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Attitude Reports

Tom Grano

Attitude Reports "This book provides a bird's-eye overview of the grammar of propositional attitude reports, synthesizing the key facts, theories, and open problems in their analysis. Couched in the theoretical framework of generative grammar and compositional truth-conditional semantics, it places emphasis on points of intersection between propositional attitude reports and other important topics in semantic and syntactic theory."

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Dissertation Title [A] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
A Reference Grammar of Kunuz Nubian Ahmed Sokarno Abdel-Hafiz 21-May-2002
A Stylistic Analysis of Conversation Opening and Closing: A contrastive study Mahmoud Mohammad Abdelhaleem 07-Jun-2010
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reproduction of Anti-Prophet Muhammad Media in Selected British and American Newspapers Ahmed Qadoury Abed 26-Jul-2016
Acquiring L2 Syllable Margins. Studies on the simplification of onsets and codas in interlanguage phonology Niclas Abrahamsson 07-Nov-2002
A Contrastive Pragma-Sociolinguistic Study of Etiquette Teachings in English Christian and Arabic Islamic Texts Muhammed Badea Ahmed 02-Aug-2014
Aspect in Yoruba and Nigerian English Timothy T. Ajani 31-Oct-2009
A Corpus-Based Study of the Structure of the Noun Phrase in Nigerian English Mayowa Akinlotan 08-Aug-2018
A Case Study of Language Planning in Jordan Fawwaz Mohammad Al-Rashed Al-Abed Al-Haq 17-Apr-2008
An Investigation of Bilingual Childen's Metalinguistic Awareness in Two Typologically Unrelated Languages Mohammed Nasser Al-Dossari 15-Nov-2004
Arabization in Written Discourse in Saudi Arabia Saad H Al-Qahtani 07-Sep-2001
Age Effects in a Minimal Input Setting on the Acquisition of English Morpho-Syntactic and Semantic Properties by L1 Speakers of Arabic Kholoud A. Al-Thubaiti 07-Jul-2010
A Minimalist Analysis of Participial Constructions Asier Alcazar 25-Apr-2008
Aeschylean stylistics: A study of linguistic variation Timothy Brown Allison 05-Jan-2004
Affect in Text and Speech Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm 05-Aug-2008
Adjective Incorporation and the Morphosyntactic Interface Abdulrahman Hamad Almansour 09-Jan-2006
A language ecology perspective on second language socialization of undergraduate Turkish international students in terms of their linguistic, social and cultural identity development Hatice Altun 12-Dec-2020
An Aerodynamic, Fiberscopic, Acoustic and Perceptive Study of the Nasal Vowels of French Angelique Amelot 03-Jun-2005
A Socio-Cultural Prospect towards Translation of Tourism Texts on the Basis of Venuti's Foreignization and Domestication Theory A Case Study of Eastern Azarbaijan Tourism Guide Texts Amin Amirdabbaghian 07-Sep-2016
A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Phraseology and Collocation in the Register of Current European Union Administrative French Wendy Anderson 03-Oct-2003
A Cross-cultural Analysis of English Newspaper Editorials Hasan Ansary 15-Jul-2005
A Distributional Analysis of Rural Colorado English Lamont D Antieau 16-Aug-2006
A Psycholinguistic Perspective on Finnish and Japanese Prosody: Perception, production and child acquisition of consonantal quantity distinctions Katsura Aoyama 18-Sep-2001
An Ethnographic Study of the Use of Translation Tools in a Translation Agency: Implications for translation tool design Edmund K Asare 10-Dec-2011
An Analysis of Factive Cognitive Verb Complementation Patterns Used by ELT Students Serap Atasever Belli 29-Aug-2019
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reporting of Some Niger-Delta Issues in Selected Nigerian Newspapers, 1999 – 2007 Kehinde Adewale Ayoola 15-Dec-2008
Abgeleitete Personenbezeichnungen im Deutschen und Englischen. Kontrastive Wortbildungsanalysen im Rahmen des Minimalistischen Programms und unter Beruecksichtigung sprachhistorischer Aspekte Heike Baeskow 12-Dec-2002
An acoustic analysis of contrastive focus marking in Spanish-K'ichee' (Mayan) bilingual intonation Brandon O Baird 23-May-2015
A Biomechanical Model of the Human Tongue for Understanding Speech Production and other Lingual Behaviors Adam Baker 27-Jan-2009
Archaeology of Bangla Grammar Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay 09-Jun-2006
A Sociophonetic Investigation of Unstressed Vowel Raising in the Spanish of a Rural Mexican Community Jennifer Barajas 02-Dec-2014
Ad hoc and General-Purpose Corpus Construction from Web Sources Adrien Barbaresi 09-Sep-2016
Automatischer Erwerb von linguistischem Wissen. Ein Ansatz zur Inferenz von DATR-Theorien Petra Barg 19-Sep-2001
A Grammar of Sipakapense Maya Edward R. Barrett 13-Sep-2001
A Crosslinguistic Investigation of Palatalization Nicoleta Bateman 13-Apr-2010
Acquisition of Turkish by Heritage Speakers: A Processability Approach Fatih Bayram 21-Jun-2015
Aspects de la morphologie, de la syntaxe et de la sémantique des verbes à /complexité/ Aline Maria Pinguinha França Bazenga 20-Feb-2007
An Event Restriction Interval Theory of Tense Brandon Beamer 08-Jun-2013
Agreement on the Left Edge: The syntax of dislocation in Spanish Omar Beas 04-Feb-2008
Attitudes of Non-Native Speakers Towards Foreign Accents of English Bettina Beinhoff 19-Aug-2010
A Study of the 'Ghous' in Morocco Nasser Berjaoui 25-Nov-2002
Aproximación Minimalista a las Categorías Funcionales del Ámbito Oracional: la Derivación por Fase Eva Berkes 04-Feb-2002
A Socio-Pragmatic Categorization of Politeness and Impoliteness: A study of Spanish colloquial conversations/Categorización sociopragmática de la cortesía y de la descortesía: Un estudio de la conversación coloquial española Maria Bernal 20-Oct-2008
A Phonologica Grammar of Northern Pame Scott Berthiaume 10-Sep-2005
A Comparative Analysis of Word Order in Contemporary Standard Russian and Polish Bert K. Beynen 05-Mar-2009
A Computational Study ofTransitivity Tanmoy Bhattacharya 14-Sep-2001
Approximation in Russian and the Single-Word Constraint Loren A. Billings 13-Oct-2006
Aspects of Intonation and Prosody in Bininj Gun-wok: An autosegmental-metrical analysis Judith Bishop 23-Dec-2003
Alphabetic Processing in English and Spanish Patrick Bolger 21-Oct-2005
A Conversation Analytic Approach to Practiced Language Policies: The example of an induction classroom for newly-arrived immigrant children in France Florence Bonacina 09-Aug-2011
An Integrated Computational Approach to Binding Theory Roberto Bonato 22-Jun-2006
A Landmark Underspecification Account of the Patterning of Glottal Stop Marianne L. Borroff 11-Apr-2007
A Methodological Approach to the Study of Socio Cultural Influences on the Teaching of English in Fiji Béatrice Sylvie Boufoy-Bastick 20-Feb-2005
Arabic diglossic Switching in Tunisia: An application of Myers-Scotton's MLF model Naima Boussofara-Omar 07-Sep-2001
A Multidimensional Approach to Classification in Terminology: Working within a computational framework Lynne Bowker 31-Jul-2001
A Discourse Analysis of the Interview Process in a Private Social Service Setting Frank Bramlett 17-Sep-2001
Argument Composition and the Lexicon: Lexical and periphrastic causatives in Korean Elizabeth O. Bratt 31-Jul-2001
Aspect, Evidentiality and Tense in Mongolian: From Middle Mongol to Khalkha and Khorchin Benjamin Brosig 11-Nov-2014
A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Central Naga Daniel Wayne Bruhn 07-May-2014
A Unification of Focus Lisa Brunetti 01-Sep-2003
A Macro- and Micro-Sociolinguistic Study of Language Attitudes and Language Contact: Mercosur and the teaching of Spanish in Brazil Talia Bugel 14-Mar-2007
A grammar of Wano Willem Burung 21-Jun-2018
A Reconstruction of Proto Northern Chin in Old Burmese and Old Chinese Perspective Chris Button 08-Dec-2009
Aspects of the Morphology and Phonology of Konni Michael C. Cahill 25-Sep-2001
A Movement Theory of Ergativity Mark R. Campana 17-Sep-2001
A Contribution to the Study of Silent Pauses and So-Called "Hesitation" Phenomena in Spontaneous Oral French: A study of data from French class narratives Maria Candea 31-Jan-2002
A Phonological Study of Portuguese Language Variety Spoken in Beira Interior Region Sara Candeias 17-Dec-2010
Analysis of the Dubbed Version of Roberto Benigni's Film "Pinocchio" in the United States Francesca Caracciolo 14-Sep-2006
An L1-Specific CALL Pedagogy for the Instruction of Pronunciation with Korean Learners of English Michael David Carey 11-Sep-2003
An Integrated Acoustic and Phonological Investigation of Weak Syllable Omissions Allyson Carter 15-Apr-2002
"Agreement" in Gestures and Signed Languages: The use of directionality to indicate referents involved in actions Shannon Casey 02-Jan-2004
A Critical Discourse Stylistic Study of the Selected Short Stories by Sabahattin Ali Tuba Celiktas 24-Dec-2004
A Corpus of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales: A linguistic and discursive analysis of nineteenth-century transcriptions of Irish folklore collected from traditional storytellers Daniela Cesiri 21-Aug-2008
A Study of the Complex Predicates of Hindi Debasri Chakrabarti 06-Oct-2010
Acquisition of Structure and Interpretation: Cases from Mandarin bear and non-bear noun phrases Hsiang-Hua Chang 11-Mar-2012
A Systemic Functional Exploration of Translation Studies: Translation between English and Korean Junghee Chang 06-Mar-2004
A Lexical Functional Grammar Approach to Modern Greek Relative Clauses Kakia Chatsiou 26-Oct-2010
A Computational Phonology of Russian Peter A. Chew 15-May-2003
A Metalexicographic Investigation into a Set of Complex Modern Greek Verbs: A comparison of existing dictionary entries with corpus evidence Marianna N. Christou 21-Aug-2006
A Study of Korean Conjunctive Verbal Suffixes: Towards a theory of morphopragmatics Chong-Hoon Chun 04-Jan-2008
Analysis of the Timing of Spoken Korean with Application to Speech Synthesis Hyunsong Chung 18-Mar-2002
Analysis of conversational dominance within ‘Ndrangheta women wiretappings Maria Assunta Ciardullo 13-Jul-2018
A Preliminary Investigation into Discursive Models of Interpreting as a Means of Enhancing Construct Validity in Interpreter Certification Andrew F. Clifford 22-Aug-2002
A Selectionist Model of The Genesis Of Phonic Texture: Systemic phonology and universal darwinism Chris Cléirigh 17-Sep-2001
A Grammatical Description of Muylaq' Aymara Matt Coler 04-Aug-2011
Actions Speak Louder than Words: Understanding figurative proverbs Herbert L. Colston 01-Aug-2001
A Window on the Past, A Move Toward the Future: Sociolinguistic and formal perspectives on variation in Acadian French Philip Comeau 08-Jan-2012
Aspects of Sentence Complementation in Russian Bernard Comrie 17-Sep-2001
Approaches to Automatic Biographical Sentence Classification: An empirical study Mike Conway 09-Sep-2007
A Diachronic Study of the Spanish Perfect(ive): Tracking the constraints on a grammaticalizing construction Mary T Copple 25-Oct-2009
A Situational Semantic Analysis of Evidentiality:Turkish Evidentials Demet Corcu Gül 11-Nov-2011
A denominação das qualidades em português - contributos para a compreensão da estrutura do léxico português Margarita Correia 07-Sep-2008
A Grammar of Awa Pit (Cuaiquer): An indigenous language of south-western Colombia Timothy Jowan Curnow 17-Sep-2001
Aptitude, Rehearsal, and Skin Conductance Response in Foreign Vocabulary Learning Kristina Dahlen 24-Jul-2008
Assimilation phonologique et reconnaissance des mots Isabelle Darcy 08-Apr-2006
A Study of Languages in Russian Federation Alok Kumar Das 19-Jul-2003
Association with Focus in Denials Douglas J. Davidson 01-Aug-2001
A Relevance-based Theoretical Foundation for Question Answering Marco De Boni 13-Dec-2004
Aspect in Syntax Octav Eugen DeLazero 10-Dec-2011
A Grammar of Iranian Azari in Comparison with Persian Yavar Dehghani 08-Jul-2002
Appositives at the Interface Francesca Del Gobbo 13-Nov-2003
A Reconsideration of Some Phonological Issues Involved in Reconstructing Sino-Tibetan Numerals Jakob Dempsey 19-Sep-2001
A Rhyming Study of the Zaju Written by Dramatists from Dadu Xingfeng Deng 01-Aug-2001
A Minimalist Account of Optional Wh-Movement Kristin Denham 18-Sep-2001
A Cognitive Model of Variation and Language Change Based on an Examination of some Emerging Constructions in Contemporary English Guillaume Desagulier 19-Apr-2006
An Investigation into Identity, Power and Autonomous EFL Learning among Indigenous and Minority Students in Post-secondary Education: A Mexican case study Colette I. Despagne 27-Jul-2013
A Bilingual Approach to the Examination of Writing Products and Processes in Adults Who Are Learning to Write in Their Second Language Sarah E. Dietrich 21-Jul-2004
Approches cognitives de la métaphore dans le domaine de l'olfaction. Français - anglais Remi Digonnet 23-Nov-2015
Antecedents and Outcomes of Self-determined Engagement in Turkish Efl Classrooms: A Mixed Method Approach Ali Dincer 06-Aug-2017
Acquisition as Becoming: An ethnographic study of multilingual style in 'la Petite Espagne' David Divita 17-May-2010
A comprehensive analysis of the parameters in the creation and comparison of feature vectors in distributional semantic models for multiple languages András Dobó 17-Nov-2019
Acquisiton of the Verbal Domain in Child Greek: Evidence from a new child Greek corpus Thomas Doukas 24-Dec-2011
A Sociophonetic Ethnography of Selwyn Girls' High Katie Drager 02-Jun-2009
A Unification Categorial Grammar of Child English Negation Kenneth F Drozd 19-Sep-2001
An Investigation of Native Language Vocabulary and Topic Knowledge as Predictors of Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning in Healthcare Providers Marcia Foresee Drumhiller 11-May-2010
Alternative Directions for Minimalist Inquiry: Expanding and contracting phases of derivation John E. Drury 02-Jun-2006
Acquisition of Phonological Structure and Sociolinguistic Variables: A quantitative analysis of Spanish consonant weakening in Venezuelan children's speech Manuel Díaz-Campos 19-Oct-2001
Acquiring Tarifit-Berber by Children in the Netherlands and Morocco Yahya E-rramdani 26-Apr-2005
A Grammar of Igala Salem Ochala Ejeba 22-Jul-2016
Aspects of Pharyngeal Coarticulation Ahmed M Elgendy 18-Aug-2007
A Sociolinguistic Study of Rhoticity in American Film Speech from the 1930s to the 1970s Nancy C. Elliott 01-Aug-2001
A Study of the Literary Discourse in the Novels of Naguib Mahfouz: The dynamics of gender and religion Kamel A Elsaadany 01-Aug-2001
Asking Questions: language variation and language acquisition Bruno Estigarribia 20-Nov-2007
Analizar y comprender la comprender la topografía configuracional de los materiales de enseñanza de lenguas en perspectiva de síntesis: Aplicación a los manuales para la enseñanza general de E/LE a adultos Joseba Ezeiza 15-Jan-2007
A Morpho-Syntactic Description of Northern Sotho as a Basis for an Automated Translation from Northern Sotho to English Gertrud Faaß 13-Sep-2010
A Theory of Conventional Implicature and Pragmatic Markers in Chinese Guangwu Feng 25-Aug-2006
A Syntactic Analysis of the Nominal Systems of Italian and Luganda: How nouns can be formed in the syntax Franca Ferrari 18-Jul-2005
Anaphoric Preferences of Null and Overt Subjects in Italian and Spanish: a cross-linguistic comparison Francesca Filiaci 14-Sep-2011
Actions, Activités et Discours Laurent Filliettaz 18-Sep-2001
A Systemic Functional Approach to Referring Expressions: Reconsidering postmodification in the nominal group Lise M Fontaine 12-Jan-2009
An Analysis of dual Aspectual Forms in Caribbean English Creoles: An event structure approach Marsha Simone Forbes-Barnett 13-Dec-2012
An Optimality Theory Account of the Non-concatenative Morphology of the Nominal System of Libyan Arabic, with Special Reference to the Broken Plural Gaber Gaber 25-May-2012
A Grammar of Kuuk Thaayorre Alice Rose Gaby 12-Jun-2007
A Comparative Morphological Study of Standard Arabic and Cairene Arabic with an Analysis of Phonological Alternations Hassan A H Gadalla 13-Sep-2001
A Common Architecture for Expressing Linguistic Theories: With illustrations from Chinese languages, cognitive grammar, and software engineering Roderick Alexander Gammon 16-Jul-2002
An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Musical Aptitude and Foreign Language Aptitude Lorraine Frances Gilleece 06-Feb-2006
Adpositional Grammars Federico Gobbo 14-Jan-2009
A Comparative study of Dialect Intelligibility and Intercomprehension in two communities in Plateau state, Nigeria Philemon Victor Gomwalk 24-Sep-2018
A Study of Sino-Thai Chronological Strata (in Chinese: Hanyu Taiyu Guanxici De Shijian Cengci Yanjiu) Qunhu Gong 04-Feb-2002
About Sharing Martina Gracanin-Yuksek 12-Sep-2007
An Acoustic Study of Coarticulation: Consonant-Vowel and Vowel-to-Vowel Coarticulation in Four Australian Languages Simone Graetzer 06-Jan-2014
Argument Structure in Slovene Sabina Grahek 01-Feb-2007
Adjunct control: Syntax and processing Jeffrey J Green 22-Jun-2018
Adolescent Identity and Pragmatic Marker Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context Averil M. Grieve 11-May-2011
A quantitative reanalysis of schwa realization in contemporary metropolitan French Joshua M Griffiths 13-Jul-2021
Acquiring a Variable Structure: An interlanguage analysis of second-language mood use in Spanish Aarnes Gudmestad 04-Sep-2008
A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Contact of Lebanese Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil Christine Marie Guedri 07-Jan-2009
Al-Sirafi's theory of 'lingua-logical' grammar: An analytical study of the grammatical work of al-Sirafi (Sharh Kitab Sibawayhi) within the context of a discussion on language and logic in medieval Islam Muhammet Gunaydin 16-Jul-2007
A Study of the Acquisition and Use of Interrogatives and Questions in the English of Pre-school Chinese Singaporeans Anthea F. Gupta 14-Sep-2001
A Descriptive Grammar of Bagri Lakhan Gusain 14-Sep-2001
Adverbials in Turkish: The third parameter in aspectual interpretation Mine Guven 25-Nov-2004
Analogy in formal grammar Matías Guzmán Naranjo 03-Oct-2017
Adjunct Control in Telugu and Assamese Youssef A Haddad 15-Jul-2007
A Sociolinguistic Study of the Regional French of Normandy Damien Hall 06-Apr-2009
A Probabilistic Model of Phonological Relationships from Contrast to Allophony Kathleen Currie Hall 04-Oct-2009
African American English in Urban Education: A multimethodological approach to understanding classroom discourse strategies Jill M. Hallett 27-Dec-2012
Adverbs: A typological study of a disputed category Pernilla Hallonsten Halling 23-Apr-2018
A Government Approach to Finnish-English Intrasentential Code-switching Helena Halmari 18-Sep-2001
A Foundational Sample of El Paso English Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm 03-Mar-2008
Adverbiale der Art & Weise im Deutschen – eine semantische und konzeptuelle Studie (Manner Adverbials in German - a Semantic and Conceptual Approach) Kerstin Hansson 29-Jul-2008
Aspects of Bangime Phonology, Morphology, and Morphosyntax Abbie Hantgan 10-Jan-2014
An Autosegmental Study of the Lexical and Phrasal Tonology of Kalabari Otelemate G. Harry 14-Sep-2001
A Pragmatic Approach to Translation: A case study of an English translation of Naguib Mahfouz's Trilogy Bahaa-eddin Abulhassan Hassan 26-May-2008
A Grammar of Movima Katharina Haude 13-Mar-2006
A Corpus-Based Analysis of Simultaneous Speech in English Conversation Anping He 14-Sep-2001
A Pragmatic Interpretation of Questioning Gang He 21-Apr-2004
A Theory of Pied-Piping Fabian Heck 10-Dec-2004
An Alternative Perspective on Pseudo-clefts: Sphere shifts in English He Hengxing 21-Apr-2007
Automatic Name Searching in Large Data Bases of International Names John C. Hermansen 14-Sep-2001
An Acoustic Analysis of Phonological Vowel Reduction in Six Varieties of Catalan Dylan Herrick 16-Apr-2004
Aspects de l'évolution du lexique précoce dans les interactions mère-enfant - Etude de cas de deux enfants dizygotes entre 15 et 26 mois Hunkeler Hervé 31-Aug-2005
A Sequential Analysis of 'nú' and 'núna' in Icelandic Conversation Helga Hilmisdottir 22-Sep-2007
Aspect and Aspectual Interfaces in South Conchucos Quechua: The emergence of grammatical systems Daniel Hintz 08-Apr-2008
A Usage-Type Analysis of Three Prepositions: At, in and on in a corpus of written Malaysian English Imran Ho-Abdullah 30-Jan-2004
A Multimodal Corpus-based Study on Illocutionary Force Lihe Huang 06-Oct-2016
A Comparison of the Effect of Two Types of Pre-Reading Vocabulary Lists on Learner Reading Comprehension: Glossed difficult words vs. key cohesive lexical chains Chad Hyde 12-Jan-2003
Anti-Homophony Blocking and its Productivity in Transparadigmatic Relations Larry Ichimura 30-Aug-2006
A Model for Effective Supervision from the Supervisor and the Student-teachers' Perspective: A social constructivist approach Gulden Ilin 08-Jan-2004
Article Semantics in Second Language Acquisition Tania Ionin 19-Aug-2003
A Textuality Based Model for the Quality Assessment of Hadith Translations Fatma Ali Ish-Shihri 10-Mar-2009
A Corpus-linguistic Investigation into the Lexis of Written English EU Discourse: An ESP pedagogic perspective Reka Jablonkai 06-Sep-2013
A Description of Jruq (Loven): A Mon-Khmer language of the Lao PDR Pascale Jacq 29-Apr-2005
A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition Daniel Scott Janik 22-Jan-2004
An acoustic analysis of Amharic vowels, plosives and ejectives Derib Ado Jekale 30-Aug-2012
A Grammar of Gede'o, A Highland East Cushitic Language, Ethiopia Dawit Tilahun Jembere 24-Oct-2018
A Construction-based Study of English Predicators Kim Ebensgaard Jensen 21-Jun-2013
A View from Language Christer Johansson 17-Sep-2001
Anecdotes in Spoken English: A linguistic desription with some teaching implications Robert Edward Jones 30-Aug-2001
A Sociolinguistic Study of Phonetic Variation and Change on the Island of Martha's Vineyard Meredith Pugh Josey 05-Feb-2004
A quantitative and qualitative corpus study of the acquisition of topic constructions in child French Morgane Jourdain 03-Nov-2020
Análise e exploração de marcadores discursivos no ensino de Português-Língua Estrangeira (PLE) no Brasil Sergio Duarte Juliao da Silva 02-Mar-2012
Acceptability Judgement Tasks and Grammatical Theory Tom S Juzek 14-Feb-2016
Acquisition of the English Article System by Francophone Students: The case of Burkina Faso Moses K. Kambou 25-Sep-2001
Automatic Text Summarization as Applied to Information Retrieval: Using indicative and informative Min-Yen Kan 04-May-2004
A Nonderivational Approach of the Gapping Phenomenon in English and Korean Woosoon Kang 04-Sep-2001
Acquisition of New Dialect Features by Seoul and Kyungsang Korean Speakers: Social and Attitudinal Factors Influencing Production Yoojin Kang 13-Sep-2022
A Study of Cappadocian Greek Nominal Morphology from a Diachronic and Dialectological Perspective Petros Karatsareas 28-Sep-2011
A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo), a Cushitic Language of Ethiopia Kazuhiro Kawachi 08-Jan-2008
An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition Robert Kirchner 04-Sep-2001
Asymmetric Grammatical Gender Systems in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon Rachel Klassen 01-Sep-2016
Adverbs of Degree in Dutch Henny Klein 07-Sep-2001
A Data-Driven Methodology for Motivating a Set of Coherence Relations Alastair Knott 04-Sep-2001
An Historical Study of Persian Prose Works Written in Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Mehrdad N Kohan 04-Sep-2001
A Phonetic and Phonological Analysis of Final Devoicing in Turkish Handan Kopkalli 04-Sep-2001
A Grammar and Dictionary of Wyandot Craig Kopris 02-Feb-2015
A Complex Systems Perspective on English Language Teaching : A Case Study of a Language School in Greece Achilleas I. Kostoulas 02-Jul-2015
Argument structure and verb inflection: a comparison between Greek-speaking patients with aphasia and semantic dementia Vasiliki Koukoulioti 04-Jan-2016
A Neural Network Model for the Representation of Natural Language Eleni Koutsomitopoulou 20-May-2004
Attention Control and the Effects of Online Training in Improving Connected Speech Perception by Learners of English as a Second Language Burcu Gokgoz Kurt 11-May-2018
Anaphora, Inversion, and Focus Nicholas LaCara 23-Sep-2017
An Analysis of Discourse Strategies in Pharmacy Consultations Mark Landa 05-Sep-2001
A Melanesian Perspective on Mechanisms of Language Maintenance and Shift: Case studies from Papua New Guinea Martha Lynn Landweer 10-Jan-2007
A Grammar of Iñupiaq Morphosyntax Linda A. Lanz 12-Jun-2010
"Arbeitszeitmodelle": Linguistische Analyse eines Makrotextes der Zeitschrift "management & seminar" Niina Lepa 06-Dec-2009
An Ambiguity-based Theory of the Verbal Joke in English Robert Lew 18-Sep-2001
A Diachronically-Motivated Segmental Phonology of Mandarin Chinese Wen-chao Li 05-Sep-2001
A Descriptive Grammar of Yongning Na (Mosuo) Liberty A. Lidz 08-May-2011
A Split Analysis of Caki-binding in Korean Kihong Lim 05-Sep-2001
A corpus-based cognitive-functional study of the meaning and use of 'always' and 'never', and related phenomena, in American English Jori Lindley 01-Jun-2015
A Corpus of Middle English Medical Prologues in the Sloane Collection of the British Library: An introduction to the genre in prose Mary Frances Litzler 23-Jul-2012
Affixed interjections in English and Polish: A corpus-based study of emotional talk in digital communication and literary dialogue Dorota Lockyer 17-Jul-2018
A Grammar of Oksapmin Robyn M. Loughnane 22-Nov-2009
Aspects of the Clause Structure and Word Formation in Arabic Ayoub Loutfi 14-Mar-2017
Agentivity and Participant Marking in Dena'ina Athabascan: A text-based study Olga Charlotte Lovick 05-May-2006
Artificial Hearing, Natural Speech: Cochlear implants, speech production, and the expectations of a high-tech society Joanna Hart Lowenstein 14-Jul-2004
An Autosegmental Approach to Ciluba Nominal and Verbal Tonology Stephen Tchidiessa Mulami Lukusa 15-Apr-2002
A língua de Camoês com Iemanjá: forma e funções da linguagem do candomblé Laura Álvarez López 19-Apr-2013
A lingua de Camões com Iemanjá: Forma e funções da linguage do candomblé. Laura Álvarez López 29-Jun-2010
A Grammar of Jalonke Argument Structure Friederike Lüpke 04-Mar-2005
Aspects of Ergativity in Tagalog Anna E Maclachlan 19-Sep-2001
A Comparative Study of Middle and Inchoative Alternations in Arabic and English Abdelgawad T. Mahmoud 29-Aug-2002
A Morphological and Etymological Study of the Germanic Strong Verbs Robert Mailhammer 12-Oct-2006
Automatic Recognition of Organization Names in English Business News Friederike Yvonne Helene Mallchok 10-Jan-2018
Automatic Recognition of Organization Names in English Business News Friederike Yvonne Helene Mallchok 30-Jan-2006
An Explanation for Ergative versus Accusative Languages: An examination of Inuktitut Louise Manga 18-Sep-2001
An Investigation into the Language and Letters of Bess of Hardwick (c.1527 - 1608) Imogen Julia Marcus 05-Aug-2014
A Computational Model of Derivational Morphology Bruce R. Mayo 06-Sep-2001
A Computational Model for the Influence of Cross-Modal Context upon Syntactic Parsing Patrick McCrae 29-Dec-2010
A Pragmatic Analysis of Mandarin Interrogatives: Data from modern Taiwan drama Scott G. McGinnis 19-Sep-2001
A Quantitative Study of the Attitudes of Japanese Learners towards Varieties of English Speech: Aspects of the Sociolinguistics of English in Japan Robert M. McKenzie 08-Mar-2007
Articulatory Evidence for Interactivity in Speech Production Corey T. McMillan 13-Mar-2008
An Interpretation for the English Existential Construction Louise E. McNally 06-Sep-2001
Aspects of the Theory of Core, Central and Interface Pragmatics in the Language of Chronic Schizophrenics Sara Meilijson 26-Apr-2002
Accent Type and Language Change in Germanic and Baltic Finnic Andrea L. Menz 30-Jul-2010
A comparison of the prosody of tone languages (Naxi and Vietnamese) with the prosody of English Alexis Michaud 14-Dec-2005
Australian English and the Conceptualization of the Australian Ethos Annett Michel 29-Jul-2005
Auxiliary Verb Leveling and Morphological Theory: The case of Smith Island English Jennifer Hilde Mittelstaedt 24-Jan-2007
Aspectual Pairing in Polish Anna K. Mlynarczyk 12-Apr-2005
A Mixed Methods Approach to Identity, Investment, and Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Case of Erasmus Students in Finland, Romania, and Catalonia Vasi Mocanu 23-Nov-2019
A Contrastive Study of Syntactic Relations, Cohesion, and Punctuation as Markers of Rhetorical Organization in Arabic and English Narrative Texts Aisha Hamid Mohamed-Sayidina 07-Sep-2001
An Antisymmetric, Minimalist Approach to Persian Phrase Structure Ahmad Moinzadeh 24-Nov-2008
A Textual Study of Radio Drama Mojgan Mokhatebi Ardakani 31-Oct-2006
Aspectual Composition and Sentence Interpretation: A formal approach Diego Molla Aliod 07-Sep-2001
Articles and Proper Names in L2 English Julia Margaret Moore 11-Apr-2005
A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Late-Learned Second Language Knowledge: The effects of explicit and implicit conditions Kara Morgan-Short 16-Jul-2007
A Morphosyntactic Study of the Interaction between the INFL System and the Pro-Drop Parameter in Null Subject Languages: A case study of standard Arabic Mohammed Moubtassime 07-Sep-2001
Antonymy and Semantic Range in English Victoria L. Muehleisen 07-Sep-2001
A Comparative Study of Compound Words in English, Japanese and Mainland Scandinavian Makiko Mukai 24-Nov-2006
Archaeology of Bangla Language and Literature Sibansu Mukhopadhyay 07-Jun-2006
An Optimality Theoretic Approach to Variable Consonantal Alternations in Qatari Arabic Eiman Mohamed Mustafawi 19-Jun-2006
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