meaning and Cognition
Alessandro Capone (Editor)
Inquiries in Philosophical Pragmatics : Theoretical Developments
Ellen Smith-Dennis
A Grammar of Papapana : An Oceanic Language of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
Leslie Piggott
First Meaning Then Form : A Longitudinal Study on the Effects of Delaying and Reducing Form-focused Instruction for Young Adolescent EFL Learners
Corinne Seals (Editor)
Linguistic Landscapes Beyond the Language Classroom
Fernando Rubio-Alcalá (Editor)
Developing and Evaluating Quality Bilingual Practices in Higher Education
Zane Goebel (Editor)
Reimagining Rapport
Carl Blyth (Editor)
Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching : The Rise of a New Knowledge Ecology
Sanne Berends
Acquiring Dutch quantitative ER
Helen Spencer-Oatey
Intercultural Politeness : Managing Relations across Cultures
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Jim O’Driscoll
Offensive Language : Taboo, Offence and Social Control
Valerie Hobbs
An Introduction to Religious Language : Exploring Theolinguistics in Contemporary Contexts
Fangfang Li (Editor)
Child Bilingualism and Second Language Learning : Multidisciplinary perspectives
Friederike Moltmann (Editor)
Mass and Count in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science
Virginia Beavon-Ham
Tone in Saxwe
Csaba Földes (Editor)
Kontaktvarietäten des Deutschen im Ausland
Joel Bloch
Creating Digital Literacy Spaces for Multilingual Writers
Jeanette Toth (Editor)
English-Medium Instruction and Translanguaging
Nicola Halenko
Teaching Pragmatics and Instructed Second Language Learning : Study Abroad and Technology-Enhanced Teaching
Chloe Harrison (Editor)
New Directions in Cognitive Grammar and Style
Lucy Thomason (Editor)
Webs of Relationships and Words from Long Ago : A Festschrift Presented to Ives Goddard on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday
Eva Lindgren (Editor)
Multilingual Literacy
Martin Howard (Editor)
Study Abroad and the Second Language Learner : Expectations, Experiences and Development
Jieun Kiaer
Pragmatic Particles : Findings from Asian Languages
Michaela Sambanis
Sprachen lernen in der Pubertät : 2., überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage
Amina Kropp
Latein für Romanist*innen – Ergänzungsmaterialien für Lernende und Lehrende : Texte, Übungen, Wortschatz. Unter Mitarbeit von Wolfgang Reumuth
George Jacobs
Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching, 2nd edition
Karin Pittner
Deutsche Syntax : Ein Arbeitsbuch
Rochelle Lieber (Editor)
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology : 3-volume set
Raf Van Rooy
Language or Dialect? : The History of a Conceptual Pair
Anna Mauranen (Editor)
Language Change : The Impact of English as a Lingua Franca
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Simon Roessig
Categoriality and continuity in prosodic prominence
Clare Wright
Second Language Speech Fluency : From Research to Practice
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Tim Seuchter
Action-Related Representations : An Action-Based Approach to Grounded Cognition
Anja Steinlein
English in Elementary Schools : Research and Implications on Minority and Majority Language Children’s Reading and Writing Skills in Regular and Bilingual Programs
Changpeng Huan
Multimodal News Analysis across Cultures
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Syuzan Sachliyan
Nominale Determination im Bulgarischen und Mazedonischen
Caroline R. Wiltshire
Uniformity and Variability in the Indian English Accent
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Simon Garrod
Understanding Dialogue : Language Use and Social Interaction
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Robin Riner
Confronting the Death Penalty : How Language Influences Jurors in Capital Cases
Christian Efing
Semantik für Lehrkräfte : Linguistische Grundlagen und didaktische Impulse
Zoe Gavriilidou (Editor)
Situating Language Learning Strategy Use : Present Issues and Future Trends
Bastian Persohn
The Verb in Nyakyusa : A focus on tense, aspect, and modality (Second edition)
András Bárány (Editor)
Syntactic architecture and its consequences II : Between syntax and morphology
Natsuko Nakagawa
Information structure in spoken Japanese : Particles, word order, and intonation
Jesse Egbert
Doing Linguistics with a Corpus : Methodological Considerations for the Everyday User
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Tobias Bernaisch (Editor)
Gender in World Englishes
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Arthur Ungnad
Babylonisch-assyrische Grammatik : Mit Übungsbuch (in Transskription)
Ofelia Garcia (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society
Ivano Caponigro (Editor)
Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican Languages
Eowyn Crisfield
Bilingual Families : A Practical Language Planning Guide
Meng Ji (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of Translation and Social Practices
Li Jiang
Nominal Arguments and Language Variation
Bronwyn Bjorkman (Editor)
Contrast and Representations in Syntax
Adolf Storch
Vokalharmonie im Rumänischen
Jean-Michel Fortis (Editor)
Historical journey in a linguistic archipelago : Descriptive concepts and case studies
Patrick Duffley
Linguistic Meaning Meets Linguistic Form
Bas Aarts (Editor)
The Handbook of English Linguistics, 2nd Edition
Chrysostomus Strömer
Die Sprache der Mundurukú : Wörterbuch, Grammatik und Texte eines Indianeridioms am Oberen Tapajoz, Amazonasgebiet
Erin Shay (Editor)
The Afroasiatic Languages
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
F. Lorentz
Kaschubische Grammatik
Richard Janda (Editor)
The Handbook of Historical Linguistics, Volume II
Chris Collins (Editor)
Smuggling in Syntax
Patrick Hogan
Style in Narrative : Aspects of an Affective-Cognitive Stylistics
Tadeusz Lehr
Ze studjów nad akcentem słowiańskim
Theodor Gartner
Darstellung der rumänischen Sprache
Erich Berneker
Russische Grammatik
Lars Schmelter (Editor)
Affektiv-emotionale Dimensionen beim Lehren und Lernen von Fremd- und Zweitsprachen : Arbeitspapiere der 40. Frühjahrskonferenz zur Erforschung des Fremdsprachenunterrichts
Raymond Hickey (Editor)
The Handbook of Language Contact, 2nd Edition
Mohammad Pilehvar
Embeddings in Natural Language Processing : Theory and Advances in Vector Representations of Meaning
Maria Polinsky
The Oxford Handbook of Languages of the Caucasus
Mary Beth Raycraft
Affaires globales : S'engager dans la vie professionnelle en français, niveau avancé
Phil Hiver (Editor)
Student Engagement in the Language Classroom
Paul Fonkoua (Editor)
La chanson camerounaise : Langue(s) et style(s)
Laurent Gajo
The Multilingual Challenge for the Construction and Transmission of Scientific Knowledge
Marianna Bolognesi
Where Words Get their Meaning : Cognitive processing and distributional modelling of word meaning in first and second language
Rosa Manchón (Editor)
Writing and Language Learning : Advancing research agendas
Tariq Khan (Editor)
Indradhanush of Ideas in Language, Literature and Translation : Papers in Honour of Prof. Panchanan Mohanty
Armin Bachmann
Atlas der deutschen Mundarten in Tschechien : Band I: Einführung
Murray Munro
Applying Phonetics : Speech Science in Everyday Life
Amelia Tseng (Editor)
Bilingualism for All? : Raciolinguistic Perspectives on Dual Language Education in the United States
Christian Jones (Editor)
Practice in Second Language Learning
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Ana Line Martínez Sixto
Las lenguas y los sentidos : La construcción del sonido en cuatro lenguas: miˀphaa, wixárika, alemán y castellano
Vladimir Ćorović
Serbokroatische Grammatik und Lesebuch mit Glossar
Birte Bös (Editor)
The Dynamics of Text and Framing Phenomena : Historical approaches to paratext and metadiscourse in English
Dany Adone
Papua New Guinea Sign Language Dictionary. Vol. I.
Tariq Khan (Editor)
Alternative Horizons in Linguistics : A Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Panchanan Mohanty
Karen Corrigan
Linguistic Communities and Migratory Processes
Donato Santeramo
Semiotics : The Science of Signs
Wilhelm Printz (Translator)
Einführung in die vergleichende Grammatik der indogermanischen Sprachen
Fatih Bayram (Editor)
Studies in Turkish as a Heritage Language
Julia Kuhn (Editor)
Romanistik und Wirtschaft : Romanistisches Kolloquium XXXIII
Andy Kirkpatrick (Editor)
The Handbook of Asian Englishes
Tom Roeper (Editor)
Recursion across Domains
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Peter Berger (Editor)
Godroads : Modalities of Conversion in India
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Luciano Canepari
Sanskrit Pronunciation & Accents : Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Stefano Rastelli
The acquisition of aspect in a second language
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Alfredo García-Pardo
Stative Inquiries : Causes, results, experiences, and locations
Bettina Eiber
Wikipedia und der Wandel der Enzyklopädiesprache : Ein französisch-italienischer Vergleich
Lyle Campbell
Historical Linguistics (Fourth Edition) : An Introduction
Kadima Mbatwamba
Dictionnaire étymologique des noms propres des Baluba du Kasaayi
Luciano Canepari
Ancient Greek Pronunciation & ‘Modern’ Accents : Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Lorena Pérez-Hernández
Speech Acts in English : From Research to Instruction and Textbook Development
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Mihaela Marchis Moreno
Relational Adjectives in Romance and English : Mismatches at Interfaces
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Pascal Hohaus (Editor)
Re-Assessing Modalising Expressions : Categories, co-text, and context
Luciano Canepari
Galician Pronunciation & Accents : Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
H. Hübschmann
Etymologie und Lautlehre der Ossetischen Sprache
Wallace Chafe
Thought-based Linguistics : How Languages Turn Thoughts into Sounds
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Lionel Wee
The Singlish Controversy : Language, Culture and Identity in a Globalizing World
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Roger Sell
Literary Communication as Dialogue : Responsibilities and pleasures in post-postmodern times. Selected papers 2003-2020
Antonio Fábregas
Morphologically Derived Adjectives in Spanish
Warren Maguire
Language and Dialect Contact in Ireland : The Phonological Origins of Mid-Ulster English
Somasekhara Kancherla
Deriving Anaphoric Relations in Telugu and English : a Parametric Approach
Susanne Kabatnik
Leistungen von Funktionsverbgefügen im Text : Eine korpusbasierte quantitativ-qualitative Untersuchung am Beispiel des Deutschen und des Polnischen
Jan-Ola Östman (Editor)
Handbook of Pragmatics : 23rd Annual Installment
Michael Byram
Teaching and Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence : Revisited
Elisabeth Barakos
Language Policy in Business : Discourse, ideology and practice
Joann Gavins
Poetry in the Mind : The Cognition of Contemporary Poetic Style
David Shaul
Salinan and English Lexicon
Bartolomeo Porcheddu
Il latino è la lingua dei sardi : Su latinu est limba de sos Sardos. Latinum lingua sardorum est
Konstanze Marx (Editor)
Weihnachtslinguistik : Festliche Texte über Sprache
Laura Sánchez (Editor)
Third language acquisition : Age, proficiency and multilingualism
Gunther Kaltenböck (Editor)
Grammar and Cognition : Dualistic models of language structure and language processing
Warren Maguire (Editor)
Dialect Writing and the North of England
Deo Ngonyani
Chinyanja of Tanzania : A Grammatical Sketch
Daria Dayter (Editor)
Corpus Approaches to Social Media
David Lightfoot
Born to Parse : How Children Select Their Languages
Otto Dempwolff
Die Sandawe : Linguistisches und ethnographisches Material aus Deutsch-Ostafrika
Barbara Lust (Editor)
Development of Linguistic Linked Open Data Resources for Collaborative Data-Intensive Research in the Language Sciences
Kamil Deen
Language Acquisition and Development : A Generative Introduction
Lilo Moessner
The History of the Present English Subjunctive : A Corpus-based Study of Mood and Modality
Yves Roberge
Direct Objects and Language Acquisition
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Ryan Dux
Frame-Constructional Verb Classes : Change and Theft verbs in English and German
Yusuke Kubota
Type-Logical Syntax
Amy Deal
A Theory of Indexical Shift : Meaning, Grammar, and Crosslinguistic Variation
Jennifer Andrus
Narratives of Domestic Violence : Policing, Identity, and Indexicality
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Betsy Evans (Editor)
Language Regard : Methods, Variation and Change
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Wilson McLeod
Gaelic in Scotland : Policies, Movements, Ideologies
Uwe Hericks
Kooperatives Lernen im Englischunterricht : Empirische Studien zur (Un-)Möglichkeit fremdsprachlicher Bildung in der Prüfungsschule
Jennifer Lertola (Editor)
Audiovisual Translation in Applied Linguistics : Educational perspectives
Stefan Keine
Probes and Their Horizons
Melinda Whong
Grammar : A Linguists' Guide for Language Teachers
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Walt Wolfram
African American Language : Language development from Infancy to Adulthood
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Chaoqun Lian
Language, Ideology and Sociopolitical Change in the Arabic-speaking World : A Study of the Discourse of Arabic Language Academies
Frank Janle
Dialekt und Standardsprache in der Deutschdidaktik : Eine Einführung
David Shaul
A Vocabulary of the Younger Teguima (Ópata) Language
Kurt Goblirsch
Gemination, Lenition, and Vowel Lengthening : On the History of Quantity in Germanic
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Irina Dubinina (Editor)
The Art of Teaching Russian
Peter Grund (Editor)
Speech Representation in the History of English : Topics and Approaches
Alexandra Georgakopoulou (Editor)
The Cambridge Handbook of Discourse Studies
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Renáta Panocová (Editor)
The Interaction of Borrowing and Word Formation
Tanja Anstatt
Obersorbisch : Aus der Perspektive der slavischen Interkomprehension
David Shaul
A Vocabulary of the Older Teguima (Ópata) Language
Francesco Gardaani (Editor)
The Complexities of Morphology
John Baugh
Linguistics in Pursuit of Justice
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Alexander Kautzsch (Editor)
Modelling World Englishes : A Joint Approach to Postcolonial and Non-Postcolonial Varieties
Elizabeth Zsiga
The Phonetics/Phonology Interface
Sandra Ponitka
Der einfache Satz
David Shaul
Salinan Language Studies