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10 Review Title(s) found for Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
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Finite-State Text Processing
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Kyle Gorman; Richard Sproat; (09-Feb-2022)

Linguistic Fundamentals for Natural Language Processing II : 100 Essentials from Semantics and Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Maria-Jose Arrufat-Marques) - - Emily M. Bender; Alex Lascarides; (25-Mar-2021)

Bayesian Analysis in Natural Language Processing : Second Edition
(Reviewer: Brett Mylo Drury) - - Shay Cohen; (18-Nov-2019)

Metaphor : A Computational Perspective
(Reviewer: Pia Sommerauer) - - Tony Veale; Ekaterina Shutova; Beata Beigman Klebanov; (24-Aug-2018)

Grammatical Inference for Computational Linguistics
(Reviewer: Andrew Lamont) - - Jeffrey N. Heinz; Colin de la Higuera; Menno M. van Zaanen; (02-May-2016)

Semantic Similarity from Natural Language and Ontology Analysis
(Reviewer: Emiel van Miltenburg) - - Sebastian Harispe; Sylvie Ranwez; Stefan Janaqi; Jacky Montmain; (02-May-2016)

Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners : Second Edition
(Reviewer: Cornelia I. Tschichold) - - Claudia Leacock; Martin Chodorow; Michael Gamon‌; Joel Tetreault; (13-Feb-2015)

Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts
(Reviewer: Bev Thurber) - - Michael Piotrowski; (16-Jan-2014)

Computational Modeling of Narrative
(Reviewer: Choonkyu Lee) - - Inderjeet Mani; (18-Jul-2013)

Linguistic Structure Prediction
(Reviewer: Benjamin Tobias Börschinger) - - Noah A. Smith‌; Graeme Hirst; (16-Feb-2012)