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35 Review Title(s) found for Edinburgh University Press.
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An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Nicolas Ruytenbeek) - - Chris Cummins; Patrick Griffiths; (04-Dec-2017)

Practice in TESOL
(Reviewer: Skyler King) - - Fiona B. Farr; (13-Jan-2017)

The Stylistics of Professional Discourse
(Reviewer: Ines Busch-Lauer) - - Martin Solly; (27-Oct-2016)

The Russian Language Outside the Nation
(Reviewer: Liubov Baladzhaeva) - - Lara Ryazanova-Clarke; (06-Jul-2016)

French and Russian in Imperial Russia: Volume 1 : Language Use among the Russian Elite
(Reviewer: Anders Ahlqvist) - - Derek Offord; Lara Ryazanova-Clarke; Vladislav Rjeoutski; Gesine Argent; (12-Jan-2017)

Social Interaction in Second Language Chat Rooms
(Reviewer: José Ignacio Aguilar Río) - - Christopher Joseph Jenks; (24-May-2016)

Social Interaction in L2 Classroom Discourse
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Oljay Sert; (18-Apr-2016)

Edinburgh Handbook of Evaluative Morphology
(Reviewer: Stefan Hartmann) - - Nicola Grandi; Livia Kortvelyessy; (19-Feb-2016)

Language, Borders and Identity
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Dominic Watt; Carmen Llamas; (30-Jul-2015)

A Historical Phonology of English
(Reviewer: Christine Wallis) - - Donka Minkova; (21-Oct-2014)

The Sociolinguistics of Writing
(Reviewer: James Corcoran) - - Theresa Lillis; (11-Mar-2014)

Humboldt, Worldview and Language
(Reviewer: Pierre-Yves Modicom) - - James W. Underhill; (23-Apr-2014)

Classroom Discourse and Teacher Development
(Reviewer: Debra Vinci-Minogue) - - Steve Walsh; (03-Apr-2014)

Understanding Pragmatic Markers : A Variational Pragmatic Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Karin Aijmer; (17-Mar-2014)

Creating Worldviews : Metaphor, Ideology and Language
(Reviewer: Heather Walker Peterson) - - James W. Underhill; (08-Mar-2012)

Linguistic Variation and Change
(Reviewer: Memoria C James) - - Scott Fabius Kiesling; (12-Oct-2011)

An Introduction to Regional Englishes
(Reviewer: Simone C. Bacchini) - - Joan C. Beal; (16-Aug-2011)

Language and Identities
(Reviewer: ) - - Carmen Llamas; Dominic Watt; (16-Aug-2011)

Patterns in Child Phonology
(Reviewer: ) - - Wyn Johnson; Paula Reimers; (01-Feb-2011)

Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English
(Reviewer: Marlies Gabriele Prinzl) - - Hans Lindquist; (07-Sep-2010)

The Discursive Construction of National Identity : Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Ruth Wodak; Rudolf de Cillia; Martin Reisigl; Karin Liebhart; (06-Aug-2010)

Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Baker; (30-Jul-2010)

Indian English
(Reviewer: ) - - Sailaja Pingali; (30-Jun-2010)

An Introduction to Late Modern English
(Reviewer: ) - - Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade; (03-Jun-2010)

Clinical Linguistics
(Reviewer: Leah R. Paltiel-Gedalyovich) - - Louise Cummings; (07-Nov-2008)

A Glossary of English Grammar
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoffrey N. Leech; (08-Jun-2007)

A Glossary of Semantics and Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Klaus P. Schneider) - - Alan D. Cruse; (04-Jun-2007)

Linguistic Awareness in Multilinguals : English as a Third Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Ulrike Jessner; (19-Feb-2007)

An Introduction to Early Modern English
(Reviewer: David I. Cahill) - - Terttu Nevalainen; (06-Feb-2007)

Language Planning and Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Gibson Ferguson; (24-Aug-2006)

Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Siobhan Chapman; Christopher Routledge; (20-Jan-2006)

A Glossary of Morphology
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurie Bauer; (02-Jul-2005)

Language, Mind and Brain
(Reviewer: ) - - Ewa Dabrowska; (11-Jun-2005)

Historical Linguistics (Second Edition) : An Introduction
(Reviewer: Peter G. Öhl) - - Lyle Campbell; (06-Jun-2005)

New-Dialect Formation : The Inevitability of Colonial Englishes
(Reviewer: Philip A Shaw) - - Peter Trudgill; (07-Dec-2004)