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There are 342 software submissions.

This page displays software announcements submitted and posted on LINGUIST. You can sort the records by issue number, title or submitter last name.

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Date   Asc / Desc Title Submitter Name
14-Dec-2000 Software Package: Lextools Richard Sproat
19-Dec-2000 Machine Translation Site Softissimo Sarl
15-Jan-2001 Archiving Software:Eprints 1.0 from Stevan Harnad
26-Jan-2001 Unicode in Microsoft Word Oesten Dahl
21-Feb-2001 Bigram Statistics Package v0.3 Ted Pedersen
21-Feb-2001 Language Learning: Ceaser 3.0 Latin Software Michael Cummings
23-Feb-2001 Language Independent Part-of-Speech Tagger Vlad V. Gojol
12-Mar-2001 German Word Formation Dictionary Browser Marc Domenig
20-Mar-2001 ETYMO - An Interpreter to Simulate Historical Sound Change Schmuki Marcel
30-Mar-2001 British National Corpus Indexer available for download Antonio Moreno Ortiz
22-May-2001 NJStar Asian Explorer v 1.23 NJStar Software
08-Jul-2001 Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE) Vo-Coder Training Audio LDC Office
08-Jan-2002 KickKeys:Transliteration Software KickKeys KickKeys
16-Jan-2002 TIGERSearch treebank query tool Wolfgang Lezius
16-Jan-2002 Functional Grammar Workbench Juan Ruiz-Anton
24-Jan-2002 INTEX:A Software Platform for a Large-Coverage Description of Languages Max Silberztein
14-Feb-2002 Concordance 3.0 Rob Watt
28-Feb-2002 AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW -- Concordance, Version 3.0 Reviews reviews
21-Mar-2002 Systemics1.0" Software for Coding Linguistic Analysis Kay O'Halloran
29-Mar-2002 KickKeys - Transliteration software KickKeys -
19-Apr-2002 Development of Chronological Terms Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT)
13-May-2002 VisualText: Integrated Development Environment for NLP James James
15-May-2002 AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Terry Langendoen
23-May-2002 CLaRK System - an XML-based System for Corpora Development Kiril Simov
15-Jun-2002 Natural Language Toolkit, Version 0.7 Edward Loper
17-Jun-2002 BNCweb--A Web-based Interface to the British National Corpus Sebastian Hoffmann
30-Jun-2002 Call for reviewers for BNCweb Terry Langendoen
13-Jul-2002 Software: VisualText Academic Version Amnon Meyers
30-Jul-2002 Unisyn Lexicon Re-release from CSTR Simon King
15-Nov-2002 New LDC Publications LDC Office
16-Nov-2002 EEGLAB Toolbox Released Arnaud Delorme
02-Dec-2002 MEAD - Multidocument Summarization Environment Dragomir Radev
23-Dec-2002 Announcing the Beta Release of the Versioning Machine 1.0 Susan Schreibman
15-May-2003 Leximancer Peter Hollands
04-Jun-2003 FSM and GRM libraries: Speech Recognition System Brian Roark
17-Jun-2003 New release of SignStream and ASL data Carol Neidle
19-Jun-2003 WORDSTAT v4.0: Analyzing Textual Information Normand Peladeau
14-Jul-2003 LEMMA3 Gerd Willee
19-Aug-2003 NLTK 1.1: Natural Language Processing Software Edward Loper
05-Nov-2003 NLTK 1.2: Natural Language Processing Edward Loper
24-Nov-2003 CLaRK System - Second Version Release Kiril Simov
24-Nov-2003 AKUSTYK for Praat Bartek Plichta
12-Dec-2003 Phono 4.1 Lee Hartman
12-Dec-2003 Open Lexicon Exchange Format v.2 Susan McCormick
16-Feb-2004 Review of Natural Language Toolkit 1.2 linguistlist reviews
17-Feb-2004 Versioning Machine 2.0 Susan Schreibman
04-Mar-2004 Call for reviewers Terry Langendoen
18-Mar-2004 QDA Miner v1.0 Normand Peladeau
23-Mar-2004 Request for Feedback Andrew Kehoe
13-Apr-2004 Unicode phonetics font Michael Cahill
24-Aug-2004 Free Demo Versions of Mouton Multimedia Products Julia Ulrich
24-Sep-2004 World Language Mapping in GIS format Bill Dickson
24-Sep-2004 The APA Style Converter Ping Li
03-Nov-2004 Morph-It! Italian Lemma Lexicon Marco Baroni
12-Nov-2004 Storybase - A Dictionary of Narrative Situations Wylie Sawyer
29-Nov-2004 CLaRK 3 Release Alex Simov
30-Nov-2004 CLaRK System V3: XML-based System for Corpora Work Kiril Simov
19-Dec-2004 Wordcorr tool for comparative linguistics Joseph Grimes
30-Dec-2004 xyling - tree drawing macros for LaTeX users Ralf Vogel
22-Jan-2005 Spanish corpus with integrated search functions Craig Schulenberg
18-May-2005 Open-source IPA input method for Mac OS Brian 'Moses' Hall
07-Sep-2005 The Language Machine Peri Hankey
16-Sep-2005 New resources from the BNC Ylva Berglund
10-Nov-2005 Alchemist 2.0 software now available John Goldsmith
23-Nov-2005 WordNet 2.1 Java API Philipp Cimiano
22-Dec-2005 TIGERCorpus Release 2 Silvia Hansen-Schirra
24-Jan-2006 Bonn Open Synthesis System released Stefan Breuer
26-Jan-2006 Available for review: Alchemist 2.0.5 Terry Langendoen
01-Feb-2006 New Linguistic Software Gabriel de Ávila Othero
01-Feb-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update Helene Mazo
14-Feb-2006 OpenMary: Open Source Emotional TTS Released Marc Schröder
22-Feb-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update - 02/2006 Hélène Mazo
06-Mar-2006 TreeForm Syntax Tree Drawing Software Donald Derrick
16-Mar-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 03/06-3 Hélène Mazo
16-Mar-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 03/06-1 Hélène Mazo
16-Mar-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 03/06-2 Hélène Mazo
03-Apr-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 04/06-2 Helene Mazo
03-Apr-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 04/06-1 Helene Mazo
03-Apr-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 04/06-3 Helene Mazo
06-Apr-2006 New Resources from the LDC Linguistic Data Consortium
18-Apr-2006 Software to be Used in Foreign Language Teaching Viatcheslav Yatsko
27-Apr-2006 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update 04/27 Hélène Mazo
30-May-2006 Soqotri ttf. Font Free Vladimir Agafonov
12-Jun-2006 MiniJudge: Judgment Collecting Software James Myers
12-Jun-2006 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update 06/06 Helene Mazo
20-Jun-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 06/06-2 Hélène Mazo
30-Jun-2006 Sound Patterns Database Jeff Mielke
06-Jul-2006 Two New Corpora of Spoken and Written English Christine Bowles
07-Jul-2006 First Release: Shallow Semantic Parser Katrin Erk
10-Jul-2006 Natural Language Toolkit: NLTK-Lite version 0.6.5 Steven Bird
25-Jul-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 07/06 Helene Mazo
22-Aug-2006 NEMLAR Arabic Resouces in ELRA Catalogue - 08/06 Helene Mazo
29-Aug-2006 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update 08/06 Helene Mazo
21-Sep-2006 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update 09/06 Helene Mazo
26-Sep-2006 Second Release of the RASP System Ted Briscoe
27-Sep-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 09/06-2 Helene Mazo
18-Oct-2006 CLAIRLIB release Mark Joseph
20-Nov-2006 Speech Resources from NEOLOGOS in ELRA Catalogue Helene Mazo
21-Nov-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 11/06 Helene Mazo
27-Nov-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 11/06-2 Helene Mazo
18-Dec-2006 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 12/06 Helene Mazo
30-Jan-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 1/07 Helene Mazo
08-Feb-2007 New CLAIRLIB Release Mark Joseph
13-Feb-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 2/07 Helene Mazo
21-Feb-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 2/07 -2 Hélène Mazo
05-Mar-2007 Software for Foreign Language Instruction Viatcheslav Yatsko
13-Mar-2007 Shallow Semantic Parser, New Release Sebastian Pado
20-Mar-2007 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update 03/07 Helene Mazo
22-Mar-2007 The R Project New Release Stefan Th. Gries
27-Mar-2007 ELRA Catalogue Update 3/07 - 2 Helene Mazo
01-Apr-2007 Software Announcement: WordGenerator Bill Poser
17-Apr-2007 CLAIRLIB 1.0 Release Mark Joseph
16-May-2007 Updated MiniJudge (judgment experiment software) James Myers
28-May-2007 Acoustic Recording Software for Speech Production Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
30-May-2007 OntoSelect 0.2 Paul Buitelaar
31-May-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update Helene Mazo
08-Jun-2007 New Suite of Linguistically-Motivated NLP Tools Stephen Clark
11-Sep-2007 CLAIR Library version Bryan Gibson
06-Nov-2007 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue Update Helene Mazo
08-Nov-2007 EXMARaLDA / Linguistic Annotation Wiki Thomas Schmidt
15-Nov-2007 Parser Release: TuLiPA Laura Kallmeyer
16-Nov-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue 11/07-1 Hélène Mazo
16-Nov-2007 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue 11/07-2 Hélène Mazo
10-Dec-2007 ELRA Special Offers & ELRA Catalogue Update 12/07 Helene Mazo
12-Jan-2008 Texai English Lexicon Available in RDF Stephen Reed
15-Jan-2008 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 1/08 Hélène Mazo
15-Jan-2008 Release of Parallel Treebank Corpus and Tool Martin Volk
21-Jan-2008 Miner for Multidimensional Socio-Semantic Networks John Judge
21-Feb-2008 OpenEphyra open source question answering system Nico Schlaefer
31-Mar-2008 Paradigm... Stimulus Presentation Made Easy Bruno Tagliaferri
01-Apr-2008 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 4/08 Helene Mazo
26-May-2008 DeepDict Lexicography Tool Eckhard Bick
31-May-2008 Universal Transliteration Tool Venkat Ramdass
11-Jun-2008 Chat mining software Viatcheslav Yatsko
08-Jul-2008 Linguaseek Update Venkat Ramdass
10-Jul-2008 Microsoft Research ESL Assistant Prototype Chris Brockett
18-Jul-2008 MonaSearch – A Powerful Treebank Query Tool Hendrik Maryns
19-Jul-2008 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 7/08 Helene Mazo
28-Jul-2008 Phon 1.3 Release Yvan Rose
03-Sep-2008 shva, a Web GUI for Aligned Linguistic Annotations T E Reisler
05-Sep-2008 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
08-Sep-2008 Paradigm... A Better Way to Build Your Experiments Bruno Tagliaferri
14-Sep-2008 Free software for authorship attribution Patrick Juola
02-Oct-2008 LanguageWare Resource Workbench John Judge
08-Oct-2008 Software for automatic text processing Slava Yatsko
14-Oct-2008 Pinyin Builder Wayne Kirk
24-Oct-2008 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
21-Nov-2008 Final Second HAREM Resources available Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
25-Nov-2008 Pathfinder Through Framenet: new web application Marco Pennacchiotti
25-Nov-2008 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
15-Dec-2008 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
21-Jan-2009 Phone Text Corpus And Software John Olsson
24-Mar-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene MAZO
31-Mar-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
28-Apr-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
08-May-2009 Beta Release: Multi-lingual, Non-English Search Venkat Ramdass
28-May-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
02-Jun-2009 On-line delivery of Arboreal and ArborWin Michael Bernstein
07-Jun-2009 International Corpus of Learner English Version 2 Sylviane Granger
11-Jun-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
07-Jul-2009 EXMARaLDA: Spoken Language Corpus Software Thomas Schmidt
09-Jul-2009 ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update Helene Mazo
18-Aug-2009 Linguos - Update Venkat Ramdass
08-Sep-2009 ELRA: Distribution Agreement signed for BioLexicon Helene Mazo
24-Sep-2009 ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update Helene Mazo
25-Sep-2009 Synview - A syntax tree visualization tool Jan Strunk
27-Oct-2009 Lexical-Functional Grammar parser XLFG5 Lionel Clément
16-Nov-2009 Release of the Automated Retrieval Console Leonard D'Avolio
17-Nov-2009 Linguos: Cross-language search Venkat Ramdass
17-Nov-2009 LexChecker - an web-based BNC-corpus query service Nai-Lung Tsao
24-Nov-2009 Input method for Classical Sanskrit Richmond Mathewson
22-Jan-2010 OTKit: new software for Optimality Theory Tamas Biro
22-Feb-2010 New linguistic software from CLL Viatcheslav Yatsko
23-Feb-2010 Onoma: New and existing Spanish verbs conjugator Luz Rello
23-Feb-2010 Paradigm - A Better Way to Build Your Experiments Bruno Tagliaferri
24-Feb-2010 PANL10n Releases Linguistic Resources and Software Sarmad Hussain
09-Mar-2010 NavigAIS - AIS Digital Atlas & Navigation Software Graziano Tisato
24-May-2010 En una palabra, Puebla, México: A CD-ROM for... Jackie Beilhart
27-May-2010 CardWorld1 a small deep example of understanding James Mason
21-Jun-2010 Sanskrit Input: Devawriter Pro Richmond Mathewson
01-Jul-2010 Syntactica Software Michelle Pullano
15-Sep-2010 Prosody Research Tools Available Yi Xu
03-Dec-2010 NooJ: Finite-State Language Processing Chris Humphrey
06-Dec-2010 EXMARaLDA Spoken Language Tools: New versions Thomas Schmidt
13-Dec-2010 Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures: Whitley, L Beilhart Jackie
27-Jan-2011 Spoken Learner Corpus of English Sylviane Granger
10-Mar-2011 Leopar 1.0.0 release Bruno Guillaume
14-Mar-2011 Paradigm-Stimulus Presentation Without Limitations Bruno Tagliaferri
04-Apr-2011 ANN: GeoWordNet Public Dataset Updated Aliaksandr Autayeu
04-Apr-2011 Linguistic Resources: Verb Ontology Arun Majumdar
13-Apr-2011 Resources: Lexicon-Grammar tables 3.3 Elsa Tolone
29-Apr-2011 XLingPaper: Writing Linguistic Documents in XML H. Andrew Black
08-Aug-2011 KwicKwic: Great Text Analysis Tool Betsy Barry
31-Aug-2011 New English Grammar App for iPhone Now Available Bas Aarts
09-Sep-2011 ParZu, The Zurich Dependency Parser for German Rico Sennrich
17-Sep-2011 KwicKwic Document Analysis: New Version Released Clayton Darwin
31-Oct-2011 Speak Everywhere: An Online Service for Linguists Atsushi Fukada
21-Nov-2011 i2Speak: Smart IPA Keyboard Sciweavers Admin
16-Jan-2012 Great Corpus of French language Grammars... rosemonde mathieu
07-Feb-2012 The Great Corpus of French Language Dictionaries Rosemonde Mathieu
22-Feb-2012 A Simple Syntax Tree Generator Miles Shang
23-Feb-2012 KwicKwic Document Analysis Tool: Free Full Version Clayton Darwin
29-Feb-2012 KH Coder: Quantitative Text Analysis Koichi Higuchi
01-Mar-2012 Turkish Corpora-Online Available Taner Sezer
14-Mar-2012 ELT: NLP Software Available Philip Bralich
02-Apr-2012 Pazuru Alfabet Horacio Vilches
17-Apr-2012 LingPy-1.0 Released Johann-Mattis List
27-Apr-2012 A Chrome extension that adds diacritics to English Ziyuan Yao
08-Jun-2012 175,000 references for typology: Glottolog/Langdoc Sebastian Nordhoff
18-Jun-2012 Linguist's Assistant - A Multilingual NLG Tod Allman
20-Jun-2012 New Linguistics Spotlight App Lisa Evans
18-Jul-2012 Toney: Software for Phonetic Classification Steven Bird
12-Sep-2012 Linguistic Annotation Game Johan Bos
12-Oct-2012 Computational Linguistics, Lexicography, Semantics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: SALTO Semantic Annotation Tool Caroline Sporleder
25-Oct-2012 Computational Linguistics, Lexicography, Semantics: plWordNet (Polish Wordnet) 1.8 Maciej Piasecki
02-Nov-2012 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: QDA Miner 4.0 and WordStat 6.1 Software Package Adam Bendriss Alami
08-Nov-2012 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: brat rapid annotation tool v1.3 (Crunchy Frog) Pontus Stenetorp
08-Jan-2013 Language Documentation, Phonetics: Field Recorder Prof. Hansjörg Mixdorff
18-Jan-2013 Software Available For Review Reviews Team
20-Jan-2013 General Linguistics: forest v1.02: a new tree-drawing package for LaTeX Sašo Živanović
12-Feb-2013 Computational Linguistics, Lexicograpy, Semantics: Polish Wordnet, plWordNet 2.0 Maciej Piasecki
22-Feb-2013 Discipline of Linguistics: XLingPaper version 2.21.0 Andy Black
27-Feb-2013 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: Turkish National Corpus Mustafa Aksan
27-Feb-2013 Software Available For Review Reviews Team
14-Mar-2013 Computational Linguistics: Diatech Gotzon Aurrekoetxea
29-Apr-2013 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: Nonobox 0.2 Rafael Nonato
13-May-2013 Computational Linguistics, Translation: PRESEMT Marina Vassiliou
15-Jul-2013 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: Textal 1.0 Melissa Terras
17-Jul-2013 Applied Linguistics, Phonetics: PIE (Phonetically Intuitive English) Ziyuan Yao
23-Jul-2013 Computational Linguistics, Genetic Classification, Historical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics: LingPy-2.0 Johann-Mattis List
10-Sep-2013 Text/Corpus Linguistics: WordWanderer Dawn Knight
11-Sep-2013 Computational Linguistics: TWSI Sense Substituter Software 1.0.1 Tristan Miller
14-Sep-2013 Language Documentation, Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: EXMARaLDA (version 1.5.2.) Thomas Schmidt
25-Sep-2013 Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: Database for Spoken German (DGD2) Thomas Schmidt
01-Oct-2013 Computational Linguistics: DKPro Core 1.5.0 Richard Eckart de Castilho
14-Oct-2013 Computational Linguistics: DKPro WSD 0.9.1 Tristan Miller
15-Oct-2013 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics, Writing Systems: eoconv 1.4 Tristan Miller
20-Oct-2013 Phonetics, Phonology: FormantPro 1.0 Yi Xu
22-Nov-2013 Semantics: Mind Paths Michael Vitevitch
28-Nov-2013 Computational Linguistics: TWSI Sense Substituter Software 1.0.2 Tristan Miller
29-Nov-2013 Computational Linguistics: DKPro WSD 1.0.0 Tristan Miller
11-Dec-2013 Computational Linguistics: MITRE Annotation Toolkit 2.0.4 Samuel Bayer
05-Feb-2014 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: International Corpus of Arabic Sameh Alansary
07-Feb-2014 Sociolinguistics: NavigAIS (AIS navigator) Graziano Tisato
12-May-2014 Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: The General Architecture for Text Engineering 8.0 Damir Cavar
13-May-2014 Computational Linguistics, Syntax: SentiLecto Fernando Balbachan
15-May-2014 Phonetics: Phoneme Converter Reece Dunn
09-Jun-2014 Computational Linguistics; Pragmatics; Semantics: Projective Discourse Representation Theory Sandbox Harm Brouwer
16-Jun-2014 Computational Linguistics, Semantics: DKPro WSD 1.1.0 Tristan Miller
31-Jul-2014 Computational Linguistics: plWordNet (2.2) CLARIN-PL CLARIN-PL
28-Aug-2014 Computational Linguistics: DKPro Core 1.6.2 Tristan Miller
17-Sep-2014 WebAnno 2 (2.0.10) Richard Eckart de Castilho
19-Sep-2014 WordByWord Vera Ferreira
30-Sep-2014 Dictionary of the French Language by Littré-Online Rosemonde Mathieu
05-Oct-2014 Universal Dependencies, version 1 Joakim Nivre
21-Oct-2014 Phon 2 Yvan Rose
17-Nov-2014 Phonetics: PraatR Aaron Albin
20-Nov-2014 Computational Linguistics; Morphology; Text/Corpus Linguistics: types2: Type and Hapax Accumulation Curves Tanja Säily
03-Dec-2014 Computational Linguistics; Syntax: XLFG Lionel Clément
05-Dec-2014 Computational Linguistics: UBY (0.6.0) Tristan Miller
05-Dec-2014 Computational Linguistics: DKPro Core (1.7.0) Tristan Miller
17-Dec-2014 Mobile plWordNet Katarzyna Klajn
20-Feb-2015 Orange Textable 1.5 Aris Xanthos
03-Mar-2015 DKPro WSD 1.2.0 Tristan Miller
06-Mar-2015 WebAnno 2.1 Richard Eckart de Castilho
23-Mar-2015 Annotation Pro Katarzyna Klessa
07-Jul-2015 Child Phonology Analyzer 5.0 Chen Gafni
13-Aug-2015 SentiLecto 2.4 Fernando Balbachan
18-Sep-2015 SentiLecto API (1.0) Fernando Balbachan
04-Mar-2016 Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: NLTK 3.2 Steven Bird
05-Mar-2016 Computational Linguistics; Morphology; Phonology; Syntax: Thrax 1.2.1 Kyle Gorman
10-May-2016 Cognitive Science; Psycholinguistics: VWPre (0.5.0) Vincent Porretta
17-May-2016 Johann-Mattis List
12-Jul-2016 Unitex/GramLab 3.1 stable is here Eric Laporte
09-Aug-2016 EDD (English Dialect Dictionary) Online Manfred Markus
14-Aug-2016 Release of BabelNet 3.7 Roberto Navigli
17-Aug-2016 Text/Corpus Linguistics: WordStatix Massimo Nardello
07-Oct-2016 Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: MITRE Annotation Toolkit 3.1 Samuel Bayer
27-Oct-2016 Computational Linguistics: TF*IDF Ranker and Russian stemmer Viatcheslav Yatsko
09-Nov-2016 Tex/Corpus Linguistics: TAALES 2.2 Scott Crossley
24-Nov-2016 English; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Freiburg Corpus of English Dialects Bernd Kortmann
06-Dec-2016 Computational Linguistics; Semantics: WNetSS API Mohamed Ben Aouicha
09-Dec-2016 Computational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Semantics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Lingmotif 1.0 Antonio Moreno Ortiz
19-Jan-2017 Worldlikeness: Typological Psycholinguistics Tool Tsung-Ying Chen
29-Jan-2017 Lingtypology: R package for Linguistic Cartography George Moroz
27-Feb-2017 Lingtypology: R package for Linguistic Cartography George Moroz
15-Aug-2017 New version of SignStream software Carol Neidle
14-Nov-2017 THE NooJ Kiswahili Module Mathieu Roy
23-Nov-2017 LingPy 2.6 Released Johann-Mattis List
20-Apr-2018 Corpus of Regional African American Language Charlie Farrington
04-May-2018 NLP Source Code from Ergo Linguistic Technologies Philip Bralich
17-May-2018 Child Phonology Analyzer (CPA) Chen Gafni
25-May-2018 Database for Spoken German (DGD) v2.10 Thomas Schmidt
12-Jun-2018 Phono, software for historical phonology Lee Hartman
15-Jul-2018 PhraseNET Database Toolbox Jose Luiz de Lucca
23-Jul-2018 New Database of Cross-Linguistic Colexifications Johann-Mattis List
13-Aug-2018 A Python Interface for Praat: Parselmouth Yannick Jadoul
20-Aug-2018 PhonoApps: Online Interactive Tools for Phonology Peter Jurgec
10-Sep-2018 Linguistic-mode: Corpus Analysis on Emacs Andrew Favia
12-Sep-2018 PhraseNET Database Toolbox Spanish/English Jose Luiz De Lucca
27-Sep-2018 Backchat: Software for Provision of Audio Feedback Henk Louw
17-Oct-2018 Citation Generator Jenn Frost
18-Oct-2018 New Tool for Web-based Experiments Florian Schwarz
20-Nov-2018 Un corpus pour l'étude du français contemporain Jeanne-Marie Debaisieux
21-Nov-2018 ETAP-4 Linguistic Processor Ivan Rygaev
21-Nov-2018 Tools and Resources for Written and Oral French / Outils et Ressources pour le Français Ecrit et Oral Jeanne-Marie Debaisieux
07-Dec-2018 AmbiverseNLU: Open Source natural language understanding suite now available Johannes Hoffart
03-Jan-2019 A Toolbox for Phonologizing French Speech Corpora Sharon Peperkamp
07-Apr-2019 DinaVmouv base: An Annotated Lexicon of Motion Verbs in French Dejan Stosic
27-May-2019 Second Release of the Phrase Detectives Corpus of Anaphoric Information Massimo Poesio
30-May-2019 Phono, Sound-change Software, has a New Home Lee Hartman
01-Jul-2019 VSTENO - Shorthand Tool Marcel Maci
17-Sep-2019 Release of the DSM-parameter-analysis GitHub repository András Dobó
09-Dec-2019 A New MOOC on EMI (U of Tokyo & U of Edinburgh) Sho Shimoyamada
15-Jan-2020 Teaching Logic: A Free App Ioannis Votsis
03-Feb-2020 Database for Spoken German: New Version Thomas Schmidt
08-Mar-2020 Digitisation of Indic languages Richmond Mathewson
17-Apr-2020 English WordNet 2020 Released John McCrae
19-Apr-2020 Language Feature Visualisation App Simon Gonzalez
05-May-2020 New Discovery Platform for the Social Sciences & Humanities (European Project TRIPLE): User Research Survey Stefanie Pohle
08-Jun-2020 OT Solver: An Automated Optimality Theory Solver Eugenio Vigo
25-Jun-2020 Publish your data in TROLLing Helene N. Andreassen
21-Jul-2020 New release: SignStream® v. 3.3.0 Carol Neidle
11-Aug-2020 Franklin's Palindromedary Ray Franklin
19-Nov-2020 KLPT - the Kurdish Language Processing Toolkit Sina Ahmadi
06-Dec-2020 phonfieldwork: An R Package for Phonetic Fieldwork and Experiments George Moroz
22-Dec-2020 New Toolkit for Psycholinguistic Experiments using Instant Messaging Gregory Mills
16-Mar-2021 CLOx for macOS: A Free Application for Automated Orthographic Transcription of Recorded Audio Rob Squizzero
18-Mar-2021 Releasing Python-based Dependency Parser and Models for UD Annemarie Friedrich
27-Apr-2021 A LaTeX package for Linguists: tipauni Niranjan Tambe
29-Apr-2021 Trust and Communication: a Coronavirus Online Visual Dashboard (TRAC:COVID) Robert Lawson
05-May-2021 Excellent Free/Open Source Software for Academic Mentorship ifedayo olasupo
28-May-2021 Free Online Tool to Determine the Affordances of Different Learning Spaces: The Language Slider Hayo Reinders
30-Jul-2021 New Vocabulary Profiling Tool (FRA, DEU, SPA) Natalie Finlayson
04-Aug-2021 Y-Sets Application Viatcheslav Yatsko
15-Sep-2021 Presenting Phonomaton: An Online Phonological Rule Engine Daniel Kaufman
09-Nov-2021 Open English WordNet - 2021 Edition Released John McCrae
26-Nov-2021 MultiLingProfiler Version 2 (FR, DE, ES) Natalie Finlayson
19-Jan-2022 Bavaria's Dialects Online Manuel Raaf
27-Jan-2022 Pygmalion, a Tool for Diachronic Interactive Visualisations (lexical maps) Francesca Dell'Oro
14-Feb-2022 Diccionario del Español Medieval electrónico (DEMel) - A Database for Medieval Spanish Caroline Müller
01-May-2022 lingglosses: Interlinear Glossed Linguistic Examples and Abbreviation Lists Generation George Moroz

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