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Attitude Reports

Tom Grano

Attitude Reports "This book provides a bird's-eye overview of the grammar of propositional attitude reports, synthesizing the key facts, theories, and open problems in their analysis. Couched in the theoretical framework of generative grammar and compositional truth-conditional semantics, it places emphasis on points of intersection between propositional attitude reports and other important topics in semantic and syntactic theory."

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Academic Paper

Title: Exploring syntactic variation by means of “Language Production Experiments”: Methods from and analyses on German in Austria
Author: Alexandra Lenz
Author: Ludwig Breuer
Author: Matthias Fingerhuth
Author: Anja Wittibschlager
Author: Melanie Seltmann
Linguistic Field: Syntax
Subject Language: German
Abstract: This article presents computer supported “language production experiments” (LPEs) as a method for the investigation of syntactic variation. It describes the setup for the investigation of numerous syntactic phenomena and provides a sample study of the German GET passive across Austria. It also suggests that LPEs offer possibilities for the targeted investigation of linguistic variation in various ways. They may be used to explore speakers’ individual linguistic repertoires and an according corpus setup can be used to examine e.g., interspeaker patterns of variation. LPEs also enable researchers to investigate which linguistic factors control or influence syntactic variation.


This article appears IN Journal of Linguistic Geography Vol. 7, Issue 2, which you can READ on Cambridge's site .

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