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Attitude Reports

Tom Grano

Attitude Reports "This book provides a bird's-eye overview of the grammar of propositional attitude reports, synthesizing the key facts, theories, and open problems in their analysis. Couched in the theoretical framework of generative grammar and compositional truth-conditional semantics, it places emphasis on points of intersection between propositional attitude reports and other important topics in semantic and syntactic theory."

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University of Zurich
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Energeia is an open-access online journal for general linguistics, language theory and language philosophy, with a particular consideration of Romance linguistics. This journal was first published between 2009 and 2014. It is issued annually (resuming publication from 2021 onwards) and it is published at the University of Zurich. Energeia does not subscribe to any specific theoretical approach. However, we strongly encourage colleagues to submit contributions with a focus on one of the three main areas of interest: (1) Linguistics (2) Language Philosophy and (3) History of Linguistics.