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Attitude Reports

Tom Grano

Attitude Reports "This book provides a bird's-eye overview of the grammar of propositional attitude reports, synthesizing the key facts, theories, and open problems in their analysis. Couched in the theoretical framework of generative grammar and compositional truth-conditional semantics, it places emphasis on points of intersection between propositional attitude reports and other important topics in semantic and syntactic theory."

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Dissertation Title [F] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Foregrounded Elements in Carl Sandburg's Major Poem: A Linguistic Study of Poetic Style and Technique Mohamed Abdulmoneim 30-Jul-2001
Frequency, Gradience, and Variation in Consonant Insertion Young-ran An 15-May-2012
From Logic to Linguistics: A Semantic analysis of SI Jeanne Aptekman 12-Jun-2007
Focus and Bulgarian Clause Structure Olga P. Arnaudova 16-Nov-2003
Finiteness, Case and Clausal Architecture Gülşat Aygen 09-Jun-2002
Functional Forms-Formal Functions: An account of Coeur d'Alene clause structure Shannon T. Bischoff 21-Mar-2007
From Hypotaxis to Parataxis: An Investigation of English–German Syntactic Convergence in Translation Mario Bisiada 05-Nov-2014
From Root Infinitive to Finite Sentence: The acquisition of verbal inflections and auxiliaries Elma Blom 07-May-2003
Finding the Right Words: Implementing Optimality Theory with Simulated Annealing Tamás Bíró 24-Jan-2007
From the Mouth of Babes: A pragmatic analysis of children's responses to questions Maria Corazon Saturnina Aspeli Castro 07-Apr-2004
First Language Phonetic Drift During Second Language Acquisition Charles B. Chang 02-Nov-2010
First Language Acquisition of Functional Categories in Mandarin Nominal Expressions: A Longitudinal Study of Two Mandarin Speaking Children Meiyun Chang-Smith 20-May-2005
Free Choice and Negative Polarity: A compositional analysis of Korean polarity sensitive items Jinyoung Choi 08-May-2008
From Language Revalorisation to Language Revitalisation? Discourses of Maya Language Promotion in Yucatán Josep F. Cru 17-Nov-2014
French Liaison: Linguistic and sociolinguistic influences on speech perception Robin Dautricourt 22-Nov-2010
Four-way Stop Contrasts in Hindi: An acoustic study of voicing, fundamental frequency and spectral tilt Indranil Dutta 27-Feb-2008
Formulaic Expressions in Computer-Assisted Translation Maria Fernandez-Parra 11-Mar-2012
Formal and Cognitive Restrictions on Vowel Harmony Sara Finley 05-Aug-2008
From Air to Music: Acoustical, physiological and perceptual aspects of reed wind instrument playing and vocal-ventricular fold phonation Leonardo Fuks 01-Aug-2001
Functional Categories in Greek Agrammatism Valantis Fyndanis 31-Jul-2010
From the Unexpected to the Unbelievable: Thetics, Miratives and Exclamatives in Conceptual Space Hugo García Macías 09-Jun-2016
Focus and Word Order Variation in Greek Michalis Georgiafentis 30-Dec-2004
Fehlerbehandlung in Mensch-Maschine-Dialogen Petra Gieselmann 19-Jun-2007
French Language Maintenance in Ontario, Canada: A sociolinguistic portrait of the community of Hearst Dan Golembeski 08-Sep-2002
Fundamentos y límites de los sistemas de verificación automática de la sintaxis y el estilo Xavier Gomez-Guinovart 09-Aug-2001
Features, Categories and the Syntax of A-Positions. Synchronic and Diachronic Variation in the Germanic Languages Eric Haeberli 28-Sep-2001
From Extracts to Abstracts: Human summary production operations for computer-aided summarisation Laura Hasler 10-Sep-2007
Framing Terrorism via Metaphors: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2007) Maria Jose Hellin Garcia 11-Aug-2008
From Policy to Practice: A study of the implementation of the Language-in-Education Policy (LiEP) in three South African primary schools Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir 18-Sep-2006
Finnish A'-movement: Edges and islands Saara Huhmarniemi 25-May-2012
Framework and Resources for Natural Language Parser Evaluation Tuomo Kakkonen 10-Dec-2007
From Interaction to Grammar: Estonian finite verb forms in conversation Leelo Keevallik 08-Sep-2004
Freedom and Constraint in Literary Translation: A culture-based approach on translation of tropes Nikou Kheirkhah 23-Sep-2011
Function, Selection and Innateness: The emergence of language universals Simon M. Kirby 04-Sep-2001
Features and Categories: Non-finite constructions in Finnish Päivi Hannele Koskinen 09-Jul-2008
Foundations of the Theory of Indication Alexander V. Kravchenko 05-Sep-2001
Frozen Speech: The rhetoric of transcription Margaret A. Luebs 06-Sep-2001
Focalizing ser ('to be') in Colombian Spanish Dunia Catalina Mendez Vallejo 26-Oct-2009
Functions of Non-Verbal Components in the Language System (Comparison of Russian and English) Olga V. Moudraia 21-Jan-2003
Função Adjetival em Sintagmas Preposicionados com DE Mónica M Nobre 18-Sep-2001
French Language Policy and the Multilingual Challenge, from Maastricht to an Enlarged Europe: A study of developments from 1992 to 2004 with particular reference to the case of Gallo John Shaun Nolan 14-Dec-2006
From Physical to Mental Acquisition: A corpus-based study of verbs Marie Nordlund 26-Sep-2008
Film Annotation for the L2 Classroom: A Tech-Mediated Model for Intercultural Learning Maria Virginia Ocando Finol 07-Nov-2019
From Grapheme to Gesture: Linguistic contributions for an articulatory based text-to-speech system Catarina Monteiro Oliveira 24-Jul-2009
Fremdsprachenunterricht. Zur systemischen Analyse didaktischer Interaktion Bettina Paris 07-Sep-2001
Finding Meaning in Silence: The Comprehension of Ellipsis Josée Poirier 27-Jun-2009
Feature Interpretability in Second Language Acqusition: Evidence from the Null Subject Parameter in the Greek/English interlanguage Alexandra Prentza 10-Sep-2011
From Cultural to Colonial: Differential Writing Practices and a Negotiation of Genre’s Value-Laden Nature in First-Year-Composition Classes Md Mijanur Rahman 12-Jun-2021
Flat but Not Shallow: Towards flatter representations in deep semantic parsing for precise and feasible inferencing Hilke Reckman 05-Oct-2009
From Perception to Production: Generalizing phonotactic probabilities in language acquisition Peter T. Richtsmeier 28-Oct-2008
Formação de palavras em português. Aspectos da construção de avaliativos [Word Formation in Portuguese: Some aspects of evaluative construction] Graça Rio-Torto 05-Aug-2008
For a Methodology of Translation Criticism: The Italian translations of The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad Daniele Russo 14-Jan-2012
Fostering and Assessing Pre-Service English Teachers’ Oral Teacher Language Competence Through an Assessment Rubric and Peer Feedback: An LSP Approach. Olivia Rütti-Joy 14-Sep-2022
Free Functional Elements of Tense, Aspect, Modality and Agreement as Possible Auxiliaries in Greek Sign Language Galini G. Sapountzaki 07-Dec-2006
Factivity: Its nature and acquisition Petra Schulz 11-Dec-2003
From Silence to Sound: Cognition and language planning in the international education of prelingually deaf students Patrick William Seamans 15-Oct-2006
Functions and Status of the Pluperfect in the Verbal System (A typological aspect) Igor Shoshitaishvili 07-Sep-2001
FYI: Theory and typology of information packaging Niels Smit 18-Apr-2010
Form and Function of Expressive Morphology: A case study of Russian Olga Steriopolo 02-Mar-2008
Formal Relationships in the Paradigm: A functional approach with a focus on the Romance verb Catherine Taylor 27-Jul-2013
Formal , Functional and Cognitive Approaches : WH - Constructions in Persian Hengameh Vaezi 07-Dec-2011
Framing Dance Writing: A Corpus Linguistics Approach Susan L. Wiesner 04-Nov-2007
Factors Affecting Relative Clause Processing in Mandarin Fuyun Wu 12-Aug-2009
Focus Projection and Wh-Head Movement Yuko Yanagida 05-Sep-2001
Foot-Timing and Word-Timing in English Guangsheng Zhang 04-Sep-2001
French Dislocation Cécile de Cat 19-Mar-2003
Forms of Constructing Scientific Knowledge and Encoding Writer’s Stance in Turkish and English Research Article Abstracts Hamide Çakır 25-Oct-2011
Foreign Academic Researchers in the Basque Country with a Focus on Multilingualism: Language and Intercultural Competences, Beliefs, and Practices Özge Özoğul 04-Jul-2022