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Do Not Leave Your Language Alone : The Hidden Status Agendas Within Corpus Planning in Language Policy
(Reviewer: ) - - Joshua A Fishman; (09-Oct-2007)

Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts
(Reviewer: ) - - Amy B.M. Tsui; James W. Tollefson; (14-May-2007)

Cognitive Linguistics : An introduction
(Reviewer: Dinha Tobiya Gorgis) - - Vyvyan Evans; Melanie Green; (17-Apr-2007)

Linguistic Diversity and Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - Nancy L. Commins; Ofelia B. Miramontes; (26-Jan-2007)

Teaching Word Meanings
(Reviewer: ) - - Steven A. Stahl; William E. Nagy; (18-Jan-2007)

Ideas and Options in English for Specific Purposes
(Reviewer: Ingrid Mosquera Gende) - - Helen Basturkmen; (28-Jul-2006)

Negotiating Critical Literacies With Young Children
(Reviewer: Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini) - - Vivian Maria Vasquez; (27-Jul-2006)

Researching Second Language Classrooms
(Reviewer: ) - - Sandra Lee McKay; (28-Jul-2006)

Fluency in Reading : Synchronization of Processes
(Reviewer: ) - - Zvia Breznitz; (28-Jul-2006)

Reading Hebrew : The Language and the Psychology of Reading It
(Reviewer: Robert D. Holmstedt) - - Joseph Shimron; (20-Jul-2006)

Literacy and Advocacy in Adolescent Family, Gang, School, and Juvenile Court Communities
(Reviewer: Constance Mary Ellwood) - - Debra Smith; Kathryn F. Whitmore; (07-Jul-2006)

Dialogue With Bakhtin on Second and Foreign Language Learning : New Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Joan Kelly Hall; Gergana Vitanova; Ludmila A. Marchenkova; (07-May-2006)

Call Research Perspectives
(Reviewer: Kara A. McBride) - - Joy L. Egbert; Gina Mikel Petrie; (06-Apr-2006)

Twenty-First Century Psycholinguistics : Four Cornerstones
(Reviewer: ) - - Anne Cutler; (22-Feb-2006)

The Teacher's Grammar Book : Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - James D. Williams; (21-Feb-2006)

Reclaiming the Local in Language Policy and Practice
(Reviewer: Elizabeth M. Erling) - - A. Suresh Canagarajah; (17-Jan-2006)

Second Language Research : Methodology and Design
(Reviewer: ) - - Alison Mackey; Susan M. Gass; (14-Jan-2006)

Kids' Slips : What Young Children's Slips of the Tongue Reveal About Language Development
(Reviewer: Annette E. Hohenberger) - - Jeri J Jaeger; (18-Dec-2005)

Phonetics for Communication Disorders
(Reviewer: Rita V. Mathur) - - Martin J. Ball; Nicole Müller; (06-Dec-2005)

Understanding Literacy Development : A Global View
(Reviewer: Sue A. Hasselbring) - - Anne McKeough; Linda M. Phillips; Vianne Timmons; Judy Lee Lupart; (04-Dec-2005)

Research in Applied Linguistics : Becoming a Discerning Consumer
(Reviewer: Richard Watson Todd) - - Fred L. Perry; (04-Dec-2005)

The Psychology of the Language Learner : Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Robert A May) - - Zoltán Dörnyei; (04-Dec-2005)

Teaching English to the World : History, Curriculum, and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - George Braine; (03-Dec-2005)

Washback in Language Testing : Research Contexts and Methods
(Reviewer: Esmat Babaii) - - Liying Cheng; Yoshinori Wantanabe; Andy Curtis; (16-Nov-2005)

Funds of Knowledge : Theorizing Practices in Households, Communities, and Classrooms
(Reviewer: ) - - Norma Gonzalez; Luis Moll; Cathy Amanti; (08-Nov-2005)

Methods of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts : The Methodology Chapters from the Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts, Second Edition; Sponsored by International Reading Association & National Council of Teachers of English
(Reviewer: Jeffrey S. Brown) - - James Flood; Diane Lapp; James R. Squire; Julie Jensen; (12-Oct-2005)

Writing With, Through, and Beyond the Text : An Ecology of Language
(Reviewer: Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful) - - Rebecca Luce-Kapler; (08-Oct-2005)

Language Minority Students in American Schools : An Education in English
(Reviewer: ) - - H. Douglas Adamson; (16-Sep-2005)

Negotiating Critical Literacies in Classrooms
(Reviewer: Amy Cecilia Hazelrigg) - - Barbara Comber; Anne Simpson; (06-Sep-2002)

Speaking, Reading and Writing with Language Learning Disabilities : New Paradigms in Research and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Katherine G. Butler; Elaine R Silliman; (22-Mar-2003)

Second Language Writers' Text : Linguistic and Rhetorical Features
(Reviewer: Georgette Nicolas Jabbour) - - Eli Hinkel; (15-Jul-2002)

Language, Cognition, and the Brain : Insights from Sign Language Research
(Reviewer: ) - - Karen Emmorey; (06-Sep-2002)

Medium of Instruction Policies : Which Agenda? Whose Agenda?
(Reviewer: Thapelo Joseph Otlogetswe) - - James W. Tollefson; Amy B.M. Tsui; (20-Apr-2005)

Crossing the Curriculum : Multilingual Learners in College Classrooms
(Reviewer: ) - - Vivian Zamel; Ruth Spack; (18-Apr-2005)

Form Meaning Connections in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Bill VanPatten; Jessica Williams; Susanne Rott; Mark Overstreet; (04-Apr-2005)

What Writing Does And How It Does It : An Introduction to Analyzing Texts and Textual Practices
(Reviewer: ) - - Charles Bazerman; Paul Prior; (30-Mar-2005)

New Perspectives on CALL for Second Language Classrooms
(Reviewer: Mathias Schulze) - - Sandra S. Fotos; Charles M Browne; (16-Mar-2005)

Teaching Academic ESL Writing : Practical Techniques in Vocabulary and Grammar
(Reviewer: Elizabeth M. Erling) - - Eli Hinkel; (14-Mar-2005)

The Texts in Elementary Classrooms
(Reviewer: ) - - James V. Hoffman; Diane L. Schallert; (10-Mar-2005)

Values in English Language Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - Bill Johnston; (06-Mar-2005)

Situational Context of Education : A Window Into the World of Bilingual Learners
(Reviewer: ) - - Maria Estela Brisk; Angela Burgos; Sara Ruth Hamerla; (02-Mar-2005)

Review of Adult Learning and Literacy, Volume 4 : Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice, A Project of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
(Reviewer: Stacia Ann Levy) - - John Comings; Barbara Garner; Cristine Smith; (12-Feb-2005)

Understanding Reading : A Psycholinguistic Analysis of Reading and Learning to Read, Sixth Edition
(Reviewer: Maria Isabel Kalbermatten) - - Frank Smith; (07-Feb-2005)

An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis in Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Rebecca Rogers; (07-Feb-2005)

Response to Student Writing : Implications for Second Language Students
(Reviewer: Laurel D Reinking) - - Dana R Ferris; (16-Jan-2005)

Discourse Analysis and the Study of Classroom Language and Literacy Events : A Microethnographic Perspective
(Reviewer: Charlotte Brammer) - - David Bloome; Stephanie Power Carter; Beth Morton Christian; Sheila Otto; Nora Shuart-Faris; (14-Jan-2005)

Second Language Teacher Education : International Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Diane J Tedick; (12-Jan-2005)

Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning
(Reviewer: Richard Watson Todd) - - Ference Marton; Amy B.M. Tsui; (10-Jan-2005)

Talking to Adults : The Contribution of Multiparty Discourse to Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Shoshana Blum-Kulka; Catherine E Snow; (19-Aug-2004)

The Verbal Communication of Emotions : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan R. Fussell; (07-Aug-2004)

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Family Literacy Practices : Power In and Out of Print
(Reviewer: Elaine B. Richardson) - - Rebecca Rogers; (03-Aug-2004)

Writing Games : Multicultural Case Studies of Academic Literacy Practices in Higher Education
(Reviewer: Charlotte Brammer) - - Christine Pearson Casanave; (21-Jul-2004)

Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School : Choices, Risks, and Dilemmas
(Reviewer: Fernanda L Ferreira) - - Tara Goldstein; (21-Jul-2004)

Negotiating Bilingual and Bicultural Identities : Japanese Returnees Betwixt Two Worlds
(Reviewer: ) - - Yasuko Kanno; (12-Jul-2004)

Ethnolinguistic Chicago : Language and Literacy in the City's Neighborhoods
(Reviewer: ) - - Marcia Farr; (10-Jul-2004)

Studies in Language and Social Interaction : In Honor of Robert Hopper
(Reviewer: Galina B. Bolden) - - Phillip J. Glenn; Curtis D. LeBaron; Jenny Mandelbaum; (04-Jul-2004)

Becoming Biliterate : A Study of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Education
(Reviewer: Laura Loder Büchel) - - Bertha Perez; (02-Jul-2004)

Language Competence Across Populations : Toward a Definition of Specific Language Impairment
(Reviewer: ) - - Yonata Levy; Jeannette C. Schaeffer; (09-Jun-2004)

Mind, Brain, and Language : Multidisciplinary Perspectives
(Reviewer: Phaedra Royle) - - Marie T. Banich; Molly Mack; (14-May-2004)

Classification of Developmental Language Disorders : Theoretical Issues and Clinical Implications
(Reviewer: Leah R. Paltiel-Gedalyovich) - - Ludo Verhoeven; Hans van Balkom; (27-Apr-2004)

The New Psychology of Language, Volume 2 : Cognitive and Functional Approaches to Language Structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael Tomasello; (18-Apr-2004)

The Foreign Language Educator in Society : Toward a Critical Pedagogy
(Reviewer: ) - - Timothy G. Reagan; Terry A. Osborn; (03-Feb-2003)

Language Policies in Education:Critical Issues
(Reviewer: Gabriel Rei-Doval) - - James W. Tollefson; (05-Mar-2002)

Community Writing: Researching Social Issues Through Composition
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul S. Collins; (17-Jan-2002)

Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan M. Gass; Larry Selinker; (13-Jun-2001)

Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Kimberly L. Geeslin) - - Susan M. Gass; Larry Selinker; (06-May-2001)

Communicating Gender
(Reviewer: ) - - Suzanne Romaine; (09-Sep-2000)

Social and Cognitive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan R. Fussell; Roger J. Kreuz; (25-Oct-1999)

Non-Native Educators in English Language Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - George Braine; (28-Jun-1999)

The Emergence of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Brian Macwhinney; (18-Jun-1999)

Reading Chinese Script: A Cognitive Analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Hsuan-Chih Chen; Albrecht W Inhoff; Jian Wang; (12-Jun-1999)

Dialects in Schools and Communities
(Reviewer: Mary B. Shapiro) - - Walt Wolfram; Carolyn Templ Adger; Donna M Christian; (30-Mar-1999)