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Research Developments in World Englishes
(Reviewer: Marc Deneire) - - Alexander Onysko; (21-Jun-2022)

Language and Nationality : Social Inferences, Cultural Differences, and Linguistic Misconceptions
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Pietro Bortone; (17-May-2022)

Bloomsbury World Englishes : Paradigms, Ideologies, Pedagogies
(Reviewer: Rong Ren) - - Mario Saraceni; (27-Jan-2022)

Study Abroad and the Second Language Learner : Expectations, Experiences and Development
(Reviewer: Rachel B Poulin) - - Martin Howard; (06-Jul-2021)

Linguistic Inquiries into Donald Trump's Language : From 'Fake News' to 'Tremendous Success'
(Reviewer: Peter Backhaus) - - Ulrike Schneider; Matthias Eitelmann; (07-Jul-2021)

Style and Emotion in Comic Novels and Short Stories
(Reviewer: Kimberley Pager-McClymont) - - Agnes Marszalek; (02-Jun-2021)

Introduction to Multimodal Analysis : 2nd edition
(Reviewer: Mashael Ayed Althobiti) - - Per Ledin; David Machin; (29-Jun-2021)

The Sociopolitics of English Language Testing
(Reviewer: Shaden Samir Attia) - - Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini; Peter De Costa; (23-Jun-2021)

Telecinematic Stylistics
(Reviewer: Neda Chepinchikj) - - Christian Hoffmann; Monika Kirner-Ludwig; (22-Apr-2021)

The Art of Political Storytelling : Why Stories Win Votes in Post-Truth Politics
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Philip Seargeant; (23-Feb-2021)

Multilingual Memories : Monuments, Museums and the Linguistic Landscape
(Reviewer: Marianna Deganutti) - - Robert Blackwood; John Macalister; (18-Mar-2021)

Language, Identity and Symbolic Culture
(Reviewer: Roxana Birsanu) - - David Evans; (04-Jan-2021)

Institutional Translation for International Governance : Enhancing Quality in Multilingual Legal Translation
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Fernando Prieto Ramos; (22-Jun-2020)

Data Collection Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: Andrew Jocuns) - - Heath Rose; Jim McKinley; Jessica Briggs Bafoe-Djan; (02-Jun-2020)

Understanding Media Semiotics : 2nd Edition
(Reviewer: Gloria Yan Dou) - - Marcel Danesi; (10-Jun-2020)

Corpus Approaches to the Language of Sports : Texts, Media, Modalities
(Reviewer: Shuyi Amelia Sun) - - Marcus Callies; Magnus Levin; (14-May-2020)

Advanced English Grammar (2nd edition) : A Linguistic Approach
(Reviewer: Marine Riou) - - Ilse Depraetere; Chad Langford; (01-Apr-2020)

The Social Semiotics of Tattoos : Skin and Self
(Reviewer: Andrew Jocuns) - - Chris William Martin; (01-Nov-2019)

More Wordcrime : Solving Crime With Linguistics
(Reviewer: Brett Mylo Drury) - - John Olsson; (16-Apr-2019)

Political Economy and Sociolinguistics : Neoliberalism, Inequality and Social Class
(Reviewer: Jennifer Martyn) - - David Block; (21-Jan-2019)

Searchable Talk : Hashtags and Social Media Metadiscourse
(Reviewer: Andrew Jocuns) - - Michele Zappavigna; (22-Jan-2019)

Facebook and Conversation Analysis : The Structure and Organization of Comment Threads
(Reviewer: Agnese Sampietro) - - Matteo Farina; (14-Jan-2019)

Learner Corpus Research : New Perspectives and Applications
(Reviewer: Jungmin Lim) - - Vaclav Brezina; Lynne Flowerdew; (21-Feb-2019)

Constructions of Migrant Integration in British Public Discourse : Becoming British
(Reviewer: Seyma Toker) - - Sam Bennett; (19-Oct-2018)

The Tyranny of Writing : Ideologies of the Written Word
(Reviewer: Katharina Klara Tyran) - - Constanze Weth; Kasper Juffermans; (08-Nov-2018)

Technolingualism : The Mind and The Machine
(Reviewer: Andrew Jocuns) - - James Pfrehm; (04-Dec-2018)

The Essential Hyland : Studies in Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: Terese Thonus) - - Ken Hyland; (15-Oct-2018)

Discourses of Men's Suicide Notes : A Qualitative Analysis
(Reviewer: Elizabeth M Wright) - - Dariusz Galasinski; (05-Sep-2018)

Telling the Story of Translation : Writers who Translate
(Reviewer: Roxana Birsanu) - - Judith Woodsworth; (30-Aug-2018)

Autonomous Language Learning with Technology : Beyond the Classroom
(Reviewer: Ali Dincer) - - Chun Lai; (02-Feb-2018)

Discourse and Identity on Facebook
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Mariza Georgalou; (13-Dec-2017)

Task-Based Language Learning in a Real-World Digital Environment : The European Digital Kitchen
(Reviewer: Bruna Sommer) - - Paul Seedhouse; (15-Dec-2017)

Linguanomics : What is the Market Potential of Multilingualism?
(Reviewer: Sofia Rüdiger) - - Gabrielle Susanne Hogan-Brun; (27-Feb-2018)

The Semiotics of Emoji : The Rise of Visual Language in the Age of the Internet
(Reviewer: Christopher D. Sams) - - Marcel Danesi; (11-Aug-2017)

Spoken Discourse
(Reviewer: Kerry J Mullan) - - Rodney H. Jones; (05-Jul-2017)

World Building : Discourse in the Mind
(Reviewer: Kim Ebensgaard Jensen) - - Joanna Gavins; Ernestine Lahey; (11-Aug-2017)

WorldCALL : Sustainability and Computer-Assisted Language Learning
(Reviewer: Pejman Habibie) - - Ana María Gimeno Sanz; Mike Levy; Françoise Blin; David Barr; (30-Jan-2017)

Contemporary Linguistic Parameters
(Reviewer: Dennis Ott) - - Antonio Fábregas; Jaume Mateu; Michael T. Putnam; (28-Oct-2016)

Second Language Acquisition : A Theoretical Introduction to Real World Applications
(Reviewer: Boris Yelin) - - Alessandro G. Benati; Tanja Angelovska; (26-Aug-2016)

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics : A Practical Resource
(Reviewer: Larry L. LaFond) - - Brian Paltridge; Aek Phakiti; (08-Nov-2016)

Crosslinguistic Influence and Crosslinguistic Interaction in Multilingual Language Learning
(Reviewer: Valeria Buttini-Bailey) - - Gessica De Angelis; Ulrike Jessner; Marijana Kresić; (15-Jun-2016)

Where is Language? : An Anthropologist's Questions on Language, Literature and Performance
(Reviewer: Sherrie Lee) - - Ruth Finnegan; (01-May-2017)

Linguistics: An Introduction : Answer Key
(Reviewer: Marcin Kuczok) - - William B McGregor; (21-Mar-2016)

World Englishes : A Critical Analysis
(Reviewer: Emilia Kirilova Slavova) - - Mario Saraceni; (09-Feb-2016)

Why Do Linguistics? : Reflective Linguistics and the Study of Language
(Reviewer: Adriana Picoral) - - Fiona English; Tim Marr; (03-Nov-2015)

Using Corpora to Analyze Gender
(Reviewer: Liang Zhao) - - Paul Baker; (14-Jan-2016)

Language and Identity : Discourse in the World
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - David Ceri Evans; (10-Aug-2015)

Intercultural Contact, Language Learning and Migration
(Reviewer: Leila Khabbazi-Oskouei) - - Barbara Gerachty; Jean E Conacher; (14-Dec-2015)

Teaching Languages with Technology : Communicative Approaches to Interactive Whiteboard Use
(Reviewer: Nana Xu) - - Euline Cutrim Schmid; Shona Whyte; (24-Aug-2015)

The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics
(Reviewer: Stefan Hartmann) - - Jeannette Littlemore; John R. Taylor; (29-Jun-2015)

Antagonism on Youtube : Metaphor in Online Discourse
(Reviewer: Lori Gilbert) - - Stephen Pihlaja; (24-Jun-2015)

Metaphor and Intercultural Communication
(Reviewer: Mario Bisiada) - - Andreas Musolff; Fiona MacArthur; Giulio Pagani; (09-Jun-2015)

Multilingual Encounters in Europe's Institutional Spaces
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Johann Wolfgang Unger; Michal Krzyzanowski; Ruth Wodak; (06-May-2015)

Developing Materials for Language Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - Brian Tomlinson; (16-Feb-2015)

Social Identities and Multiple Selves in Foreign Language Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Damian J. Rivers; Stephanie Ann Houghton; (03-Jan-2015)

Scientific Discourse and the Rhetoric of Globalization : The Impact of Culture and Language
(Reviewer: Damian J. Rivers) - - Carmen Pérez-Llantada; (11-Dec-2014)

The Bloomsbury Companion to Phonology
(Reviewer: Heather S Newell) - - Nancy Kula; Bert Botma; Kuniya Nasukawa; (12-Dec-2014)

Corpus-Based Translation Studies : Research and Applications
(Reviewer: Ulrike Stange-Hundsdörfer) - - Alet Kruger; Kim Wallmach; Jeremy Munday; (18-Nov-2014)

Language in Education : Social Implications
(Reviewer: Martin R. Gitterman) - - Rita Elaine Silver; Soe Marlar Lwin; (29-Sep-2014)

The Bloomsbury Companion to Historical Linguistics
(Reviewer: Dibella Wdzenczny Caminsky) - - Silvia Luraghi; Vit Luraghi; (04-Dec-2014)

A Buddhist Theory of Semiotics : Signs, Ontology, and Salvation in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism
(Reviewer: J. L Barnes) - - Fabio Rambelli; (01-Sep-2014)

Discourse in Context: Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 3
(Reviewer: ) - - John Flowerdew; Li Wei; (14-Oct-2014)

The Bloomsbury Companion to Discourse Analysis
(Reviewer: Inas Youssef Mahfouz) - - Ken Hyland; Brian Paltridge; (29-Sep-2014)

Voice in Political Discourse : Castro, Chavez, Bush and their Strategic Use of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Antonio Reyes; (18-May-2014)

Identity, Agency and the Acquisition of Professional Language and Culture
(Reviewer: Prospero N Garcia) - - Ping Deters; (29-May-2014)

News Discourse
(Reviewer: Chrystie Myketiak) - - Monika Bednarek; Helen Caple; (10-Apr-2014)

Contemporary Computer-Assisted Language Learning
(Reviewer: Ferit Kilickaya) - - Michael Thomas; Hayo Reinders; Mark Warschauer; (25-Feb-2014)

The Pragmatic Translator : An Integral Theory of Translation
(Reviewer: Elena Gheorghita) - - Massimiliano Morini; (08-Feb-2014)

Analysing Police Interviews : Laughter, Confessions and the Tape
(Reviewer: M. Catherine Gruber) - - Elisabeth Carter; (09-Jan-2014)

Language Ideologies and the Globalization of 'Standard' Spanish
(Reviewer: ) - - Darren Paffey; (26-Feb-2014)

Situated Politeness
(Reviewer: ) - - Bethan L Davies; Michael Haugh; Andrew John Merrison; (22-Aug-2013)

Corpus Applications in Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: Carmela Chateau-Smith) - - Ken Hyland; Meng Huat Chau; Michael Handford; (16-Aug-2013)

Foreign Language Learning and Use : Interaction in Informal Social Networks
(Reviewer: Ashlie N. Henery) - - Naomi Kurata; (26-Jun-2013)

Discourse Analysis : An Introduction, Second Edition
(Reviewer: Inas Youssef Mahfouz) - - Brian Paltridge; (08-Jul-2013)

New Trends in Corpora and Language Learning
(Reviewer: Robert E Poole) - - Ana Frankenberg-Garcia; Lynne Flowerdew; Guy Aston; (27-Jun-2013)

Labov : A Guide for the Perplexed
(Reviewer: ) - - Matthew J. Gordon; (02-Apr-2013)

Language, Gender and Children's Fiction
(Reviewer: Monika Pleyer) - - Jane Sunderland; (11-Feb-2013)

Translation, Humour and the Media : Translation and Humour Volume 2
(Reviewer: Win O. Whelan) - - Delia Chiaro; (15-Jan-2013)

Academic Writing and Genre : A Systematic Analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Ian Bruce; (08-Jan-2013)

Scientific Discourse and the Rhetoric of Globalization : The Impact of Culture and Language
(Reviewer: Daniel Lees Fryer) - - Carmen Pérez-Llantada; (31-Jan-2013)

Global Trends in Translator and Interpreter Training : Mediation and Culture
(Reviewer: Piero Antonio Toto) - - Séverine Emmanuelle Hubscher-Davidson; Michal Borodo; (09-Dec-2012)

Academic Writing in a Second or Foreign Language : Issues and Challenges Facing ESL/EFL Academic Writers in Higher Education Contexts
(Reviewer: Nana Xu) - - Ramona Tang; (02-Oct-2012)

School Discourse : Learning to write across the years of schooling
(Reviewer: Dalia Magana) - - Frances Christie; Beverly Derewianka; (25-Jul-2012)

Modelling Text As Process : A Dynamic Approach to EFL Classroom Discourse
(Reviewer: Thomas Amundrud) - - Xueyan Yang; (02-Nov-2011)

Rethinking Idiomaticity : A Usage-based Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Stefanie Wulff; (01-Nov-2011)

Contemporary Stylistics
(Reviewer: Nadia Nicoleta Morarasu) - - Marina Lambrou; Peter Stockwell; (20-Aug-2011)

Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics
(Reviewer: Malcolm D. Ross) - - Silvia Luraghi; Vit Luraghi; (22-Aug-2011)

Systemic Functional Grammar of Spanish : A Contrastive Study with English
(Reviewer: ) - - Julia Lavid; Jorge Arus; Juan Rafael Zamorano-Mansilla; (05-Aug-2011)

Research Methods in Linguistics
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Lia Litosseliti; (23-Jul-2011)

Formulaic Language and Second Language Speech Fluency : Background, Evidence and Classroom Applications
(Reviewer: ) - - David C. Wood; (17-Jun-2011)

Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching with Technology
(Reviewer: Zoe Louise Handley) - - Michael Thomas; Hayo Reinders; (01-Jun-2011)

Academic Writing and Plagiarism : A Linguistic Analysis
(Reviewer: Donna Patricia Bain Butler) - - Diane Pecorari; (23-May-2011)

Globalization and Language in Contact : Scale, Migration, and Communicative Practices
(Reviewer: ) - - James Collins; Stef Slembrouck; Mike Baynham; (25-Jan-2011)

Multilingualism : A Critical Perspective
(Reviewer: Valeria Buttini-Bailey) - - Adrian Blackledge; Angela Creese; (05-Jan-2011)

Rethinking Idiomaticity : A Usage-Based Approach
(Reviewer: Phoebe M. S. Lin) - - Stefanie Wulff; (30-Jan-2010)

Quantitative Research in Linguistics : An Introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Sebastian M. Rasinger; (09-Dec-2009)

Teacher Cognition and Language Education : Research and Practice
(Reviewer: Drew Stephen Fagan) - - Simon Borg; (17-Nov-2009)

Second Language Identities
(Reviewer: Laura M Callahan) - - David Block; (03-Aug-2009)

Language, Culture and Identity : An Ethnolinguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: Larry L. LaFond) - - Philip Riley; (07-Apr-2009)

Communicating Conflict : Multilingual Case Studies of the News Media
(Reviewer: ) - - Elizabeth A. Thomson; Peter R. R. White; (12-Dec-2008)

Text, Discourse and Corpora : Theory and Analysis
(Reviewer: Stacia Ann Levy) - - Michael Hoey; Michaela Mahlberg; Michael Stubbs; Wolfgang Teubert; (12-Nov-2008)

Language in the Media : Representations, Identities, Ideologies
(Reviewer: ) - - Sally Johnson; Astrid Ensslin; (03-Nov-2008)

Academic Writing and Genre : A Systematic Analysis
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - Ian Bruce; (10-Oct-2008)

Conversation in Context : A Corpus-Driven Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Christoph Ruhlemann; (06-Oct-2008)

Language Evolution : Contact, Competition and Change
(Reviewer: Lixia Susan Cheng) - - Salikoko S Mufwene; (29-Sep-2008)

English Language Teaching in China : New Approaches, Perspectives and Standards
(Reviewer: ) - - Jun Liu; (15-Sep-2008)

Lexicology : A short introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael A. K. Halliday; Colin Yallop; (24-Jul-2008)

Japanese Linguistics : An introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Toshiko Yamaguchi; (01-Jul-2008)

Linguistic Minorities and Modernity : A Sociolinguistic Ethnography, Second Edition
(Reviewer: Judith M.S. Pine) - - Monica Heller; (18-Jun-2008)

Japanese Language in Use : An Introduction
(Reviewer: Julie Bruch) - - Toshiko Yamaguchi; (16-Jun-2008)

Discourses of Endangerment : Ideology and interest in the defence of languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Alexandre Duchêne; Monica Heller; (28-Apr-2008)

Contrastive Linguistics : Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Pan Wenguo; Tham Wai Mun; (15-Apr-2008)

Idioms and Collocations : Corpus-based linguistic and lexicographic studies
(Reviewer: ) - - Christiane Fellbaum; (28-Feb-2008)

A Systemic Functional Grammar of Japanese
(Reviewer: Heiko Narrog) - - Kazuhiro Teruya; (21-Feb-2008)

Understanding Language : A Basic Course in Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Elizabeth Grace Winkler; (08-Jan-2008)

Corpus Linguistics : A short introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Wolfgang Teubert; Anna Cermáková; (17-Sep-2007)

Language Acquisition and Development : Studies of learners of first and other languages
(Reviewer: Catherine N. Davies) - - Brian Tomlinson; (31-Jul-2007)

Discourse Analysis : An Introduction
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Brian Paltridge; (13-Jul-2007)

The Sociolinguistics of Identity
(Reviewer: ) - - Tope Omoniyi; Goodith White; (31-May-2007)

Corpus Linguistics and World Englishes : An Analysis of Xhosa English
(Reviewer: ) - - Vivian Anne de Klerk; (20-Apr-2007)

Word Grammar : New Perspectives on a Theory of Language Structure
(Reviewer: Valeria Quochi) - - Kensei Sugayama; Richard A. Hudson; (30-Sep-2006)

Multimodal Discourse Analysis : Systemic Functional Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Kay L O'Halloran; (28-Sep-2006)

An Introduction to Language and Linguistics : Breaking the Language Spell
(Reviewer: ) - - Christopher J. Hall; (28-Sep-2006)

Corpus Linguistics : Readings in a Widening Discipline
(Reviewer: Jon Clenton) - - Geoffrey Sampson; Diana McCarthy; (28-Apr-2006)

Analysing Academic Writing : Contextualized Frameworks
(Reviewer: ) - - Robert A. Ellis; Louise J Ravelli; (28-Apr-2006)

On Grammar
(Reviewer: Qichang Ye) - - Michael A. K. Halliday; (26-Apr-2006)

Metadiscourse : Exploring Interaction in Writing
(Reviewer: ) - - Ken Hyland; (14-Jan-2006)

The Semantics of Science
(Reviewer: Madalena Cruz-Ferreira) - - Roy Harris; (17-Oct-2005)

The 'Language Instinct' Debate : Revised Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoffrey Sampson; (01-Oct-2005)

Computational and Quantitative Studies
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael A. K. Halliday; Jonathan J. Webster; (05-Aug-2005)

Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis : Studies in Social Change
(Reviewer: Salvio Martín Menéndez) - - Lynne Young; Claire Harrison; (02-Jul-2005)

Meaningful Texts : The Extraction of Semantic Information from Monolingual and Multilingual Corpora
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoff Barnbrook; Michaela Mahlberg; (31-May-2005)

An Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics : Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Suzanne Eggins; (18-May-2005)

Agency and Consciousness in Discourse : Self-Other Dynamics as a Complex System
(Reviewer: Qichang Ye) - - Paul J. Thibault; (10-May-2005)

Applied Linguistics as Social Science : With a foreword by Derek Layder
(Reviewer: ) - - Alison Sealey; Bob Carter; (15-Feb-2005)

Multimodal Discourse Analysis : Systemic Functional Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Kay L O'Halloran; (01-Feb-2005)

Worlds of Written Discourse : A Genre-Based View
(Reviewer: ) - - Vijay K. Bhatia; (31-Jan-2005)

The Development of Language : Functional Perspectives on Species and Individuals
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoff Williams; Annabelle Lukin; (16-Jan-2005)

Corpus Linguistics : Readings in a Widening Discipline
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoffrey Sampson; Diana McCarthy; (14-Jan-2005)

Lexicology and Corpus Linguistics : An Introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael A. K. Halliday; Wolfgang Teubert; Colin Yallop; Anna Cermáková; (30-Nov-2004)

Forensic Linguistics : An Introduction to Language, Crime and the Law
(Reviewer: Blake Stephen Howald) - - John Olsson; (04-Oct-2004)

Relations and Functions Within and Around Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter H. Fries; Michael Cummings; † David G. Lockwood; William Spruiell; (19-Dec-2003)